Rona Borre Shares Her Thoughts on Building a Successful Business

Rona Borre, the Founder and CEO of Instant Alliance was recently interviewed on how she has emerged as one of the successful young entrepreneurs in Chicago.

Rona begins the interview by explaining how she developed the business idea for Instant Alliance. After College she worked in a staffing and recruiting industry where she learned technology and trends in the market. She then moved to work with companies that did the hiring thus growing her client base. In this company, Rona developed amazing relationships with the customers whom she had placed in the company and made sure they received outstanding services. In 2001 the market was turned upside down and the company was laying off the employer’s. The many people she had placed in this company left for new organizations and called her after landing their jobs to introduce her to the companies. This how she got started with her recruiting company.  For the full interview, click on

Rona prides herself in the passion she has every day to be out with her clients and developing relationships so that her firm becomes an effective recruiting partner. She says that Instant Alliance is an action based company where every employee is allowed to bring their ideas that are worth trying. She however acknowledges that they have executed great ideas that have failed and never gave up.  Related article on

Rona is always excited by the big data and analytics that they handle to see how the company can operate efficiently and make better business decision. She is always looking at how to improve and learn which has made her more productive as an entrepreneur. She has learned how to take pride in the kind of work she undertakes and ensuring that employees feel good about their job. She repeatedly talks and connects with everyone in her office to know what is going on in their lives and how they feel about the work they are doing.

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Ronas strategy in in growing her business has been doing good work and delivering a good product or solution. She explains that growing her company’s own talent by investing in younger, more vibrant employees has helped in avoiding failures.

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