Equities First Reports Boom In Stock Based Lending

Equities First Holdings is a global alternative lending and financing company based in Indianapolis. The company also provides financing to shareholders. As of July, 2016 the company has observed traction in stock based loans and margin loans. One of the chief causes is the current economic climate that has caused banks and other lending institutions to tighten lending criteria. This scenario has led to a rise in equity lending. Equity lending is attractive for borrowers who need to raise funds fast and cannot qualify for traditional credit score based loans. Even though banks offer some lending solutions for such individuals, they have become expensive as most banks are cutting lending options to borrowers, increasing interest rates and tightening loan qualifications.

Al Christy, Founder and chief executive of Equity First Holdings, views loans collateralized by shares and stocks as an inventive lending mechanism. Another advantage of stock based loans is that they have a high loan to value ratio compared to margin ratio and are offered with fixed interest rate. This provides the lender with certainty through the duration of the loan period. Margin loans are particularly vulnerable to market fluctuations. Stock based loans on the other hand provide a hedge as the borrower is lowering their investment risk if the market goes downside. Additionally, stock based loans use a nonrecourse feature that permits borrowers to leave a stock loan at any point in time. Borrowers are allowed to do this even if the stock has depreciated and they get to keep the loan’s initial proceeds.

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002 to provide the public with alternative lending solutions. The company specializes in supplying capital using public stocks as collateral. The company has completed over 600 transactions that are worth approximately $1.4 billion. Stock based loans have risen in popularity as they offer loan to value rations of 50 to 75 percent compared to 10 to 50 percent for traditional margin based lending.

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Entrepreneur and Philanthropist- Stephen Rotella

He is an entrepreneur who has been in the business world for an extended period, and he has gained a vast experience. Stephen Rotella knows the value of a customer, and he says as an entrepreneur one has to listen to his clients and give them what they want always. Stephen is the President of StoneCastle Partners. The President of StoneCastle has a primary responsibility of running the organization’s day to day activities and also setting the plans of the company with other partners. He has a vast experience, and during his term in the enterprise, Rotella has been responsible for managing the organization’s cash, services, and products. He has led the company to higher heights making it one of the leading cash management facilities in providing cash management solutions for institutions and funding alternatives for the communities and regional banks and read full article.

Before being the Chief Executive Officer of StoneCastle, Mr. Rotella was serving as the President of Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation, Chase Home Finance LLC, as the Chief Executive Officer, and the Executive Vice President of JP Morgan Chase. Steve is a leader who throughout his life has been showing positive leadership skills and has also served in other organizations in various agencies including WMI Holdings Corporation serving as the President of Retail Banking. At WMI Rotella was responsible for overseeing the retail, mortgage and the commercial lines. Stephen has more than 30 years of experience in the banking and financial industry where he has been focusing on retail and internet banking, large-scale operations management, marketing, product modernization, as well as organizational development.

Throughout his career, Stephen has been involved in the community work helping the underprivileged to boost their home ownership as well as helping those talented in arts. He is not a banker and a financial manager, but he is also so much in the community work. He is the Chairman of the Board of Lift Communities which is an organization that is responsible for ending poverty among parents with little children. Before Stephen, also chaired the Seattle Foundation, Ballet Met, Youthcare, and Arts Funds. Stephen holds a BA in Economics and MBA in Information System and Finance from the State University of New York and resume of Stephen.

Equities First UK – New Company, Big Business

London-based Equities First Holdings UK is a relatively new kid on the block, having been established in 2012, and that is only one reason it’s worth a look at. Equities First offers lending solutions to businesses and individuals through specialized financial services and alternative finance solutions. It’s team of financial management directors, led by President and CEO, Al Kristy, has been growing since inception and shows continued profitability, which makes the company’s track record impressive over such a short time of being in business. Click Here to Contact EFH.

Equities First provides an array of lending options to choose from, with good interest rates and support for businesses looking to make added cash-flow or invest in growth. Different from more traditional banks, Equities First works with its clients to find the right solution for the right business venture. Invested capital with an eye on the markets and the trends helps Equities First stay abreast of the waters ahead and how they may affect their clients. Businesses looking for added capital and individuals seeking a non-purpose loan benefit from the company’s knowledge of the trends in investments and willingness to invest smart. MorningStar news for EFH.

Being the new kid on the block in London, however doesn’t mean Equities First is new to the business of lending, however. The London-based office is one of multiple global offices under the Equities First US company established in 2002. With offices in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Equities First is the new kid on the block, but one well-connected kid not to overlook.

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The Benefits of Working With an Alternative Lender

Equities Holdings First specializes in some very unique loans. Considered and alternative style lender, Equities First offers loans collateralized by stocks. This new and growing trend in financing solutions is beneficial to everyone involved for a number of reasons.

Why working with Equities First is beneficial to borrowers

In today’s turbulent financial times, securing financing for a new business venture, expansion, or even personal needs is a very daunting task. With conventional banks and other lending institutions tightening their loan criteria and qualifications, using an alternative lender like Equities first makes a lot of sense for many borrowers looking to secure a loan. By using their stock holdings as collateral, borrowers working with Equities First can borrow up to 80 percent of the stock’s worth with only a 3 to 5 percent interest rate over three years, and these stocked-based loans are not as difficult to secure as traditional credit-based loans.

There are brokerage firms and other institutions that offer stock-based loans, but most of these firms are limited by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Reserve to lending no more than 50 percent of the stock’s value. Equities First is a private equity firm so the limitations do not apply to their lending practices. In addition, other institutions that offer stock-based loans have much higher interest rates that range between 6.5 and 9 percent. Working with Equities First makes sense all-around and not just for the borrower but for Equities First as well.

The timing couldn’t have been better for Equities First and it’s founder Al Christy. With banks cutting back on lending after the subprime meltdown, many borrowers are left to seek other forms of financing. Since its inception in 2002, Equities First has completed over 400 transactions and manages over 40 million in assets. This amazing growth and development is a testament to a well-designed niche business that meets the demands of the consumer and provides a needed service.

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