FreedomPop -Too Good to Miss

Have you ever heard of FREE cell phone service? True, this is the stuff dreams are made of but according to PT Money, it is possible to find quality and yes, free service with FreedomPop. A FreedomPop review by PT Money takes a look at the bottom line of this popular company and comes away with positive views. As, PT Money points out- the structure of FreedomPop is so simple and user friendly that it leaves you wondering why no one did this before.


How It Works

FreedomPop offers completely free cell phone service and this is what sets them apart from competitors. The cell phone plan gives you 500mb of 4G data, along with 200 minutes and unlimited texting. As PT Money reviewers found, there is no catch. This amount of data is recommended for light users but is completely enough for checking emails and viewing Facebook. Another key aspect of FreedomPop, according to the article is that there are no contracts or fees for leaving the company, making this company unique and number one in putting its customers first.


In addition to the free cell phone service, FreedomPop offers $5 Wifi by using the large number of hotspots already found in larger cities. PT Money asserts that this Wifi is perfectly suitable for the majority of internet users. When you compare the money you save on cell phone and internet fees, this company is the best deal around. PT Money does remind you that the cell phone service is free for one year and then plans begin at $10, which still undercuts most large companies by more than a few dollars. FreedomPop still does not require any type of contract or long term commitment.


Devices/Customer Service

You can bring your own phone to FreedomPop or buy one directly from them. PT Money found a large array of devices from phones to tablets available for purchase. As far as the service provided to its customers, the reviewer at PT Money found that “ FreedomPop offers the most user-friendly site I have navigated.” Questions and assistance were quickly found and resolved. All of this for no cost per month.


PT Money sums it up best when it finds that “Considering the fact that FreedomPop requires no commitment or contract, and levies absolutely no cancellation fees, it is an excellent option for anyone looking to lower their mobile Internet costs.” FreedomPop was given a 9 out of 10 by PT Money.


Bob Reina: Inspirational CEO and Tech Leader of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina’s profile does not read like your average tech CEO. When people talk about the likes of Steve Jobs, you often hear about how mean and aggressive he was. But that’s not the case with Bob Reina. His staff and his customers, as well as his peers, have a highly positive view of this visionary leader.

His associates at Talk Fusion, which he founded in 2007, say he is the most caring person in the office. He will regularly ask even low-level employees how their day is going. He is “accessible” according to staff. It’s an impressive set of features for a man who was also able to spot an emerging market problem and solve it in a big way with Talk Fusion.

Before he was a businessmen full time, he was a police officer. His commitment to the community has always been strong. And he has always kept busy with business opportunities, starting with direct sales while he was still on the force. One day, he came across a very large problem. He wanted to send an easy little video clip to his buddy over his AOL email account. The customer support informed him that it simply would not be possible. Reina is not one to give up on anything, so he enlisted his IT friend and expert to help him build the prototype for what would later become Talk Fusion.

Now Talk Fusion has changed the game of Video Marketing. It allows business owners, sales professionals, and individuals everywhere to communicate live with video chat, send emails in videos, select from email templates, and conduct live conferences easily. It also boasts a low cost thanks to the direct sales model, which cuts out the middle man and allows the company to focus on customer service and improving the product.

Getting A Great Phone And A Low Cost Plan Is Easy With FreedomPop

There are few things worse than going to make a phone call and getting no service, but many people experience this, even with some of the bigger phone companies. Although no cell phone company can cover every single area in the United States, it’s good to know that coverage is available when it’s necessary, even if it’s in an obscure place that is not populated by too many people. Great phone service is necessary these days, and FreedomPop is a company that can provide it. Not only does FreedomPop have good phone service but they also sell great phones as well.

Those who want a new cell phone can get several of them from FreedomPop, and the smartphones are ones that have name brands that people want. A Samsung Galaxy is an extremely popular phone, and with all the different models, it’s possible to get one of the latest smartphones from FreedomPop. An iPhone is also well regarded among the population of cell phone users, and FreedomPop has iPhones available for sale as well. Even if a person needs to use a tablet to get on the Internet, they can still be accommodated because FreedomPop sells tablets as well.

FreedomPop not only offers great smartphones but the smartphone plans are great as well. FreedomPop has an unlimited plan priced at only $20 a month, which is impossible to find with any other company. No other phone company is willing to sell unlimited cell phone service for so little, and there is absolutely no contract required to get the service. The $20 unlimited service plan from FreedomPop is an excellent choice for anyone, whether they want to save money or simply because they want a quality plan. Many have chosen to use this plan, but unfortunately, many have not heard about this plan.

Why would anyone pay up to $100 a month to get an unlimited cell phone plan when one exists for as little as $20? Choose to purchase the FreedomPop unlimited cell phone plan because it’s a great deal and can assist anyone who wants to pay less for their cell phone service. Those who have been looking to make a change and to switch to another phone company can choose FreedomPop, and they’ll not only be happy with the service they get but also with the cell phone they choose to purchase.

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