Pamper Your Pooch with Beneful Prepared Meals

As pet parents we’re always on the lookout for things that our dogs will love that are good for them. We especially want to give them nutritious meals that they will love to eat. Thanks to Purina’s Beneful prepared meals both you and your dog can be happy. You’ll love that you are giving your dog a wholesome food made with real ingredients. Your dog will love the taste of beef stew, chicken stew, or lamb and rice stew.

This is just some of the most popular flavors offered. There are also meals with turkey and salmon as well as mixes of beef and chicken together. My dog adores the simmered chicken medley with green beans, carrots, and wild rice. He thinks every meal is a treat! I love knowing that I am providing my dog with essential nutrients to keep him at his best, as well as giving him a food he loves.

It’s easy to find these meals for your dog, as you can find them at many retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Dollar General. Individual cups are in the price range of $1.77, with packages of 10 going for around $11. You can find it in bulk at Sam’s Club as well as online. You can find many coupons online on popular coupon sites as well as the product’s page. The variety packs give your dog a chance to try a few different flavors. The resealable tubs are great because they keep any left overs from drying out and ruining before your dog’s next meal.