José AuriemoNeto the Stepping Stone for JHSF Global Business Success

The land showcase in Brazil has been developing at an exponential pace in the recent decades, particularly because of the administration’s push to create feasible framework in the nation. The interest for sumptuous private properties has additionally expanded radically over the most recent couple of years. JHSF Deelopment industry has assumed an indispensable part in growing high caliber and exquisite private undertakings crosswise over Brazil in a wide range of urban areas. The organization has assumed a key part in forming the land scene of the nation and has likewise built up the business official airplane terminal, world class strip malls, and Incorporations. The organization has additionally constructed a chain of Fasano Hotels and Restaurants, which it runs and oversees.

JHSF Development much of the time accomplices with worldwide fashioners and designers for its private business ventures to guarantee the outcome is at standard with the properties seen in created countries. The Bovespa has recorded JHSF Development for keeping up most elevated principles in corporate administration. It gives a knowledge into the dedication of JHSF Development who has not flopped in giving predictable outcomes to more than four decades. The organization has withstood the difficulties of time and notwithstanding coming up short economy to get control at the best over the land market of Brazil and learn more about Jose AuriemoNeto.

Jose AuriemoNeto fills in as the organization’s CEO and Chairman and has assumed a noteworthy part in composing the example of overcoming adversity of JHSF Development lately, even in the midst of substantial rivalry in the land circle. Jose AuriemoNeto has helped in teaming up with numerous universal accomplices and creating quality private and business extends in Miami, New York, and parts of Uruguay, incorporating into Punta del Este. Jose AuriemoNeto has huge involvement in the land space, and he has put all his involvement in guaranteeing that JHSF Development keeps on developing and extend in Brazil as well as makes its check in the worldwide land advertise.

Jose AuriemoNeto is committed to guaranteeing proceeded with development of JHSF Development Inc, and it is the reason he as of late migrated to New York alongside his family. He moved to New York City to regulate and deal with the private property development by JHSF Development on Fifth Avenue and Jose’s lacrosse camp.

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The Philanthropy and Career of Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage is a licensed psychotherapist who lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts, which is a suburb of Boston. She practices as a family and marriage counselor where she helps people improve their relationships and manage issues they are having. She also provides her services to individuals who need the tools to cope with their life’s struggles. She is a graduate of the University of California where she earned her degree in psychology and more information click here.

Having been in practice for over 20 years, Patty Rocklage has developed a style of working with her clients that puts them at ease. She is known for her warm communication style as well as her understanding nature. This helps her clients attend to their needs and focus on what changes they need to make in their lives and relationships with others.

As a psychotherapist, Patty Rocklage has developed a number of skills that have helped her in both her personal and professional lives. She is a very good public speaker who has spoken at a number of events. She has also developed into a great coach and team builder who can skillfully bring people together. Over the course of her career, Patty has helped hundreds of families and individuals who have attained personal growth by using her methods and learn more about Patty.

As a lifelong philanthropist, Patty Rocklage has given back to the community in a number of ways. Her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, earned his Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institue of Technology. Patty and her husband were approached a few years ago regarding two labs at the school that desperately needed to be upgraded with the latest technology. Patty and Scott made a very generous donation which enabled MIT to retrofit these two labs, one involved in nanotechnology and the other for nanochemistry.

Other ways that Patty Rocklage has been involved in charity is her work with the Sudanese Education Fund. She is a volunteer and financial backer of this nonprofit which helps the people from Southern Sudan that have moved to Massachusetts. As a volunteer for this organization, Patty helps these people find jobs as well as educational opportunities.

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Julia Jackson; The Millennial Wine Expert

Julia Jackson is the middle child of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke, the owners of the Jackson Family Wines. Currently, she is the current spokesperson for the Cambria Estate Winery. The Jackson Family Wines is a renowned wine company in Santa Rosa and is ranked ninth in the world. It produces known brands such as Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay, La Crema pinot noir, and Lokoya luxury wines amongst others. It has continued to expand internationally and has acquired wineries such as Capensis in South Africa and Zena Crown in Oregon. Julia believes that Sonoma is well known for its production of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but she believes Cabernet has a great potential of taking over Sonoma. Check this website for more info at Cambria Wines.

Julia was born in San Francisco in 1988, and throughout her life, she has worked at several of the Family’s wineries including those in France. For this reason, she learnt the language and culture of the French people. When she was still as student at Scripps College, she taught French to six graders on a part-time basis. Julia Jackson holds a Bachelor’s degree in studio art from Scripps College after which he enrolled in the intensive Summer Institute for General Management program at Stanford University.

In 2014, Julia Jackson founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. The foundation’s objective was to recognize and award resilient women who have overcome several hardships and are an inspiration to their communities. Annually, the Cambia Seeds of Empowerment donates over $100,000 to other charitable organizations that advocate the Foundation’s pillars of community, equality and spirit.

In a statement, Julia clarified that she felt there were insufficient role models in the society for little girls and young women; hence, the Foundation will go a long way in acknowledging strong women in the community. Cambria Winery embodies Seed of Empowerment Mission as most of the staff is women. Julia and her sisters are Vintners while their mother is in charge of the overall operations. Additionally, Denise Shurtleff, one of the best winemakers had been with the enterprise since 1999. According to Julia, the majority of the wine companies even in California are male dominated.

Securing Funding With Equities First Holdings, LLC

Equities First Holdings, LLC is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. It offers lending services based on securities for both individual investors and businesses. The company offers loans to customers depending on its examination of the future performance and risk linked with the treasuries, bonds, and stocks. Equities First Holdings, LLC was established in 2002. It has a satellite office located in New York City. This lending institution understands that each customer has unique needs. It provides them with personalized services. Equities First Holdings has done many transactions since its inception. It has helped many businesses and individuals to acquire funding.

Equities First Holdings, LLC has employed a team of talented professionals who share the company’s goal and vision. The staff has been trained on how to offer exceptional customer service to their clients and to provide customized services. The company is known for its efficiency and reliability. It has become a household name. The lending firm operates on a deal-by-deal basis since it is hyper-focused. The company provides investors with tailored and straightforward transactions that enable them to get funding efficiently and quickly. The loan process at Equities First Holdings is secure, unique, and transparent. Equities First Holdings has a simple and easy loan process that does not require a lot of paperwork as compared to other traditional lending institutions. Click Here for more inormation .

The first step of acquiring funding by Equities First Holdings, LLC is contacting them with information about your proposed collateral and the funding amount you need. The team of professionals calculates the loan to value ratio and determine the loan terms with a fixed interest rate as soon as the company decides that you qualify for funding. The funds are transferred to an Equities First Custodian Account after signing the Agreement of the Equities First Holdings. You are refunded your pledged collateral in full once the principal funding has been repaid after the financing period comes to an end.

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How OSI Group Achieves Its Sustainability Targets

David McDonald has spent his entire professional career at OSI Group, LLC, a privately held global food processing company that is based in Aurora, Illinois. He now serves as both the President and Chief Operating Officer of the company as well as having a seat on the Board of Directors, second only to the Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin. Additionally, he is an Independent Director for another food processing company, Marfrig Global Foods S.A. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science at Iowa State University.

As President of the company, David McDonald is responsible for making sure the company meets sustainability guidelines throughout its operations around the world. This includes areas such as environment sustainability, social responsibility, and maintaining a sustainable supply chain such as keeping food quality high and safe as well as animal welfare standards. In the company’s latest Global Sustainability Report, it was noted that OSI Group achieved ISO14001 certification in Europe which is one of the highest standards in the world. The company had also donated more than 250,000 pounds of food to Feeding America which is then distributed to food banks across the United States.

When talking about the company’s efforts to be sustainable, David McDonald said that his company was committed to being a responsible organization that conducts business in a sustainable manner. He added that OSI Group continually improves their business practices so that the company is more efficient with resources and does more to minimize its impact on the environment. Additionally, he said that the company plans to have a 10% reduction in energy and water use by 2020 as well as aiming for 0% of its waste ending up in landfills and what David knows.

One of the biggest markets that OSI Group has been targeting is China, according to David McDonald. In 2016, OSI Group built a feed mill in Shandong Province which is one of the largest of its kind in China. China’s huge population and increasing middle class present a great opportunity for OSI Group to grow even larger. He also said that his company has some great partners in the country and he looks forward to working more closely with them in the future and more information click here.


Cotemar: Mexico’s Properly-Established Pride and a Beacon of Hope

Having a reliable energy and offshore service company within your setting is not an easy thing. Most of such firms tend to face the wrath of the authorities due to issues relating to pollution of the environment. With Cotemar though, things are way different. The company has been Mexico’s pride for over three decades now. They dedicate full energy to their service and are concerned about the preservation of the environment.

For quite some time now, Cotemar has been revolutionizing Mexico significantly. In the process of fueling their quality service delivery, they involve more employees and resources. The process enriches their community and also facilitates growth. Oil production in Mexico has also been boosted remarkably, hence improving the nation’s economic state.

Fundamental Markets Sufficiently Served by Cotemar

When it comes to extraction of oil resources from offshores, high technology has to be employed, which Cotemar does quite effortlessly. For a considerable period, Cotemar has been serving PEMEX. To enhance properly integrated and comprehensive service, Cotemar endeavors in extending their services to lodging and catering, designing of modern day vessels, air travels as well as efficient, modernized maritime operations. Their fleet counts to over thirty ships, which play a critical role in ensuring efficiency in their delivery of services.

Projected Growth for the Purely Mexican Oil Company

The company in question, despite employing high-end technology still hires individuals. They take their employees for training from time to time, so as to attain the highly innovative skills required to expand their horizons. As well, the company liaises with international universities and colleges for their employees to attend workshops. Growth is hence inevitable for such a company that holds their close to eight thousand employees as an integral part of their development.

Essentials That Make it Easy for Potential Clients to Rely on Cotemar

From the testimonials, Cotemar is a company that easily sells their reputation. Having an experience of over thirty-seven solid years of consistent quality delivery puts them in the limelight. Again they have been awarded in the past, in fact, four years in a row for observing their CSR program, which portrays their willingness to serve.


Since its founding, the oil and energy firm has been a reliable source and resource for the Mexican government. Cotemar is such a company that undoubtedly receives large deep-water tenders and services them efficiently. Again with their Corporate Social Responsibility Program, they have left an indelible mark in maintaining the community and its people in the best condition.

Hussain Sajwani and the Growth of DAMAC Properties

Born in a middle-class family, Hussain Sajwani is the eldest son in a family of 5 children. He attended and graduated from the University of Washington in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Industrial Engineering.

After graduation, he worked with GASCO which is a subsidiary of ADNOC as a Contracts Manager. In 1982, he started his catering venture. For years, this catering venture grew and has served education institutions, army camps, and construction campsites.

After the Dubai government had allowed foreigners to own properties in Dubai, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani identified a market opportunity. He started by selling luxury real estate. His marketing strategy sets him apart and opened new doors of opportunities for him. Through these ventures, DAMAC Properties was formed in 2002. This company has grown to be a world leader in the market, boasting over 17,000 completed projects and another 40,000 still in the plan. DAMAC Properties have dealt in both the Arab markets and to some extent in London.

With its headquarters in Dubai in the UAE, DAMAC Properties is a world leader in luxury real estate development. On December 3rd, 2013, DAMAC Properties set a record by becoming the first company from the Middle East to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Hussain Sajwani was for the first time listed on FORBES’ list of billionaires after DAMAC Properties, in 2015 registered revenue of $2.3 billion. Together with other forms of investments and his 72% stake in DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani is estimated to be worth $3.2 billion.

Among his latest investments, Sajwani has collaborated with The Trump Organization regarding development and management of the Tiger Woods Golf Course. This multi-billion dollar project will see Dubai being transformed into a golf powerhouse attracting golf enthusiasts across the globe. Sajwani opted to partner with The Trump Organization due to their proven track record of maintaining and managing golf courses.

DAMAC Properties have also partnered with other organizations in the past. Luxury brands like Versace and Fendi entered into a co-branding deal with DAMAC Properties as well as Bugatti. These collaborations have significantly raised the appeal of the company and its reputation.

Hussain Sajwani is not just a business man. He is also a philanthropist. His contribution to noble causes, including his most recent charity, was an aim of clothing a million children across the world. He donated 2 million AED to this charity.

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Mike Baur and SSUF Strategic Partnerships

Relationships are everything, but oftentimes in business those relationships result in strong partnerships. This means that two or more individuals could potentially be the source of the financials as well as the ideals and the daily operations of the business. Mike Baur believes in strong partnerships and as a result he focuses on strategic partnerships with SSUF. He knows how invaluable it is to share important core and strategic startup goals with someone in order to get your business off the ground and running efficiently.


Partnerships also create a solid foundation for one thing in particular, and that is executing on the goals that you’ve set as a team. If you have not set goals, it’s time to go back and set them, then look at those who stand with you as partners to determine whether or not you have the same goals in mind. Do you bring value to your partners? This is another important aspect of the training that entrepreneurs get when they join the program at SSUF. Behind the SSUF there are multiple partners that have joined Baur to make this happen including:


  • Y&R Group Switzerland
  • BV4 Certified Brand Valuation Experts
  • Goldbach Group
  • Amag


There are many more that have partnered with Baur for the SSUF, however those partners are noted as vertical partners in that they are super innovative and forward thinking. These partners are not following old business models, but rather they are encouraging early startups to think about creative and innovative business models to satisfy the new needs of the market today.


Additionally, the Advisory Board is another strong component of what Baur has built for early startups that wish to become a part of his program to accelerate their business to growth and new potential. Personalities and professional backgrounds can meld together to get amazing results and encourage entrepreneurs to strive for more in every level of their business so that they can make a difference.


Each member of the current Advisory Board for SSUF has unique gifts and talents, contributing to the training and performance of each entrepreneur that takes part in the Accelerator Program in SSUF.


Equities First UK – New Company, Big Business

London-based Equities First Holdings UK is a relatively new kid on the block, having been established in 2012, and that is only one reason it’s worth a look at. Equities First offers lending solutions to businesses and individuals through specialized financial services and alternative finance solutions. It’s team of financial management directors, led by President and CEO, Al Kristy, has been growing since inception and shows continued profitability, which makes the company’s track record impressive over such a short time of being in business. Click Here to Contact EFH.

Equities First provides an array of lending options to choose from, with good interest rates and support for businesses looking to make added cash-flow or invest in growth. Different from more traditional banks, Equities First works with its clients to find the right solution for the right business venture. Invested capital with an eye on the markets and the trends helps Equities First stay abreast of the waters ahead and how they may affect their clients. Businesses looking for added capital and individuals seeking a non-purpose loan benefit from the company’s knowledge of the trends in investments and willingness to invest smart. MorningStar news for EFH.

Being the new kid on the block in London, however doesn’t mean Equities First is new to the business of lending, however. The London-based office is one of multiple global offices under the Equities First US company established in 2002. With offices in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Equities First is the new kid on the block, but one well-connected kid not to overlook. for more.


Teens Experience Excitement With Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

One of the most common pass times for teenagers is to be able to visit the mall and hang out. For one thing, this is a chance for teenagers to check out all of the different features that come with the particular mall that they are visiting. Each mall is different. Some malls are fashion heavy while others carry a lot of electronic stores. Then there are malls that have a movie theater for people to check out. However, there is one mall that has all of that and even more to offer for people that are interested. This is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall.

One of the reasons that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall stand out from all of the other malls is that it has plenty of other activities for people to take part in. While it does have the fashion and the other stores, it also has lounge areas. While other malls carry with it the food court, Manaira Mall takes it to a higher level with some of the finer restaurants with higher quality foods. While it is common for malls to have a movie theater and even an arcade, Manaira Mall takes it even further with a concert hall.

Roberto Santiago manages to build a really big and exciting mall without trying too hard. One of the reasons that Manaira Mall is so successful as an establishment is that he has an understanding of what people of all ages want. One thing that makes it a very attractive place is that people get to have all of their fun in one place. They don’t have to go to one location and then drive miles to another location for a different type of fun with Manaira Shopping.

The best aspect of Manaira Shopping is that it is located in a good area. However, it has items for people of all income classes. Therefore, they will be able to gain the most sales from their customers. They will also present their customers with some of the best possible experiences so that they will be able to walk away with something worth remembering.

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