Tony Petrello: The Ultimate CEO

Anthony Petrello is a respective figure in the Energy Equipment and Service Industry. He has acquired both a BS along with an MS in Mathematics at Yale University and furthered his education by attending Harvard University and earning his J.D from the School of Law. Petrello has played a large part in the Nabors Industries, a holding company of Nabors Exchangeco (Canada) Inc. He has experience in various positions such as Chief Operating Officer, President, Deputy Chairman and has been the Chief Executive Officer since October 28, 2011.

Lloyd Grove briefly mentioned Anthony Petrello in an article with The Daily Beast where he talks about being his college roommate. He recalls seeing Petrello making the list for highest paid people and describes his appearance during those college days.

In 2014, Anthony Petrello unfortunately did not top the best-paid-bosses list. The reason being was from the changes made by the company pertaining to their compensation practices. The changes were intended to turn some money back to shareholders but those changes obviously did not have the strong impact that was planned. As of 2015, Petrello’s total calculated compensation for that fiscal year accumulates to $27,512,939.

The Nabors Industries is dedicated to delivering the “best-in-class drilling performance” as their company’s mission states. They want to help their customers from around the world, reach the demand for oil along with gas in a responsible manner. Click here to know more.

In regards to the people and the community, Nabors Industries makes a commitment to give back. They have been apart of the well-known Komen Race for the Cure along with many mentor programs. The Nabors Industries also sponsors a team with the Stollery Children’s Hospital located in Edmonston, Alberta. These affiliations are not only limited to those named. Nabors involvement in the community is quite extensive and commendable.