The Benefits of EOS

When it comes to keeping your lips moisturized in the summer sunlight, it’s important to find a product that provides instant moisturization and relief to your chapped, dry lips. Dry lips can be so uncomfortable and worsen over time if not provided that extra moisture. There are many brands of lip balms on the market- some that have been trusted for many years. But a newer product that has become a phenomenon is called EOS, or Evolution of Smooth. This brand is sweeping the nation for its vibrant colors and fantastic flavors. Not to mention, they have good Facebook marketing strategy and are inexpensive in comparison to other lip treatments.

EOS has gained its popularity in the past year. This all natural line also features other beauty products like wonderfully scented hand creams. Proven effective, EOS really can provide that moisturization and will soothe chapped lips. It’s important to protect lips from the sun in the summer, and prevent dry, cracked lips in the winter. EOS is gluten-free, hypoallergenic and has never been tested on animals. Evolution of Smooth prides itself on being a natural, environmentally friendly product. EOS products are packed with nutritious beneficial vitamins as well.

It is easy to get your hands on an EOS lip balm. Check your nearest Target [see,] or Walmart to find these fun lip balms. You can even order online at Amazon, or check your local pharmacy. You won’t find fun flavors and bold colored lip balms from any other brand at these prices, so pick one up today and discover the moisturization that is EOS. For more info visit