Give Your Dog the Benefit of Beneful

When selecting a dog food for your beloved pet, it is critical that you select a brand that has the nutritional ingredients that will give them what they need, including vitamins and supplements. Beneful does just that. Their dog foods include meat, vegetables, Vitamin E, Calcium, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D3 just to name a few of the ingredients used.
If your dog prefers wet food, there are several types you will want to serve him/her. They include:

Beneful Wet Dog Food with Beef. It includes tomatoes, carrots and wild rice, for a protein-rich, 100% complete and balanced food for your dog.
• Beneful Wet Dog Food with Chicken. It also includes tomatoes, carrots and wild rice, to give your dog a balanced meal and a bit of variety.
• Beneful Wet Dog Food with Salmon. This another variety to keep your dog’s palette eagerly awaiting their next meal.
• Beneful Canned Chopped Beef. This blend will excite your dog’s taste buds, with its finely chopped, savory flavor.
• Healthy Smile Dental Treats help reduce plague on your dog’s teeth and freshen their breath.

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Whatever flavor of food you select for your dog, you can rest assured that it will provide a high quality diet that will keep them active and healthy every day. Beneful dog foods are all produced in the United States. Nestle Purinastore plants are in Flagstaff, Arizona, Fairburn, Ga., and Davenport, Iowa.

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