The Inevitable Rise of Fabletics

There is a lot of talk in the social media arena about an athletic clothing company for women that has been getting very high marks. This company is called Fabletics, and one of the co-founders behind this brand is a celebrity.


People are getting an extra dose of Fabletics because this company has new stores on the way. A ton of people have been reading the magazine articles and seeing the YouTube video posts where Kate Hudson has been talking about her brand. She has been doing a lot to build a solid company, and she has really had a lot of time to build a very effective marketing plan.


A large number of people are interested in what Kate Hudson is offering with Fabletics because this company is different. For the first time women have a say about the type of style that they want for their athletic clothing. Any woman that has worked out before is well aware that most brands for athletic clothing are fairly basic. There are some basic colors in place, but there are fewer pattern designs. There are also a lot fewer celebrities that are connected to athletic clothing lines. This is why the Fabletics brand that Kate Hudson has been promoting has become so popular. It has become the type of company that is getting celebrity buzz, and celebrity buzz is always good for any clothing company.


Kate Hudson has proven that she can still juggle a career in entertainment and carry on a clothing line as well. She has been able to do this quite successfully, and more people are interested in what she is bringing to the market now that she has dedicated herself to building the Fabletics brand. Anyone that has seen her in action is aware that she is passionate about the brand she has built. People can see that there is a spark in her eyes when she talks about the opening of new stores. There is a lot of interest in what she is doing, and the celebrity factor is definitely pushing this brand into the homes of many consumers that may have otherwise counted this brand out as just another clothing company. Fabletics is in a tremendous growth stage, and Hudson is going to make sure that even more consumers become familiar with what she is advertising through this unique clothing that she is bringing forth.

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