George Soros a fighter for minorities and the underprivileged

George Soros is a beloved and respected by people all over the world. George Soros is founder and chairman of Open Society Foundations. According to the OSF’s website, Soros has given away more than $12 billion to date. His financial contributions have been used to defend freedom of expression and holding governments accountable and supporting societies that support justice and equality.

Soros is Hungarian born and has strongly supported minorities in Europe who have been discriminated against. He has supported the Roma people and also supports those ignored by many in Europe including drug users, sex workers and LGBT people. Soros and his family survived the horrific 1944 Nazi occupation, which led to the slaughter of over 500,000 Hungarian Jews.

Soros family survived the Nazi oppression by using false identification papers and hiding their true backgrounds. They also helped others escape as well. Soros and his family are fighters and fought back “evil force” that was stronger than them but was victorious. Soros left Hungary in 1947 as the Communists were beginning to take control of the country, following the war. He managed to make it to London, where he picked up several part-time work as a railway porter and night-club waiters. Read his profile at Washington Times.

While in London, George Soros attended the London School of Economics and later left for America, where he began his successful career in the financial and investments world. He launched the Soros Fund Management in 1970, which led him to become one of America’s most successful investors, according to OSF. In 1956, Soros found a job at Wall Street brokerage firm F.M. Mayer

Soros used his wealth to launch the Open Society Foundation, which fought for individual rights. According to the OSF he has been philanthropic in the United States, Africa and Asia, supporting efforts to create democratic societies. According to Karl Popper’s The Open Society and Its Enemies is a pillar of Soros’ Open Society Foundations. A key to Soros’ from the book is that any society can thrive when they operate free and open and respect the individual. Read more on

Through George Soros’ success as an investor, in 2015 he was named as the 21st richest person in the world, having a $26 billion dollar net worth. George Soros has taken to writing several books discussing investing and the global economy and even the war on terror. George Soros has become a giant in the financial world and within the arena of philanthropy.

Standing for the Weak with Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorsen is a film producer and a human rights advocate. He was born in 1976, in Venezuela to Thor Halvorsen Helium and Hilda Mendoza. His father served as an ambassador for antinarcotics affairs and as a special investigator in Venezuelan Senate commission. Thor holds a bachelor’s degree in history, political science and international relations from the University of Pennsylvania.

His fight for human rights began as an adolescent when he formed an opposition against the South African apartheid. He became fully involved in advocating for human rights when his father was beaten, tortured and imprisoned while investigating a case of money laundering. In 2004, his mother was shot while attending a peaceful public gathering. He wrote an article which was published in a local journal about the whole incident of shooters shooting innocent people and killing one. The gunmen were hunted down, tried, found guilty and sentenced to three years on accounts of murder and bodily harm. In that same year, he founded Human Rights Foundation. HRF is devoted to promoting democracy and liberating political prisoners in Latin America. HRF has lobbied release of several political prisoners and provided evidence to truth commissions over time. The organization has also participated in many advocacy campaigns such as Panama’s president (Ricardo Martinelli) violations of freedom of speech. He also criticizes Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni’s legislative to punish homosexuality with death and many others click here.

Thor Halvorsen is also the CEO and founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual global gathering of human rights advocates. He serves as the Patron of a children’s peace movement, On Own Feet. This is a group that seeks to facilitate bilateral relationships between adults and children especially in war-torn countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thor Halvorsen has produced several films mostly revolving around human rights. He co-produced “Freedom Fury”, a story revolving dictatorship in Hungary in 1956. He is the executive producer of “Hammer and Tickle” a humorous film that shows the disconnect between reality and propaganda as a way of opposing a system despite the lack of freedom of speech. “The Singing Revolution” is another of his film, it narrates a peaceful tussle for political independence. He has done a movie on human trafficking as well, “The Sugar Babies”. Thor is currently producing “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” based on a science fiction novel.

Halvorsen specializes in human trafficking, slavery, dictatorships and democracy. He has lectured widely on these topics and has also spoken at the British parliament.