Talk Fusion For Chats


You may not know why video chats are a good idea, but they can help you to feel more connected to each other. This is an important part of connecting with your family when they are far away.

Video Chats for Family
Bob Reina says when you have a family that is spread throughout the states or even the world, you may not be able to see each other that often. That is when a video chat can come in and make a family feel more connected. The great thing about the video chat is that it can feel as though you are right there with them without being there.

Video Chat for Employees
If you run a business then you probably want to communicate with your employees. Creating a video chat can help with that because you can make an interactive video chat with your employees as a weekly or daily thing. This way you can communicate any issues that may be happening as well as any new policies that you may have to tell them about. The idea of a video chat is a great thing also to use in emails as a communication system. This way you will be able to tell your employees anything you need to.

There are a lot of ways video chats can work great for your needs. Even if you only use it a few times, you still can get a lot out of having a great chat with a family member or with an employee using Talk Fusion and their system.

Bob Reina: Inspirational CEO and Tech Leader of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina’s profile does not read like your average tech CEO. When people talk about the likes of Steve Jobs, you often hear about how mean and aggressive he was. But that’s not the case with Bob Reina. His staff and his customers, as well as his peers, have a highly positive view of this visionary leader.

His associates at Talk Fusion, which he founded in 2007, say he is the most caring person in the office. He will regularly ask even low-level employees how their day is going. He is “accessible” according to staff. It’s an impressive set of features for a man who was also able to spot an emerging market problem and solve it in a big way with Talk Fusion.

Before he was a businessmen full time, he was a police officer. His commitment to the community has always been strong. And he has always kept busy with business opportunities, starting with direct sales while he was still on the force. One day, he came across a very large problem. He wanted to send an easy little video clip to his buddy over his AOL email account. The customer support informed him that it simply would not be possible. Reina is not one to give up on anything, so he enlisted his IT friend and expert to help him build the prototype for what would later become Talk Fusion.

Now Talk Fusion has changed the game of Video Marketing. It allows business owners, sales professionals, and individuals everywhere to communicate live with video chat, send emails in videos, select from email templates, and conduct live conferences easily. It also boasts a low cost thanks to the direct sales model, which cuts out the middle man and allows the company to focus on customer service and improving the product.