Rona Borre Lives Life One Day at a Time

When Rona Borre formed her new company, Instant Alliance, she knew just what she was doing. She knew that the job she just left had paid her a lot of money and she had just given that up to strike out on her own

She also knew that this was not a shot in the dark because she has been that company’s top producer and she had shattered all of the sales records that the company had ever recorded.

Rona Borre had a dream, and that dream was to make a mark as a woman business owner in Chicago and the business that she started from the spare bedroom in her Chicago condo would work because she wasn’t afraid of hard work and sacrifice. She would make it work.  Related articles on

That is exactly what Rona Borre did because today, Instant Alliance is one of the fastest-growing companies in Chicago and all of the United States. Focusing on the placement of financial and technological personnel, Borre has fashioned a dynasty from nothing in particular but her efforts and determination.   Informative Article here.

Dreams are fashioned from our imaginations, says Borre, but they are turned into reality by a daily application of sheer will and self-discipline which must be prodded each second, minute and hour of each and every day.

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