Real Success Includes Everyone

You probably heard these sayings growing up: “every man for himself” and “it’s a dog eat dog world.” That’s an outdated way of thinking and doesn’t actually work. Truly becoming successful means spreading the wealth to everyone, not just yourself. Here are some awesome tips Josh Verne, a successful entrepreneur had when being interviewed for a podcast.


Bosses demand respect and take what they want. Leaders think of what is good for the whole and as a team they accomplish goals. A leader is respected because they are selfless and generous. They don’t force their agenda on their employees. They also take the time to listen to others and consider what they have to say. Real leaders are for the people, not just their selfish desires. To be successful beyond your wildest dreams you have to make every situation a win-win. When clients, business partners, employees, and yourself benefits from any kind of deal, then business grows. More people will say good things about your business, and the winning will continue. Just make sure you are balanced with work and family life. That makes anyone truly successful. It’s not all about the money, which also means it’s important to follow your dreams and passion. It will make life more fun and interesting.


Josh Verne is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who has 20 plus years experience in the field. He has started multiple businesses with his childhood friend Jon Dorfman based in Pennsylvania.

Josh Verne is the founder of the online student platform On this website students can read and watch videos about college life, sports, current events, and entertainment.

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