Clay Siegall and his Passion for Helping Others


According to scientists, there is a new vaccine that can protect against a deadly disease among newborns known as rotavirus. This new vaccine is thought to be as effective as 70%. Rotavirus kills as many as 200,000 children every single year in developing countries. This specific vaccine is designed specially so that it is effective in Africa. Previous rotavirus vaccinations haven’t been as successful here because they require refrigeration; however, this new vaccine is able to stay at room temperature for years and even one hundred degrees Fahrenheit for months! This vaccine will also be much more affordable than current ones. Technology has done some amazing things lately!

Technology has done even more. There is now a new way for men to test their sperm count with their cell phones! Low sperm count can be a cause of infertility and to be tested in the lab can cost upwards of $100,000 with a specifically trained technician. There is a team located at Harvard who are trying to make this more easily accessible, though! With a phone attachment that will connect to an app, you will be able to count the number of sperm as well as the mobility to find out if you are infertile or may have trouble conceiving. Technology just keeps getting better and better!

Clay Siegall was a co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He is also a scientist and has emphasized his degree with a focus on cancer treatments. Siegall has a passion for helping his patients, and that is easy to see in his latest blog posts. He is very focused on helping those around him have more and better access to medical necessities. Siegall helped guide Seattle Genetics into securing the FDA approval back in 2011 of its first ADC product.

It was then under Siegall’s leadership that the company Seattle Genetics was able to enter into multiple licenses for the ADC technology. Now there are more than 20 ADCs that are in clinical development and are using Seattle Genetic’s technology. Prior to Seattle Genetics, Siegall was with a Pharmaceutical Research Institute as well as the National Cancer Institute. It is easy to see that Siegall cares deeply about others and about fighting to give everyone the best life possible.