Eric Lefkofsky’s New Quest To Cure Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky has been in the technology industry for over 20 years. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1991 and earned his JD at the University Of Michigan Law School in 1994. After graduating he went on to found or co-found a number of technology companies including Innerworkings, Echo Global Logistics, MediaBank, Uptake, and LightBank. The company he is probably most known for founding is Groupon which he co-founded in 2007 and continues to serve as Chairman for. His latest company, Tempus, Inc., though, might be his most important contribution yet. Eric Lefkofsky Twitter .

Tempus, Inc., located in Chicago, is a technology company that seeks to help cure cancer. As the Chief Executive Officer, Eric Lefkofsky leads the company in its effort to help doctors treat their patients who are suffering from cancer. Tempus has built a platform which features the world’s largest collection of molecular and clinical data. Doctors are able to access this data in order to provide individualized treatment to each patient that is based on their genomic and transcriptomic sequencing. Through being able to understand each individual patient, their outcomes after being diagnosed with cancer has a higher percentage of being successfully treated.

As CEO of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has been responsible for forging relationships with partners in the medical field. Some of the well-known institutions that Tempus has partnered with are the Mayo Clinic, Rush University Medical Center, Penn Medicine, and Northwestern Medicine.

Tempus, Inc. is the latest example of Lefkofsky‘s long-standing belief in Accelerated Disruption, a concept that he explained in his 2007 book. As he explains it, everyday someone comes up with a great idea but fails to capitalize on it in time. This is because technology is making everything happen far faster than it ever could in the past, and due to accelerated disruption your entire business model can be destroyed in the blink of an eye by someone else capitalizing on disruptive opportunities that they have spotted. for more.