Travel & Leisure Names Chris Nihiwatu the World’s Best Hotel 2016

A new survey conducted by the Travel & Leisure magazine has named the little known Nihiwatu Hotel as the best hotel in the world for the year 2016. Interestingly this luxury 5-star hotel which is located in one of the remote islands of Indonesia is just four years old and was originally a small beach hotel before its purchase by American business mogul Christopher Burch and is a partner, John McBride.

Chris Burch who owns the hotel is one of the big names within the international fashion industry and also one of the best known private investors in the world. But perhaps most people know him best as the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital, a company regarded as one of the world’s biggest investment firms with interests across multiple continents on the globe.  More article on

Nihiwatu is not the first ‘minor’ investment that Chris Burch has turned into a goldmine, but the hotel has got quite an interesting story behind it. According to Burch, when he and his partner bought the small beach hotel they were only looking for a place that they could use as a family holiday retreat whenever they needed time to bond away from the hustles of city life. In fact, at the time Chris Burch had personally never made any investments on anything within the hospitality industry. But the primary location of the hotel which never fails to attract visitors all season and about 30 million dollars invested by Burch and McBride have now managed to transform it into the leading 5-star luxury hotel in the entire world.  Check this on

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The Indonesian coastline is dotted with several beautiful islands and among them is the Island of Sumba along whose shores the new hotel is located. Regarding physical facilities, Nihiwatu boasts a total of 27 Villas each with an impressive view of the ever beautiful Indonesian coastline. Chris Burch uses one of these villas as his personal residence, and the exclusive villa is made up of 4 houses each of which is fully equipped with its private plunge pool.

Chris Burch may be new to the hospitality industry, but he has already made a big name for himself in other sectors. For starters, he is one of the principal founders behind the internationally renowned Tory Burch fashion line along with a string of other international brands that have proven to be quite successful for him over the years.  Head over to, for his recent timeline activities.

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