Cotemar: Mexico’s Properly-Established Pride and a Beacon of Hope

Having a reliable energy and offshore service company within your setting is not an easy thing. Most of such firms tend to face the wrath of the authorities due to issues relating to pollution of the environment. With Cotemar though, things are way different. The company has been Mexico’s pride for over three decades now. They dedicate full energy to their service and are concerned about the preservation of the environment.

For quite some time now, Cotemar has been revolutionizing Mexico significantly. In the process of fueling their quality service delivery, they involve more employees and resources. The process enriches their community and also facilitates growth. Oil production in Mexico has also been boosted remarkably, hence improving the nation’s economic state.

Fundamental Markets Sufficiently Served by Cotemar

When it comes to extraction of oil resources from offshores, high technology has to be employed, which Cotemar does quite effortlessly. For a considerable period, Cotemar has been serving PEMEX. To enhance properly integrated and comprehensive service, Cotemar endeavors in extending their services to lodging and catering, designing of modern day vessels, air travels as well as efficient, modernized maritime operations. Their fleet counts to over thirty ships, which play a critical role in ensuring efficiency in their delivery of services.

Projected Growth for the Purely Mexican Oil Company

The company in question, despite employing high-end technology still hires individuals. They take their employees for training from time to time, so as to attain the highly innovative skills required to expand their horizons. As well, the company liaises with international universities and colleges for their employees to attend workshops. Growth is hence inevitable for such a company that holds their close to eight thousand employees as an integral part of their development.

Essentials That Make it Easy for Potential Clients to Rely on Cotemar

From the testimonials, Cotemar is a company that easily sells their reputation. Having an experience of over thirty-seven solid years of consistent quality delivery puts them in the limelight. Again they have been awarded in the past, in fact, four years in a row for observing their CSR program, which portrays their willingness to serve.


Since its founding, the oil and energy firm has been a reliable source and resource for the Mexican government. Cotemar is such a company that undoubtedly receives large deep-water tenders and services them efficiently. Again with their Corporate Social Responsibility Program, they have left an indelible mark in maintaining the community and its people in the best condition.

Norman Pattiz Collaborate with Edison Research to Prove Effectiveness of Podcast Ads

Wondering if podcast is an effective advertising platform? Edison Research proves that it is indeed effective. Edison Research is the first company in the podcast research industry, to conduct a study on the effective of podcast ads on brand awareness and increase in the intent to buy.

For this study, the research company dwelt on PodcastOne, doing an independent study on them. They study was done last year and focused on determining the effectiveness of podcast advertising on national brands. Among the brands were companies that were popular brands who simply wanted to launch new products. Then there was a group of companies that are less-known or still in their trial stages and wanted to increase their brand awareness.

The study involved conducting online surveys where audiences to popular podcasts of the network, were interviewed. This happened for all the brands. Later, advertising began on the popular ads. They ran for a period of 6 weeks, and the same advertising method was used for all the brands. After the 6 weeks, another survey was conducted. The results were in harmony, showing that the intention to buy and the brand awareness significantly improved across all brands.

The results of the study were announced on February 9, 2017 by Norman Pattiz and Edison Research’s VP of strategy, Tom Webster. The two agreed that the study had been very helpful. For Norman Pattiz, he was able to accomplish his goal of conducting an independent study to show advertisers that podcast advertising is indeed as effective as traditional advertising methods. Perhaps even better. Webster also showed gratitude for being the first company to conduct such a study.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is one of the wealthiest men in the broadcasting industry. Call him a broadcasting genie for everything he touches, in this industry turns to gold. He founded Westwood One and see where that got to- The largest media network in the US. Now he owns and chairs the largest podcast network in the world.

A Brief on Edison Research

Edison Research is a premier research company within the podcast industry. The company conducts research on various topics and gives feedback to their clients. Their studies have been instrumental in the growth and success of a lot of businesses including CBS radio, Entercom, Disney, AMC Theatres, Yahoo, Pandora, Sony and Samsung.

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Hussain Sajwani and the Growth of DAMAC Properties

Born in a middle-class family, Hussain Sajwani is the eldest son in a family of 5 children. He attended and graduated from the University of Washington in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Industrial Engineering.

After graduation, he worked with GASCO which is a subsidiary of ADNOC as a Contracts Manager. In 1982, he started his catering venture. For years, this catering venture grew and has served education institutions, army camps, and construction campsites.

After the Dubai government had allowed foreigners to own properties in Dubai, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani identified a market opportunity. He started by selling luxury real estate. His marketing strategy sets him apart and opened new doors of opportunities for him. Through these ventures, DAMAC Properties was formed in 2002. This company has grown to be a world leader in the market, boasting over 17,000 completed projects and another 40,000 still in the plan. DAMAC Properties have dealt in both the Arab markets and to some extent in London.

With its headquarters in Dubai in the UAE, DAMAC Properties is a world leader in luxury real estate development. On December 3rd, 2013, DAMAC Properties set a record by becoming the first company from the Middle East to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Hussain Sajwani was for the first time listed on FORBES’ list of billionaires after DAMAC Properties, in 2015 registered revenue of $2.3 billion. Together with other forms of investments and his 72% stake in DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani is estimated to be worth $3.2 billion.

Among his latest investments, Sajwani has collaborated with The Trump Organization regarding development and management of the Tiger Woods Golf Course. This multi-billion dollar project will see Dubai being transformed into a golf powerhouse attracting golf enthusiasts across the globe. Sajwani opted to partner with The Trump Organization due to their proven track record of maintaining and managing golf courses.

DAMAC Properties have also partnered with other organizations in the past. Luxury brands like Versace and Fendi entered into a co-branding deal with DAMAC Properties as well as Bugatti. These collaborations have significantly raised the appeal of the company and its reputation.

Hussain Sajwani is not just a business man. He is also a philanthropist. His contribution to noble causes, including his most recent charity, was an aim of clothing a million children across the world. He donated 2 million AED to this charity.

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Clay Siegall and his Passion for Helping Others


According to scientists, there is a new vaccine that can protect against a deadly disease among newborns known as rotavirus. This new vaccine is thought to be as effective as 70%. Rotavirus kills as many as 200,000 children every single year in developing countries. This specific vaccine is designed specially so that it is effective in Africa. Previous rotavirus vaccinations haven’t been as successful here because they require refrigeration; however, this new vaccine is able to stay at room temperature for years and even one hundred degrees Fahrenheit for months! This vaccine will also be much more affordable than current ones. Technology has done some amazing things lately!

Technology has done even more. There is now a new way for men to test their sperm count with their cell phones! Low sperm count can be a cause of infertility and to be tested in the lab can cost upwards of $100,000 with a specifically trained technician. There is a team located at Harvard who are trying to make this more easily accessible, though! With a phone attachment that will connect to an app, you will be able to count the number of sperm as well as the mobility to find out if you are infertile or may have trouble conceiving. Technology just keeps getting better and better!

Clay Siegall was a co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He is also a scientist and has emphasized his degree with a focus on cancer treatments. Siegall has a passion for helping his patients, and that is easy to see in his latest blog posts. He is very focused on helping those around him have more and better access to medical necessities. Siegall helped guide Seattle Genetics into securing the FDA approval back in 2011 of its first ADC product.

It was then under Siegall’s leadership that the company Seattle Genetics was able to enter into multiple licenses for the ADC technology. Now there are more than 20 ADCs that are in clinical development and are using Seattle Genetic’s technology. Prior to Seattle Genetics, Siegall was with a Pharmaceutical Research Institute as well as the National Cancer Institute. It is easy to see that Siegall cares deeply about others and about fighting to give everyone the best life possible.


Mike Baur and SSUF Strategic Partnerships

Relationships are everything, but oftentimes in business those relationships result in strong partnerships. This means that two or more individuals could potentially be the source of the financials as well as the ideals and the daily operations of the business. Mike Baur believes in strong partnerships and as a result he focuses on strategic partnerships with SSUF. He knows how invaluable it is to share important core and strategic startup goals with someone in order to get your business off the ground and running efficiently.


Partnerships also create a solid foundation for one thing in particular, and that is executing on the goals that you’ve set as a team. If you have not set goals, it’s time to go back and set them, then look at those who stand with you as partners to determine whether or not you have the same goals in mind. Do you bring value to your partners? This is another important aspect of the training that entrepreneurs get when they join the program at SSUF. Behind the SSUF there are multiple partners that have joined Baur to make this happen including:


  • Y&R Group Switzerland
  • BV4 Certified Brand Valuation Experts
  • Goldbach Group
  • Amag


There are many more that have partnered with Baur for the SSUF, however those partners are noted as vertical partners in that they are super innovative and forward thinking. These partners are not following old business models, but rather they are encouraging early startups to think about creative and innovative business models to satisfy the new needs of the market today.


Additionally, the Advisory Board is another strong component of what Baur has built for early startups that wish to become a part of his program to accelerate their business to growth and new potential. Personalities and professional backgrounds can meld together to get amazing results and encourage entrepreneurs to strive for more in every level of their business so that they can make a difference.


Each member of the current Advisory Board for SSUF has unique gifts and talents, contributing to the training and performance of each entrepreneur that takes part in the Accelerator Program in SSUF.


Real Success Includes Everyone

You probably heard these sayings growing up: “every man for himself” and “it’s a dog eat dog world.” That’s an outdated way of thinking and doesn’t actually work. Truly becoming successful means spreading the wealth to everyone, not just yourself. Here are some awesome tips Josh Verne, a successful entrepreneur had when being interviewed for a podcast.


Bosses demand respect and take what they want. Leaders think of what is good for the whole and as a team they accomplish goals. A leader is respected because they are selfless and generous. They don’t force their agenda on their employees. They also take the time to listen to others and consider what they have to say. Real leaders are for the people, not just their selfish desires. To be successful beyond your wildest dreams you have to make every situation a win-win. When clients, business partners, employees, and yourself benefits from any kind of deal, then business grows. More people will say good things about your business, and the winning will continue. Just make sure you are balanced with work and family life. That makes anyone truly successful. It’s not all about the money, which also means it’s important to follow your dreams and passion. It will make life more fun and interesting.


Josh Verne is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who has 20 plus years experience in the field. He has started multiple businesses with his childhood friend Jon Dorfman based in Pennsylvania.

Josh Verne is the founder of the online student platform On this website students can read and watch videos about college life, sports, current events, and entertainment.

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Equities First UK – New Company, Big Business

London-based Equities First Holdings UK is a relatively new kid on the block, having been established in 2012, and that is only one reason it’s worth a look at. Equities First offers lending solutions to businesses and individuals through specialized financial services and alternative finance solutions. It’s team of financial management directors, led by President and CEO, Al Kristy, has been growing since inception and shows continued profitability, which makes the company’s track record impressive over such a short time of being in business. Click Here to Contact EFH.

Equities First provides an array of lending options to choose from, with good interest rates and support for businesses looking to make added cash-flow or invest in growth. Different from more traditional banks, Equities First works with its clients to find the right solution for the right business venture. Invested capital with an eye on the markets and the trends helps Equities First stay abreast of the waters ahead and how they may affect their clients. Businesses looking for added capital and individuals seeking a non-purpose loan benefit from the company’s knowledge of the trends in investments and willingness to invest smart. MorningStar news for EFH.

Being the new kid on the block in London, however doesn’t mean Equities First is new to the business of lending, however. The London-based office is one of multiple global offices under the Equities First US company established in 2002. With offices in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Equities First is the new kid on the block, but one well-connected kid not to overlook. for more.


All Natural Wen from the All Natural Chaz Dean

The Wen product line began with a cleansing and conditioning shampoo. Traditional shampoo strips hair of oils and then conditioners are intended to add moisture thereby replacing oil. Wen hair can not only do that in a single step instead of two, it will do it naturally without the harsh stripping process, allowing hair to maintain its own natural beauty, and vital oils. A quick review of the ingredients will reveal no sulfates or detergents. And with a varied selection of enchanting scents, Chaz Dean’s Wen hair care products can be purchased on Sephora alone or as full hair care sets based on unique needs. Also see,

A February posting on recounts a seven-day experiment by a busy young female who works in a hair salon and struggles with fine hair. She decided to perform her own Wen experiment. As early as her first day, her hair began to feel thicker, had more shine, and she noted less hair about the drain and day one went down as a success.

Days two, three and four were a bit concerning as she noted she was waking up to flat, greasy hair. On day four, she even commented that it was a killer “bad hair day.” Yet, she still had that beautiful shine and bounce and after shampooing, and the result remained awesome. And, she didn’t give up.

Day five was another success with soft, bouncy curls and day six, our tester determined that morning showers would be more effective for her, even though evening was her preference. And on an outing with friends at the end of day six, they commented on how great her hair was looking. Very cool!

On day seven even though her bouncy curls were falling a bit sooner than she would have liked, her hair was looking and feeling great! Despite some tough moments during the week, she could see herself becoming a regular Wen user.

No matter how you look at it, the end results include beautiful, healthy, easy to manage hair for each user.



Why Jose Borghi Does Not Care To Be Trendy

In society a lot of people talk about trends. One of the things people try to be is trendy. For one thing, when one is trendy, he is keeping up with what is in. However, one of the entities that have more of a reason to be trendy are business owners. They feel the need to be trendy because they have to keep up with what is selling so that they will be able to profit from the current trends. However, there are some business men who know how to avoid following trends and make it still work for them. These type of businessmen influence the trends with their innovations.

Among the people who have a great influence on trends is Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe. He is someone who has an easy time making sure that he is going for what he wants. He tries to be a leader instead of a follower. After all, following trends can be really boring after a while. Also, people who try to follow trends often wind up getting lost in the shuffle, especially when it comes to businesses. For businesses to experience significant success, one is going to have to be able to think outside of the box and move ahead. One thing that could win more customers is to offer something very unique.

Where Jose Borghi shines in his business is in the advertising. He has a new advertising style that has yet to be discovered. Other ad companies are stuck with following what has been done and is often looked to as something that is admirable. While copying can be useful for a while, Jose Borghi commits to keeping up with originality so that he will attract more clients and bring greater success to their companies. After all, business is about being unique.

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Standing for the Weak with Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorsen is a film producer and a human rights advocate. He was born in 1976, in Venezuela to Thor Halvorsen Helium and Hilda Mendoza. His father served as an ambassador for antinarcotics affairs and as a special investigator in Venezuelan Senate commission. Thor holds a bachelor’s degree in history, political science and international relations from the University of Pennsylvania.

His fight for human rights began as an adolescent when he formed an opposition against the South African apartheid. He became fully involved in advocating for human rights when his father was beaten, tortured and imprisoned while investigating a case of money laundering. In 2004, his mother was shot while attending a peaceful public gathering. He wrote an article which was published in a local journal about the whole incident of shooters shooting innocent people and killing one. The gunmen were hunted down, tried, found guilty and sentenced to three years on accounts of murder and bodily harm. In that same year, he founded Human Rights Foundation. HRF is devoted to promoting democracy and liberating political prisoners in Latin America. HRF has lobbied release of several political prisoners and provided evidence to truth commissions over time. The organization has also participated in many advocacy campaigns such as Panama’s president (Ricardo Martinelli) violations of freedom of speech. He also criticizes Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni’s legislative to punish homosexuality with death and many others click here.

Thor Halvorsen is also the CEO and founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual global gathering of human rights advocates. He serves as the Patron of a children’s peace movement, On Own Feet. This is a group that seeks to facilitate bilateral relationships between adults and children especially in war-torn countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thor Halvorsen has produced several films mostly revolving around human rights. He co-produced “Freedom Fury”, a story revolving dictatorship in Hungary in 1956. He is the executive producer of “Hammer and Tickle” a humorous film that shows the disconnect between reality and propaganda as a way of opposing a system despite the lack of freedom of speech. “The Singing Revolution” is another of his film, it narrates a peaceful tussle for political independence. He has done a movie on human trafficking as well, “The Sugar Babies”. Thor is currently producing “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” based on a science fiction novel.

Halvorsen specializes in human trafficking, slavery, dictatorships and democracy. He has lectured widely on these topics and has also spoken at the British parliament.