Cone Marshall Grows Further To Serve Overseas Clients

Cone Marshall is a law firm that serves the New Zealand market offering trust, tax and estate litigation services. The firm was established in 1999 and in the period they have been operational, they have worked with clients in virtually all specialties. Solving complex and urgent cases has always been the order of the day and one fact that has propelled Cone Marshall to rank well is working with highly experienced professionals who are also passionate about commercial litigation.


It is one of the few law firms in New Zealand that have developed a reliable network of services that can allow businesses to proceed with operations despite challenges emanating from tax and trust problems. This dedication and perfection has attracted clients from overseas locations, who have benefited from the quick and accurate solutions Cone Marshall has been offering.


The difficult journey Cone Marshall has traversed until it grew to be the best commercial litigation services provider in New Zealand has served as a motivator and the firm is confident with the kind of services they offer, they are going to establish offices in several countries in near future.


One of the forces that have pushed Cone Marshall to its current glory is integrating technology into the service delivery infrastructure. The filing process is connected to an online database where clients can access support through sharing information and files that can help in resolving their cases. Their online system allows access even if one is located away from the country. The system is built using the most recent technology and secured well to ensure all files uploaded are protected from unauthorized access.



Leadership is one of the most important aspects of running a firm. Cone Marshall enjoys the benefit of working with professionals who have built their careers over a long period of time to become highly skilled and experienced in matters law. One of the professionals whose effort contributed to changes is Karen Marshall, a lawyer who has been working with Cone Marshall for 10 years now.


She was appointed the principal of the firm in 2006 after showing great dedication and skills in resolving cases of commercial litigation. Karen Marshall once worked with London firms for more than 10 years and her specialization has been estate and tax laws all along. With the guidance she gets from Geoffrey Cone, Karen Marshall has excelled in her career. Geoffrey is a talented lawyer who has worked with Cone Marshall since when he launched the firm.