Andrea McWilliams- A Force in the Political World

A skilled political fundraiser, lobbyist and strategist, Andrea McWilliams has made a name for herself in the government and business world. Known for her attention to detail, McWilliams brings her expertise to every issue she takes on. She has had the privilage of being recognized by major news networks including FOX News, Newsweek, USA Today and CNN.

McWilliams has been recognized for outstanding work in the political world. She is winner of both the Austin Business Journal’s “Profiles in Power” and the “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist” Awards. Other honors she has received include Woman of Distinction” Award from Girl Scouts of America, the Austin Under 40 Award and the Glossy 8 list.

Andrea McWilliams most critical role as a top Texas lobbyist. Working together with her husband Dean McWilliams, the team has constructed policy that works for clients. Her work with the 81st Legislature was remarkable. Andrea McWilliams passed more than $100 million in incentives to make Texas the first place in the world with the advanced clean coal power plant that captures carbon.

Andrea McWilliams work extends into many other areas. She enjoys working as a regular mentor to other young women in Texas. She has served as a member of the Girl Scouts Centennial Celebration Committee as well as led Austin’s largest charity event, the Ballet Fete. She continues to make her impact felt in numerous ways. Her resume is incredible and her work admired by many. With such a dedication to what she does, Andrea McWilliams is sure to be a force in the political world for years to come.


Teens Experience Excitement With Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

One of the most common pass times for teenagers is to be able to visit the mall and hang out. For one thing, this is a chance for teenagers to check out all of the different features that come with the particular mall that they are visiting. Each mall is different. Some malls are fashion heavy while others carry a lot of electronic stores. Then there are malls that have a movie theater for people to check out. However, there is one mall that has all of that and even more to offer for people that are interested. This is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall.

One of the reasons that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall stand out from all of the other malls is that it has plenty of other activities for people to take part in. While it does have the fashion and the other stores, it also has lounge areas. While other malls carry with it the food court, Manaira Mall takes it to a higher level with some of the finer restaurants with higher quality foods. While it is common for malls to have a movie theater and even an arcade, Manaira Mall takes it even further with a concert hall.

Roberto Santiago manages to build a really big and exciting mall without trying too hard. One of the reasons that Manaira Mall is so successful as an establishment is that he has an understanding of what people of all ages want. One thing that makes it a very attractive place is that people get to have all of their fun in one place. They don’t have to go to one location and then drive miles to another location for a different type of fun with Manaira Shopping.

The best aspect of Manaira Shopping is that it is located in a good area. However, it has items for people of all income classes. Therefore, they will be able to gain the most sales from their customers. They will also present their customers with some of the best possible experiences so that they will be able to walk away with something worth remembering.

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End Citizens United Move To Amend Supreme Court’s Decision Of Citizens United

End Citizens United is a PAC or Political Action Committee in the United States that was set up in March 2015. After winning the decision in the Citizens United v. F.E.C in the Supreme Court in 2010, the group has managed to change the campaign finance system. The primary aim of the organization on is to bring the control of the United States government back to its citizens and to assert the old American value of limited government along with national security.

The End Citizens United is dedicated to bringing about campaign finance reforms and wants to spend millions of dollars on Democratic candidates in different competitive House and Senate in the country. According to its communications Director, Richard Carbo, the group has already raised about $2 million from small donors and want to reach about $25 million in the entire cycle. It is their goal to end the constitutional amendment of Citizens United by the Supreme Court which was taken in 2010. The decision gave high power to super PACs and led to the introduction of black money into the politics on Till date, more than 325,000 people have signed their petition to pass a constitutional amendment on the decision.

There are a number of other PACs in the country that focus on finance reforms on political campaigns on LinkedIn, but it is this group that is doing something about it. The group do not believe in mere talks and are backing candidates who are for finance reforms and would stand up against Citizens United. The group is also planning to financially back the candidates through television ads, mailers, and polling. End Citizens United also wish to raise the issue of black money in politics as it is of national importance. They prefer to use the grassroots membership to show their political power on the issue of black money and big corporate finances in politics.

End Citizens United was formed by three former fundraising specialists, Greg Berlin, Jake Lipsett and Charles Starnes, who used to work for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They currently are the owner of the consulting firm Mothership Strategies. All three of them are using their fundraising and list building skills to a better cause which in the past had drawn only a few nonprofits. It is their effort that has made people aware of the Supreme Court’s decision and put pressure on the Supreme Court to not take decisions that can make the matter worse.

So far, the group boasts of having received 136,000 donations with an average donation of $14.86. The End Citizens United team is run by a dedicated group of veteran Democratic operatives who want to make the citizens of the country aware of the influence of black money in politics and show them how it can be stopped.

Discover the company with a passion for education sector

In the year 2001, Lian Don and Chaudhry united to form ClassDojo. They decided to put the company’s head office in San Francisco, CA. The aim of the organization was to enhance the lives of the student’s teachers and the parents. It intended to make the education sector more enjoyable.


They developed a mobile App that they hoped to be of great value to all the persons in the industry. It would increase the awareness of the parents about the day to day school activities. ClassDojo would also make the parents have a chance to monitor the progress of his students activates. He also would enjoy the benefits of contacting the teachers regularly. It is important as he could get information about any meeting and events in the school. To the students, the app would provide them with the required attention from both the parents and the teachers. They would be able to post the highs and downs in each day. It would make the teachers as well as parents understand them and thus offer help when needed. To the teachers, it made it easier to have regular communication with the parents and thus shift from the old model where there was maybe a single meeting in the school.  Based on


In making the ClassDojo app even better, the founders have embarked on the exercise of adding other features that could enable the parents to make such activities as shopping and many other requirements that are meant to enhance their lives. The App is also to be branded with the features that will allow fees payment. At the same time, they hope to maintain the high level of privacy to the users.



The current trends and idea implementa

Things Every Small Business Should Understand About Online Reputation Management

Managing the reputation of a business is a process that takes time and effort. Most successful business did not rise to their highest point within few days but it took them years to cultivate the reputation they enjoy today. A good reputation translates to positive feedback and a better relationship with customers and should never be taken for granted at any point while managing a business.

Every business is unique and should embrace a unique approach to managing its online reputation so as to stand out. Small businesses struggle to reach the level the established businesses have reached and are in many cases not structured well to handle the challenges that come with running a business in the hostile online environment.

According to, to compete with leading companies, a small business should embrace similar strategies as their leaders so as to match the standards that are set by the successful companies. For a small business losing its reputation means more than when a big business is affected in such a manner. It can take a long time to catch up once the business falls to its toes.

Engage professional support

Sometimes it can prove challenging to manage the reputation of a business online due to the skills required to handle the task. If this is the case, there are many professionals who have the required skills to help your business to move from a basic platform to the attainment of the needed success. Hire professionals who are skilled and experienced to manage the online presence of your business.

Never panic

Once bad mentions are made online about a business, some professionals panic and are not able to handle the problem. Panicking is only giving a chance for failure to further push the business down and you will have challenges recovering. Therefore, once such an effect is noted, it is the right time to come up with a unique strategy that will bury the bad press generated from a comment or a post. It can take effort and time but you need to be proactive when approaching the problems that come up online.

How to Benefit from Talk Fusion’s 30-Day Free Trial

Are you an investor or an owner of a company? Are you looking for ways to promote your business and grow it beyond its potential? There are many ways of doing exactly that, especially with the internet here with us. One of the best ways of reaching a wider clientele is through using video marketing to promote products and communicate with clients and potential customers.

In order to make the process easy for their customers and potential ones, Talk Fusion launched their 30-day free trial. The company, which has earned a reputation for providing professional video marketing solutions all over the world, introduced a new and sleek website as well. If you are interested in trying their products before you buy them, all you have to do is get the free trial.

How does it work?

If you want to try the products on the Talk Fusion platform, it is as easy as signing up for an account with them. All you have to do is enter your email address and name on the sing up section. You will not be asked about personal details such as your credit card information. After you sign up, you can try their features such as Live Meetings, Video Newsletters, Video Email and Sign-Up Forms. Another feature which you will enjoy using is their award-winning Video Chat.

With the new website, the interface is easy to use and it is very responsive. You will find that the marketing tools that are made available to you are comprehensive and equally easy to use. There is also a library which contains information on how to use the features. With their step-by-step guides and tutorials, you can learn how to incorporate the benefits of the marketing tools into your business model with ease.

About the company

Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. The CEO and founder wanted to come up with a firm that would provide marketing tools to businesses and individuals alike. The company’s products are designed by a dedicated team which ensures that users are satisfied and assisted at all times. for more.

WEN By Chaz Is The Ultimate Modern Way To Care For Hair

Chaz Dean is a well-known Hollywood stylist with an impressive resume and client list of famous stars. If anyone understands the science of hair and what strands require to stay healthy, it is Chaz Dean.

WEN By Chaz is the amazing hair care line Chaz Dean developed back in the 1990s, and when you think about it, the brand has revolutionized the way women care for their hair. His brand is all about clean hair that has strength, movement and shine. His unique cleansing conditioners are magic in a bottle, because these rich formulas wash like a shampoo, condition, de-tangle, deep condition and act as a leave-in conditioning treatment.

What sets WEN By Chaz apart from all the other thousands of hair care brands on the market, is the list of ingredients. WEN is not your old-fashioned shampoo bottle full of big suds, because he offers the clear alternative. WEN is a no lather shampoo and one based on nature and the goodness found in the earth.

WEN’s cleansing conditioners stay away from harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates. These common additives in shampoos and conditioners eventually weaken the hair shaft, robbing tresses of their shine and moisture.

WEN features lovely, soothing and gentle formulas full of herbal and other plant-based extracts. Tea tree oil, wild cherry bark and rosemary extract are just a few of the healthy, pure ingredients WEN offers its users. These incredible cleansing conditioners are ideal for hair of any type, in any condition. Shine, manageability and moisture are the results after washing with WEN, and even better color coverage happens when you give up your bad habit shampoo lathers.

WEN feels great when you massage these luxurious cleansing conditioners into the scalp and along the hair from root to end.

Beautiful hair can be yours.

Magnises Provides a Myriad of Social Opportunities and Cultural Activities for the Professonal Millennial:

CEO of Magnises--Billy McFarland, has created a terrific brand in way of his stylish, black, metal Magnises card. This is the card which the Millennial professional carries, who is located in the New York City area; and within the infrastructure of Washington, D.C. McFarland, plans on launching the card into other major U.S. markets, too.


Based in, the black Magnises card comes complete with two very important elements attached to it:


First, it provides the Millennial with a handy way to pay for purchases and services which he acquires within the city. The card provides the Millennial with a way to link his existing bank card, or debit card to it. Once he does it, he has a most impressive way to pay for his purchases, without the need to qualify, by means of credit, for the card.


Second, the card provides the Millennial with a way to socially connect with his environment. Many cultural opportunities, and unique discounts are provided, to the member, with regard to some of the city’s best, eating establishments; places to attain refreshing cocktails, and nightly entertainment spots, plus more.


There are literally hundreds of locations, offering the Magnises member, with terrific discounts. Promoters and vendors, alike, are participating with McFarland, in providing his co-peers with terrific discounting, at some of the city’ most premier locations. There are discount tickets and availability, in way of the following:


1–Broadway shows;


2–Major sporting events;


3–Iconic dining establishments;


4–Nightly entertainment;


5–Art exhibitions;


6–Live entertainment of well-known performers;


7–Stylish, “sold-out,” events, at well-known elite locations;


8–Gatherings on yachts and at the Magnises Penthouse location, where libations are available;


9–Office space arrangements, generally going for $500 monthly; however, the Magnises member is able to use the same contemporary, high-stylized space for a mere $99, monthly.


10-Excursions to tropical paradise resort locations, by way of private jets; and, more. Click more.


The stylish and professional Millennial makes the smart decision to acquire the Magnises card. In doing so, he is able to experience, all of the best, his city offers, without the hefty price tag attached.

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James Dondero Makes Contribution for Victims of Domestic Violence

The Family place recently received a $1 million donation from the chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero. This is an organization that is based in Dallas, Texas and takes care of the homeless people and victims of domestic violence providing them food and shelter. The $ 1 million donations will help the organization achieve its $2.8 million target that they had set earlier in the year. James Dondero made this revelation during a trailblazer that was held by the Family place at a restaurant called Hilton Anatole. The hotel is also located in the city of Dallas, Texas.


James Dondero said that for every dollar that the Family Place receives, Highland Capital Management would contribute half a dollar for the cause. There is a time limit of April 4th, 2017 when the deal will expire. Before the donation, the Family place had received a donation of $200,000. The Highland capital management will match this donation with $100,000 of their own. Some people believe that James Dondero answered the calls of prominent people within the region to help stop domestic violence once and for all. Some of these people include Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and the police chief of the area David Brown.


During this donation, James Dondero also said that it was the civic duty of people to ensure such issues are solved. He also said that his company was impressed by the progress that the Family place was making in helping the less privileged. This funds will be used in the construction of a new center that will be called the Ann Moody Place. The Moody place will help cater for teen and dating violence victims who are estimated at 6,000 per year. The shelter will also consist of an animal shelter that will be used to house the animals of the victims who were afraid of leaving their animals behind.


James Dondero is the current chairman of Highland Capital Management. This is a position that he has held since the year 1993 when he founded the company with the help of his friend James Okada. His firm serves clients who range from individuals, governments and even big corporations.


Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

Christopher Burch is the Founder and the President of the Burch Creative Capital. For the sake of his entrepreneurial values, the company is a rue representation of his core values in business. For his reason, it reflects his values and true nature of his business capabilities in the enterprise. Christopher Burch has a vision for new opportunities in the market where he always applies his vision to create things from scratch, according to his investment platform. He has created numerous capabilities which have worked to have his vision and mission sustained through innovation and imagination.


He has held an incubation o business and engagement platform capabilities in all his endeavours to develop high-end solutions to scale and support. He has also led to the business and disruptive brands which have a direct impact on the lives of their customers in a positive manner. For more than 40 years of professional capabilities and innovation through his career as an investor and active businessman, Christopher Burch has worked as a serial entrepreneur ad participated in the development of more than 50 companies and businesses in the country. He has worked to combine his intuitive understanding of the works of the consumer to create a direct sourcing behaviour through experience.


He also has a track record of impact and innovation. Through his newly-created company, he has had an introduction to the various brands in the business to ensure that its continuity is sustainable through all the development possibilities.


According to Christopher Burch, many changes have occurred through all the development stages of the fashion and technological industry in the recent past. As a matter of fact, the two industries have developed heir innovation capabilities through their innovation. There is only one remaining constant about the two industries and their development skills. Both industries grow together in a seamless manner through all its development stages in incubation and development.


For the longest period, technology has grown to become fashionable. For this reason, we are here to ensure that the two industries remain constant in all their development capabilities in innovation and strategies. Fashion, on the other hand, grows to become technologically fashionable. For this reason, we are meant to think that a fascinating part of this story is how they have managed to grow together simultaneously. Therefore, we must take a closer look at the past and present events which denote the reason why the two industries have grown together.


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