Susan McGalla is Living Proof that Gender is a Non-Issue in the Corporate World

Today, women have managed to secure powerful corporate positions. Additionally, more and more women are making their way into corporate boardrooms and proving that gender is becoming a non-issue in the workplace. It is certainly true that women are just as capable as their male counterparts to lead companies and start successful enterprises on This has largely been made possible because of powerful women like Susan McGalla who made it to the top through sheer will and determination to succeed despite all odds.

Many changes have been made to encourage and accommodate more women at the workplace. The common saying that “what men can do, women can do better” is proving true with women like McGalla leaving their executive positions to become high-end consultants. Women have a splendid blend of personality and determination that helps them undertake any role assigned to them. This makes them quite flexible to work with, and allows them to easily start their own ventures or land lead company roles.

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When Susan McGalla Speaks You Have To Listen

How Susan McGalla Conquered the Business World

Susan McGalla was raised around boys and given a tough lesson by her parents on taking the bull by the horns, working hard, and pursuing her dreams. This allowed her to survive in the corporate world and rise to executive roles faster than her male counterparts. According to McGalla, it was not easy for women to work in the corporate sector back when she was young. This is because they faced a lot of prejudice from their male colleagues.

McGalla started her career at the Joseph Horne Company where she worked between 1986 and 1994. She left to join American Eagle Outfitters and worked hard to become the President of American Eagle Brand, a flagship of the company. She was later promoted to the position of President and CMO of the entire company. When she left American Eagle Outfitters, on her own terms, she became a private consultant and started P3 Executive Consulting, LLC.

Today, Susan McGalla runs her consulting firm and also serves as the strategic planning director at the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has gained extensive experience and knowledge in not only the financial sector, but also in clothing and retail. She offers financial and business advice on areas like product merchandising, marketing strategies, talent management, and branding. She is actively involved in various initiatives that seek to help girls and women become successful in the corporate world using platforms like