Securus Continues Investigation of GTL

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technology and communication services and products to correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies across the country. While Securus has built a strong base of clients and represent hundreds of facilities, they have also ensured that they have followed a strong code of ethics and have continued to follow the strict regulations provided by regulators.
While Securus has done their best to stay compliant with all regulations, some of their competitors have not been as diligent when it comes to complying with all of the laws and regulations set forth. One competitor that has apparently not followed the regulations as closely has been Global Tel Link, or GTL.

Over the course of the next six months Securus plans to release a number of press releases that specifically outline all of the wrongdoings completed by GTL. According to PR Newswire, some of these wrong doings will be announced within the next few weeks and could be appalling to many people due to overcharging and clear disregard for the laws set forth for the industry.

Some of the clearest violations has been regular overcharging of telephone calls by charging either very high flat fees or by charging a minute rate that does not comply with the current set of laws. GTL has also implemented a variety of ancillary add-on programs that have led to an even higher level of costs to the tax payers. It has been estimated by Securus America that these violations have led to the State of Louisiana being overcharged by over $1.2 million.

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Kate Hudson Talks Athleisure Wear With Marie Claire

Fitness and fashion go hand in hand these days, and the popularity of athleisure wear is smokin’ hot. Celebrities like actress Kate Hudson believe that comfort, function and style can blend beautifully for the perfect wardrobe. That’s why she co-founded the Fabletics online subscription retailer, and many fans have responded.

You know athleisure wear is major, when leggings are outselling denim on every corner of the globe. People are active and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so they want those leggings, tops, tanks, swimsuits and yoga pants that make movement easier. Fabletics offers all of that and more. The company has just launched a fab line of athleisure dresses, and Kate is super excited about the debut, according to

Her Fabletics collection of dresses are gorgeous in color, pattern and style. You will find adorable cut-outs, glam maxis, midis and minis, along with the classic LBD. Except Kate Hudson’s active wear designs are modern and casually chic. They look lovely on the town during an evening dinner, date and anywhere else you might be headed.

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Best of all, Fabletics fashions are trend-forward, affordable and give you ease of movement. There is nothing vulgar, too sheer or too tight exposing your you know what. It’s classy athleisure wear that’s designed and put together in-house in L.A.

Fabletics is unique in that every piece gets the Kate Hudson signature style approval, and who wouldn’t want to copy her effortless gorgeous style?

Becoming a VIP member is the best part of joining the Fabletics global community. In fact, more than one million around the world have joined, so that speaks volumes about Kate Hudson’s good name and sense of style.

Fabletics offers its members customized athleisure wear selected for them based on their individual taste in lifestyle and fashion. It’s so easy to sign up and get started at You will take a quick quiz first to see where your fashion favorites lie, and then it’s off to shop! Your first outfit will only cost $25 with free shipping when you sign up as a VIP member.

Becoming a Fabletics VIP gives you cool perks and special offers every month, and you’re saving 30% off each item every time you buy a Fabletics piece.

Kate Hudson believes that women should have a choice for comfortable, fashionable clothing that goes from daytime into nighttime. Fabletics is all of that and so much more.

Sparking Social Change: Spark Tank

“Shark Tank” is a show that has undoubtedly had at least a bit of an effect on the overall GDP in the United States. They have funded and launched great companies, and when I watch all I can think is how lucky we are to have that group of investors who are willing to listen to entrepreneurs, and fund a good idea.

Marc Sparks has a pretty good idea these days as well. He has started the eponymous “Spark Tank”. The end result of his show is much the same as Shark Tank, however, on his show he is the only person funding, and the audience is made up of people with business ideas with a social focus.

Most every single successful company in this country, and likely the hemisphere for that matter, benefitted in some way or another by VC in the course of their evolution.

That said, it was once very hard to find VC, and those with an appreciable amount of wealth were managed by another smallish circle who would bring them deals, and they would decide if they wanted to invest.

This was part of vetting, but because it was so closed-door, a lot of companies, that perhaps may have had some good ideas, never made it because they were precluded from having access to these small, insular circles.

“Spark Tank” will serve to bridge even more gaps between people who are looking to get VC for their companies, and who otherwise don’t have sufficient credit or access to investors looking to help them along. His entire focus is on social entrepreneurs with businesses that are going to change the world. This is yet another way “Spark Tank” separates itself from other shows in this category. Read more: They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success and Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

From the acclaimed author of “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success,” this show will serve to combine great ideas with the dollars they need to grow and effect change in the world.

Marc Sparks is a Dallas entrepreneur who took a homeless shelter from a very humble, small structure to a $3,000,000 per year operation that houses and feeds roughly 200 people per day.

Another important piece of their very altruistic venture was establishing transitional housing for those looking to get out of the homeless shelter system in North Texas, and eventually get into their own apartments.

“Spark Tank” is the direct result of all the good work they have done, and the idea was to get social service executives to present ideas that would eventually create social success. Applications for “Spark Tank” must be submitted by July 15, 2016, and then finalists must present their ideas live on the show at a later date. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

The idea is simple: “Spark Tank” wants to see the need, the idea, and how a company will measure results based on ameliorating the need. “Spark Tank” will likely be on ABC after Shark Tank soon enough!

Give Your Dog the Benefit of Beneful

When selecting a dog food for your beloved pet, it is critical that you select a brand that has the nutritional ingredients that will give them what they need, including vitamins and supplements. Beneful does just that. Their dog foods include meat, vegetables, Vitamin E, Calcium, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D3 just to name a few of the ingredients used.
If your dog prefers wet food, there are several types you will want to serve him/her. They include:

Beneful Wet Dog Food with Beef. It includes tomatoes, carrots and wild rice, for a protein-rich, 100% complete and balanced food for your dog.
• Beneful Wet Dog Food with Chicken. It also includes tomatoes, carrots and wild rice, to give your dog a balanced meal and a bit of variety.
• Beneful Wet Dog Food with Salmon. This another variety to keep your dog’s palette eagerly awaiting their next meal.
• Beneful Canned Chopped Beef. This blend will excite your dog’s taste buds, with its finely chopped, savory flavor.
• Healthy Smile Dental Treats help reduce plague on your dog’s teeth and freshen their breath.

Product link:

Whatever flavor of food you select for your dog, you can rest assured that it will provide a high quality diet that will keep them active and healthy every day. Beneful dog foods are all produced in the United States. Nestle Purinastore plants are in Flagstaff, Arizona, Fairburn, Ga., and Davenport, Iowa.

Purchase Beneful online visit their Amazon page.

Sanjay Shah Speaks to EPN’s Enterprise Radio on Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah, Solo Capital, and Autism Rocks founder recently talked to Eric Dye of EPNs Enterprise radio. The show is a platform where entrepreneurs obtain guidance on business, information, inspiration, motivation and also covers major live events by entrepreneurs from across the globe. In the interview, Sanjay Shah spoke on several topics like creation of Solo Capital, advice on becoming a successful business owner, and his motivation to starting Autism Rocks
Known for his success in business Sanjay Shah is also a philanthropist with his activities being mainly the formation of Autism Rocks, a charity organization working on funding Autism research. He founded the organization after his youngest son Nikhil was diagnosed with the neurological disorder. He says that his love for family, his entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for music to achieve the Autism Rocks goal.
Shah encourages people to visit Autism Rocks website for more information.  Sanjay is helping researchers’ open doors of understanding the disorder to the whole world. In April 2016 Autism Rocks held their yearly festival. The festival included performances from artists like Flo-Rida and Tyga.
On matters business Sanjay advises that starting capital for any business should not be underestimated. This is for anyone planning to tart a new business. Also involve helping hands. You just cannot do everything by yourself. Owning and running a business is involving hence the need for help.
Shah’s parents emigrated from Kenya to London in the 1960s. He grew up in Marylebone neighborhood in London where he studied medicine at Kings College. Later after college Shah decided that despite qualifying he did not want to be a doctor. He, therefore, became an Accountant. Shah’s first job was with Merrill Lynch an investment bank. Later he worked for other great investment banks like Morgan Stanley, ING, Credit Suisse, and the Dutch bank. Shah was made redundant by the financial crisis of 2009 and resorted to starting a brokerage business. This is how Solo Capital with offices in Dubai and London was born.
Sanjay Shah, who says he is retired from Solo Capital, is actively involved in philanthropic activities. His primary interest fueled by his medical background is finding the causes of autism and helping families with children suffering from the disorder. He decided to use his position to persuade colleagues, clients and his friends to donate money to the cause. In 2014 he started Autism Rocks which holds live concerts to mobilize funds.


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