Cotemar: Mexico’s Properly-Established Pride and a Beacon of Hope

Having a reliable energy and offshore service company within your setting is not an easy thing. Most of such firms tend to face the wrath of the authorities due to issues relating to pollution of the environment. With Cotemar though, things are way different. The company has been Mexico’s pride for over three decades now. They dedicate full energy to their service and are concerned about the preservation of the environment.

For quite some time now, Cotemar has been revolutionizing Mexico significantly. In the process of fueling their quality service delivery, they involve more employees and resources. The process enriches their community and also facilitates growth. Oil production in Mexico has also been boosted remarkably, hence improving the nation’s economic state.

Fundamental Markets Sufficiently Served by Cotemar

When it comes to extraction of oil resources from offshores, high technology has to be employed, which Cotemar does quite effortlessly. For a considerable period, Cotemar has been serving PEMEX. To enhance properly integrated and comprehensive service, Cotemar endeavors in extending their services to lodging and catering, designing of modern day vessels, air travels as well as efficient, modernized maritime operations. Their fleet counts to over thirty ships, which play a critical role in ensuring efficiency in their delivery of services.

Projected Growth for the Purely Mexican Oil Company

The company in question, despite employing high-end technology still hires individuals. They take their employees for training from time to time, so as to attain the highly innovative skills required to expand their horizons. As well, the company liaises with international universities and colleges for their employees to attend workshops. Growth is hence inevitable for such a company that holds their close to eight thousand employees as an integral part of their development.

Essentials That Make it Easy for Potential Clients to Rely on Cotemar

From the testimonials, Cotemar is a company that easily sells their reputation. Having an experience of over thirty-seven solid years of consistent quality delivery puts them in the limelight. Again they have been awarded in the past, in fact, four years in a row for observing their CSR program, which portrays their willingness to serve.


Since its founding, the oil and energy firm has been a reliable source and resource for the Mexican government. Cotemar is such a company that undoubtedly receives large deep-water tenders and services them efficiently. Again with their Corporate Social Responsibility Program, they have left an indelible mark in maintaining the community and its people in the best condition.