Securus Continues Investigation of GTL

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technology and communication services and products to correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies across the country. While Securus has built a strong base of clients and represent hundreds of facilities, they have also ensured that they have followed a strong code of ethics and have continued to follow the strict regulations provided by regulators.
While Securus has done their best to stay compliant with all regulations, some of their competitors have not been as diligent when it comes to complying with all of the laws and regulations set forth. One competitor that has apparently not followed the regulations as closely has been Global Tel Link, or GTL.

Over the course of the next six months Securus plans to release a number of press releases that specifically outline all of the wrongdoings completed by GTL. According to PR Newswire, some of these wrong doings will be announced within the next few weeks and could be appalling to many people due to overcharging and clear disregard for the laws set forth for the industry.

Some of the clearest violations has been regular overcharging of telephone calls by charging either very high flat fees or by charging a minute rate that does not comply with the current set of laws. GTL has also implemented a variety of ancillary add-on programs that have led to an even higher level of costs to the tax payers. It has been estimated by Securus America that these violations have led to the State of Louisiana being overcharged by over $1.2 million.

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