Sawyer Howitt Is Putting Together A Business Resume Even At A Young Age

     Sawyer Howitt has not even attended college yet, but he hasn’t let that stopped him from showcasing what he can do to professional recruiters who might be watching. He’s also a friend to those who might be looking to startup a business even with little capital to work with. He suggests looking into short-term office space rentals to making your ideas come to life and choosing a location that’s right for startups. Some locations he suggests are Santa Monica, CA, Austin, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and Denver. Howitt is rising as a credible young businessman because he is self-disciplined and sticks to his goals.

Sawyer Howitt is a graduate of a Portland, OR high school where he also played racquetball in the state championships. He currently is a project manager in finance for his father’s company, The Merriweather Group which helps startup businesses in Oregon with funding and seed investments. Sawyer Howitt is experienced with office software and has learned to put together reports on finances, company objectives, and working with higher ups in the company. His next goal is to attend the University of California at Berkley and enroll in their business and finance programs.

Howitt has been willing to go the extra mile to get the demanding work done at his father’s company and believes anyone willing to work hard for their business dreams can achieve them. He’s applied that same principle to racquetball and tells young sports enthusiasts they should look into researching the game and finding good coaches. In other activities, Howitt has reached out to young boys through mentoring programs and has been an encouragement to them in their goals. He’s also joined volunteer activist groups that stand for women and minority rights.

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