Goettl Tips Customers on Methods of Saving Energy during summer

The summer season is beckoning. The energy required to keep the temperatures at tolerable degrees goes up whenever this season comes. Consequently, the power bills intend to make people dig deeper into their pockets. However, with the expected surge in energy usage, Goettl, the leading provider of HVAC systems is here to offer tips on methods of minimizing the usage of power. Among these suggestions include;


Ensuring the AC system is Properly Maintained.

All systems are prone to tear and wear. Therefore, even the best of Goettl systems are prone to having issues. Conducting scheduled maintenance ensures that the systems are working efficiently hence reducing the amount of wastage. The maintenance of the systems gets achieved by removing debris, replacing air filters at least once in three months. It is always important to have the maintenance done by professionals


Use a Ceiling Fan.

A ceiling fan ensures the cool from the HVAC system is well distributed. Therefore, the cooling system gets to run for shorter period saving on power.


Upgrading to Smart Technology.

Smart Thermostats are programmed to raise temperatures when there are no occupants. Therefore it can shut the system and activate the cooling system when people come into the house.


Keep the System in a Shade.

Systems positioned directly to sun rays are prone to doing a tougher job to attain a lower temperature as compared to those under a shade.

Goettl continues to provide the best HVAC systems since its inception in 1926. It has pioneered the development of cooling and heating systems. The company is located in several locations with its headquarters in Arizona. However, the company got sold to a Tempe Based firm which operates a network of enterprises in more than 25 states. The Goettl team is responsible for the development of systems that have served Arizona community for decades. Most of the products have a lifespan of more than ten years. Today, the company lists among the largest providers of air-conditioning services in the States.