Norman Pattiz Collaborate with Edison Research to Prove Effectiveness of Podcast Ads

Wondering if podcast is an effective advertising platform? Edison Research proves that it is indeed effective. Edison Research is the first company in the podcast research industry, to conduct a study on the effective of podcast ads on brand awareness and increase in the intent to buy.

For this study, the research company dwelt on PodcastOne, doing an independent study on them. They study was done last year and focused on determining the effectiveness of podcast advertising on national brands. Among the brands were companies that were popular brands who simply wanted to launch new products. Then there was a group of companies that are less-known or still in their trial stages and wanted to increase their brand awareness.

The study involved conducting online surveys where audiences to popular podcasts of the network, were interviewed. This happened for all the brands. Later, advertising began on the popular ads. They ran for a period of 6 weeks, and the same advertising method was used for all the brands. After the 6 weeks, another survey was conducted. The results were in harmony, showing that the intention to buy and the brand awareness significantly improved across all brands.

The results of the study were announced on February 9, 2017 by Norman Pattiz and Edison Research’s VP of strategy, Tom Webster. The two agreed that the study had been very helpful. For Norman Pattiz, he was able to accomplish his goal of conducting an independent study to show advertisers that podcast advertising is indeed as effective as traditional advertising methods. Perhaps even better. Webster also showed gratitude for being the first company to conduct such a study.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is one of the wealthiest men in the broadcasting industry. Call him a broadcasting genie for everything he touches, in this industry turns to gold. He founded Westwood One and see where that got to- The largest media network in the US. Now he owns and chairs the largest podcast network in the world.

A Brief on Edison Research

Edison Research is a premier research company within the podcast industry. The company conducts research on various topics and gives feedback to their clients. Their studies have been instrumental in the growth and success of a lot of businesses including CBS radio, Entercom, Disney, AMC Theatres, Yahoo, Pandora, Sony and Samsung.

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