The tale of beauty and lifestyle blogger, Wengie


Wengie is a lifestyle and beauty blogger on youtube that had recently done a draw my life on her channel. This video she tells her story of where she’d come from and how she got to where she is present. Throughout her video, she goes on to tell that her real name is Wen-Jie and that she was born on January 9, 1986. When Wengie was younger she explains that she had grown up poor because of the struggles of settling in a new country. She played with a lot of DIY type toys but it never seemed to both her.


During her last years of high school, her parents encouraged her to sign up for a co-op accounting scholarship. They told her that it would be a great opportunity to gain extra money as they would be unable to pay for her University fees. Wengie explained that she didn’t see herself as an accountant as she always had a passion for the Fashion industry. No less she went with her parent’s wishes and by working hard, got the scholarship. Her next three years at University were pretty much a blur for her. She explained that her days consisted of summer school, night classes, and full-time work. Having such a crazy schedule had turned her into a bit of a workaholic and made her have less of a social life.


Straight from college Wengie gained a full-time job as an accountant but eventually had to resign when her boss noticed her poor performance. But with luck being on her side, she ended up gaining a job as a social media consultant. This meant she had to stay available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even though the work was hard she tremendously enjoyed it.


From there she started her own blog and launched her channel on February 11th, 2013. She had quit her job as a social consultant and has since made over 300 videos and started vlogging daily on her vlog channel. With the love and support of her readers and subscribers, she stays motivated and energized to continue doing what she loves.