How To Help Securus And Their Video Visitation Service

I think nonviolent offenders should be treated with more respect inside of prison. We have a problem in this country, an incarceration problem. We simply put way too many people in jail. Many of these people are nonviolent drug users who should otherwise be in a halfway house or treatment program. That is why I fully support Securus Technologies and their push to put video visitation services into every prison across this country.


Right now, Securus is putting on an advertising campaign to spread the word about the benefits of video visitation. I believe prisoners should have ample access to telephones and other telecommunications services that allow them to talk to their friends and family on the outside. I especially believe this for nonviolent offenders.


This video visitation service is perfect for nonviolent offenders. It looks like it is reasonably priced and the company behind the technology, Securus, is incredibly highly rated. It also comes with a host of other benefits. Most positive aspects about the technology benefit the people on the outside of the prison.


Video visitation technology allows them to skip the in-person visitation process. Families do not need to drive all the way across the state or the country to visit their loved one. This technology also saves the family a lot of money during the visitation process. They do not have to pay for gas or food on the road.


You may even want to rethink the treatment of violent offenders. As it turns out, this technology has shown to reduce crime once the prisoner is released from prison. It seems that inmates who are connected to the world outside are much less likely to damage that world.


Securus works on government contracts. You can write your local representative in order to push this company and this technology in your state’s criminal justice system.


Securus Technologies High Point GTL (Global Tel link) Wrongdoings and Integrity Breaches

This is the very first report that Securus Technologies has released concerning Global Tel Link Company about their wrongdoings as well as integrity violations. Secures Technologies is the leading provider of criminal and civil justice solutions for investigations, public safety as well as monitoring and corrections. Securus has also announced that they are going to release various facts and reports as well as findings that are associated with the integrity breaches as well as the wrongdoings of GTL Company.

This press release is the very first release of the many articles that are yet to come concerning the integrity breaches and wrong doings that are made by GTL Company. I love this industry; it serves as the inmates, correction, law enforcements as well as the family and friends in the entire society. This is the words that the CEO of Securus Company Richard A. Smith said. He also said that the whole industry where his company belongs offends him when a carrier stoops directly below the bar of integrity that all the other carriers are all above the integrity line. This is however not the case with the Global Tel link company. He also says that is company does not only want ti make money but also intends to make every one of their esteemed customers to have their needs and individual interests at heart which is the only right way to do things.

To this very end, Securus technologies will have multiple press releases reviewed that concern the integrity breaches of the GTL Company as well as the potential and imminent wrongdoings of the company. This is specifically aimed at making the company correct and act for the better or higher integrity. This releases will continue to the end of six months to come.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.