Julia Jackson; The Millennial Wine Expert

Julia Jackson is the middle child of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke, the owners of the Jackson Family Wines. Currently, she is the current spokesperson for the Cambria Estate Winery. The Jackson Family Wines is a renowned wine company in Santa Rosa and is ranked ninth in the world. It produces known brands such as Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay, La Crema pinot noir, and Lokoya luxury wines amongst others. It has continued to expand internationally and has acquired wineries such as Capensis in South Africa and Zena Crown in Oregon. Julia believes that Sonoma is well known for its production of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but she believes Cabernet has a great potential of taking over Sonoma. Check this website for more info at Cambria Wines.

Julia was born in San Francisco in 1988, and throughout her life, she has worked at several of the Family’s wineries including those in France. For this reason, she learnt the language and culture of the French people. When she was still as student at Scripps College, she taught French to six graders on a part-time basis. Julia Jackson holds a Bachelor’s degree in studio art from Scripps College after which he enrolled in the intensive Summer Institute for General Management program at Stanford University.

In 2014, Julia Jackson founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. The foundation’s objective was to recognize and award resilient women who have overcome several hardships and are an inspiration to their communities. Annually, the Cambia Seeds of Empowerment donates over $100,000 to other charitable organizations that advocate the Foundation’s pillars of community, equality and spirit.

In a statement, Julia clarified that she felt there were insufficient role models in the society for little girls and young women; hence, the Foundation will go a long way in acknowledging strong women in the community. Cambria Winery embodies Seed of Empowerment Mission as most of the staff is women. Julia and her sisters are Vintners while their mother is in charge of the overall operations. Additionally, Denise Shurtleff, one of the best winemakers had been with the enterprise since 1999. According to Julia, the majority of the wine companies even in California are male dominated.

The UK Wine Industry Continues To Grow

The demand for wines around the world has been described as growing at a fast rate with wines in a variety of price ranges growing in popularity for the people of the world; one of the areas of the world that has seen some of the fastest levels of growth is the industry for UK vintners and wine producers who have seen a growth in vineyards reaching 75 percent over a five year period.

UK vintners have been working with customers around the world to develop new areas of business that range from those seeking to build a wine collection as an investment or simply to find the best wines to enjoy at any time of the year.

There are many lists to be found Online detailing the best UK vintners available in physical locations and Online to buy some of the best wines in the world to fit any budget range. The list produced by The Independent reveals there are many different options available Online who may have only been in business for a few years to those who have been providing UK wine services for more than half a century; Berry Brothers & Rudd are a good example of a company that has been in business since 1968 as one of the leading UK vintners providing wines to fit everyday budgets to those available for thousands of dollars.

In contrast, smaller companies, such as The Sampler may not have the long history of their more established fellow UK vintners in terms of experience but do provide expert knowledge and personal approach to customer service as they look to explain the best options from their stock of more than 1,000 varieties.

It is important to remember that the UK Vintners industry takes in much more than simply the southern reaches of England; instead, some of the most respected experts can be found in the principality of Wales and the country of Scotland, such as the Welsh merchant Viader Vintners. Citrite reports Viader Vintners has built a solid reputation for being able to develop wine collections for their customers taking in both individual and corporate events; one of the major bonuses for those who are looking to find the best in wines for all budget ranges is the fact the company offers a wide range of wines from its physical location in Wales and its Online presence that has been gaining many notable reviews over the course of the last few years.

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