Dr. Rod Rohrich and His Exceptional Experience

Everyone wants to go to see the best doctors out there, which is why it is necessary for there to be an annual list of the top doctors in the area and region. Naturally, it can be difficult to point out the best doctors in the country as there are hundreds of thousands of them out there. However, pointing out the best doctors in a large metro area or region is possible. When it comes to the metro Dallas area, Dr. Rod Rohrich recently was named one of the top plastic surgeons by D Magazine.

D Magazine is the Dallas magazine that looks to provide helpful information on everything taking place in and around the city of Dallas. Recently, the magazine wanted to determine who the best doctors are in the area, so it went out and interned thousands of doctors and professionals in the medial field to point out who they believe is the top doctor in the specialized fields with the one acceptation: they could note vote for themselves.

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s name came up, but this is nothing new. He has been recognized as a top plastic surgeon by all sorts of major publications in the country, including Texas Monthly Super Docs, America’s Top Plastic Surgeons and even U.S. News and World Report. By receiving this sort of recognition, it simply showcases how much time and effort he has put into becoming the best of the best plastic surgeon in the region. During an interview following the award announcement, Dr. Rod Rohrich stated that most people tend to think of cosmetic surgery when they hear the world plastic surgery. However, it is so much more, and the word plastic comes from the Greek term “to mold”. Most plastic surgery is about reconstructive surgery and is designed to restore someone’s damaged body back to normal. Both reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery go hand in hand together, to being able to perform these kinds of surgical procedures is essential.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has studied all over the country to receive the best medical education possible. He has studied at schools and hospitals ranging from Texas to the University of Michigan Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital, not to mention Oxford University. Dr. Rod Rohrich continues to thrive in the medical industry and looks to share his knowledge with the rest of the world as his makes countless presentations and authors publications as well. Visit his Twitter page for more information on Rod Rohrich.

Antidepressants during Pregnancy Linked to Childhood Anxiety Symptoms

Mothers who take antidepressants during pregnancy may want to think twice. A new study reveals that pregnant mothers on antidepressants are more likely to give birth to children with anxiety problems.

Researchers looked at over 14,000 families with multiple children where the mother took antidepressants during one pregnancy and not the other. The mothers filled out a questionnaire regarding their mental health, antidepressant use and their children’s behavior.

A control group was used to eliminate factors such as lifestyle, genetics and symptom variations among the families studied. The data was collected over a three year period that began at birth and extended into early childhood, so Ricardo Guimarães BMG knows it is pretty serious.

The results showed an increased risk of anxiety in the children who were exposed to antidepressants in the womb. While the antidepressants appear to have increased the risk of anxiety, they did not induce other symptoms such as anger, learning disabilities or sleep problems.

Doctors concluded that alternatives to antidepressants should be strongly considered for pregnant women suffering from depression. However, if the depression is severe enough, the benefits of medications would likely outweigh the risks associated with taking them.

South Florida’s Recent Flakka Scourge

In 2014, the Drug Enforcement Agency banned flakka, a synthetic drug with dangerous side effects. However, reports indicate the substance has become a serious problem in some parts of the United States, especially South Florida. Seizures of flakka by the police rose from 699 samples tested nationwide in 2010 to 16,500 in 2013.

Flakka consists of a synthetic chemical, alpha-PVP. It is both addictive and potentially lethal even in small overdoses. At low doses, the drug produces mild hallucinations and the release of dopamine. But flakka users reportedly suffer serious side effects with doses exceeding 0.1 grams. Adverse impacts can include the triggering of psychotic episodes, rage and aggression, hallucinations, heart problems and elevated body temperatures. Some people suffering overdoses run temperatures of 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Last month, a man under the influence of flakka gained widespread media coverage when he tried to break down the locked door of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department because he believed cars were chasing him. Some ten people in the U. S. died from flakka overdoses in recent months.

One especial concern for police involves the fact that drugs sold on the street as “gravel” or “flakka” do not always contain flakka, but instead sometimes consist of different illegal substances, including dangerous mixtures of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. Paul Mathieson hopes they get that under control. Last month, Sgt. Ted Taranu of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department explained users had “no idea what’s in it…”

Give Your Dog The Best Dog Food

A dog is truthfully a person’s best friend. Dogs are by far the most loyal animals on this earth. They have done many test on dogs and they have found that they read human emotions much like we read each other’s emotions. Dogs are very in tune to their owners, and there every desire is to make their owners happy and to keep them safe. Since that is the case it is no wonder why people love their dogs so much and they are very careful about the food that their dogs eat on a regular basis. Dogs thrive on healthy nutrition much like human beings do, and unfortunately a lot of dog foods are not that nutritious for many dogs.

Since that is the case many savvy dog owners have chosen to make the wise decision to feed their dogs Beneful dog food. The reason why it is such a smart decision to feed a dog Beneful dog food is because there is true quality and commitment in Beneful dog food. Beneful dog food has an intense team of investigators and food quality maintenance people that have the principle job of maintaining the integrity of their dog food. These are individuals that are dog owners and dog lovers themselves, and they are dedicated to the health and vitality of our favorite furry friends.

At Beneful they believe that food safety and quality are the most important things when it comes to a dog’s food. They are consistently monitoring and checking the nutrition of their dog food in order to ensure that each bag of their Beneful dog food is beneficial and is going to be excellent for the overall nutrition of every dog.

Since our dogs are actually a part of our family we want to do our best to take the best care of them that we can. Since we know that healthy nutrition and exercise are good for us as humans, we realize that our dogs benefit the most when they are eating good food and when they are in good shape. The best thing that we can do is to make sure that our dog gets enough exercise and make sure that they get a good nutritious diet. By giving a dog Beneful dog food we can be sure that they will get all the nutrition that they need to keep themselves healthy and happy for now and for many years to come.

Alabama State Parks Are The Latest Victims Of State Budget Cuts

Alabama is one of those states that still has its political head in the sand. The redneck side of the state is showing, and it’s not a pretty sight. Governor Bentley, the leader of this redneck rodeo, ran on a political platform that was rooted in the famous phrase “I won’t raise taxes.” Obviously, Bentley had a plan, but it sounds like the plan was more talk than action. The state has serious budget issues. If those issues aren’t fixed soon, the citizens of Alabama will feel the effects of their poor choice in governorship, and the poor planning that seems to be part of that administration.

Resume.com says that the issue is the state’s parks. Legislators plan to transfer $11.4 million from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources budget. About $10.4 million of that money was earmarked for state parks. Once that happens, several state parks will close. The state’s economy will suffer, and local communities that receive revenue from tourists will feel the impact of the administration’s poor planning.

How to Get a Better Job Than You are Qualified for

Are you thinking of changing the job? Moving forward contributes to personal development. Provided that you get a better position than the previous one, of course. Is that possible without prior specialization? The specialists say yes. Marcio Alaor BMG says what matters most is being able to present yourself well. That is the main knowledge to work on. When they ask about weaknesses at the interview, you can turn them into strengths. Or better speaking, naming a strength and calling it ‘your weakness’. Common tips. To dare and apply for a better position than you are qualified for is the first step. Don’t always be mislead by what the job descriptions say, because the managers who write them don’t always know for sure themselves what they are looking for.

Practice what you are weak at. Are you bad at keeping conversations? Inform yourself better about the events in common areas such as sports, local places to visit, and anything that you notice is popular at your workplace. There are a lot of motivational books to encourage you dare for more. After getting o the right place, it is time to start training he skills that you need for the particular job. And work on the further motivation to get higher on the career scale.

Truthful Office Talk

Spending every day at the office makes you interact a lot with the same people. In time you get to know their habits, some of which are annoying, but keeping a professional tone at work is crucial and you cannot start a debate about things unrelated to work.

What if everybody was honest at the office? It’s more than likely that the place would turn into a mess, and after a while everyone would start missing a more neutral workplace stated Ivan Ong on his LinkedIn. Or no? You can watch a video where a tiny small part of what would be said at the office provided that everyone told the truth. It is hilarious that most of the office employees would recognize that they try to pretend they are working while doing other things at the computer and taking credits only for what is a good job.

On the other hand, the video makers are using this smaller sample as an abstract example of something possibly larger, pointing at the long discussions where nobody understands each other. In ‘The Expert’ video there is also some truth about the daily office activities which those who have to deal with project negotiations can relate with.

McDonald’s Set To Provide Wage Increase to Its Workforce

Corporate fast food provider giant McDonald’s has just announced that it will provide all of it employees a raise of $1.00 above the minimum wage rate of the state where they work. This wage rate hike only applies to employees that work for McDonald’s owned stores and corporate facilities and does not apply to McDonald’s stores operated as franchises, though the owners of those stores are free to raise the rate of their employees as well. For most employees of the fast food giant, the raise would amount to around $8.75 an hour. Mcdonald’s To Provide Wage Hike

While this may seem to be a marginal increase, WikInvest say that it is viewed by many share holders as one of many steps needed to help the corporate giant regain its footing in a very competitive sector. Many have viewed that McDonald’s revenues have dropped as a result of a bad menu and bad service. The service deficiencies may be related to the feeling by many employees that they are woefully underpaid and that there is not need for them to put in a significant effort into their assignments. As other similar fast food establishments are paying the same or slight more wage than McDonald’s, there was never an incentive for employees to cherish their jobs.

McDonald’s corporate executives also hope that the wage hike would reduce the amount of staff turn over. By the time a new employee is trained, many quit or are fired within months of starting their job.

The Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company offers a wide range of different services. It really just depends what someone is looking for. While The Antique Wine Company is best known for selling only the finest wine in the world, it does offer other advantages in order to help others. Due to this, it is possible to receive all sorts of beneficial services from The Antique Wine Company.

For starters, if someone has their own rare wines and they want to make money off of it, there really is no better company to turn to then The Antique Wine Company. Here, the company is always looking for new bottles of wine it is able to sell and to store on site, so when someone believes they have something of value, all they need to do is turn to The Antique Wine Company and contact the company to see if they are interested.

Beyond just buying and selling wine, The Antique Wine Company provides cellar design services. Whether it is a restaurant that wants to make sure all of its wines are kept to the highest degree of quality or it is an individual who has a sizable wine collection and wants to be able to store everything at their home. The services for cellar design is available in over 60 countries by The Antique Wine Company and they can have an expert visit the location or to sit down and work with construction teams to make sure everything is perfect.

One great way The Antique Wine Company offers services for individuals is that if anyone is ever looking in investing in wine, they are able to do it here. There are different kinds of wine that are likely going to increase in value due to several different reasons, and The Antique Wine Company provides this sort of information for individuals and companies who would like to invest in specific kinds of wine. There are far more options for investing than just stocks and bounds, which is why using wine as an investment opportunity is such an exceptional idea.

For a company or individual who is looking to put on a top of the line event, The Antique Wine Company provides a range of different hospitality packages that are designed to help individuals both understand wine and learn about it. All of this should help anyone learn about the finer qualities of world class wine.

Dr. Rod Rohrich and the Business of Plastic Surgery



People have many reasons for seeking plastic surgery. Some people need surgery as a result of a disfiguring accident, injury or illness, others feel the effects of age and want to be rejuvenated. Other people are dissatisfied with parts of their body and want a more pleasing appearance. One of the key factors before having a procedure is to find as much information as possible about the procedure and a practitioner who does the procedures. It is preferable to have a practitioner who is well trained and does the procedure frequently. Dr. Rod Rohrich’s book, written with a woman collaborator, presents information that is both useful and discusses detailed information on plastic surgery entails.


In regard to Dr Rod Rohrich’s training and background, he has outstanding credentials. He has been working for many years in the field. Dr Rod Rohrich has published many important scientific articles and he edited the official journal of the Plastic Surgery Society of America. He is highly respected by his peers. Important raters of physicians, such as Newsweek, rated him as a top plastic surgeon in the country.


One area of his activism and expertise is in patient safety and satisfaction. This very important for a patient considering plastic surgery. While there are many horror stories of plastic surgery that left patients looking worse than before they started, Dr. Rod Rohrich is experienced and willing to spend the time to take all possible safety steps to avoid any risk of injury or damage to a patient.


While he provides many types of plastic surgery, one important specialty is rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is the reshaping of the nose. This can be necessary because of breathing problems. It can also be an esthetic choice for a person with an enlarged, too small or atypical nose configuration.


If you have other areas of your body that you think need changing like removing abdominal fat via liposuction (tummy tuck) or breast augmentation, Dr Rod Rohrich is well qualified and experienced to do these types of procedures as well. He can do a “whole body” makeover helping improve your appearance by a few well-chosen procedures and interventions. This lets the younger more beautiful self, which you have within you, come out and be the same person you see in the mirror. If you have body parts that have been changed badly due to accident, burns or chemical spills, he can help reconfigure your appearance so you look as good if not better than prior to the accident. You are in “good hands” when you see Dr. Rod Rhorich for rhinoplasty or other plastic surgery.