Economist Jobs – Do You Want To Become An Economist?

Economists are accountable for checking the way civilizations as well as societies use human resources, equipment, raw materials and land, to make different commodities and services. These specialists will evaluate data plus economic tendencies to offer metrics for some of the various statistics, like employment level, inflation, interest rates plus taxes.

Economists will characteristically apply sampling methods and statistical modeling to create economic predictions, and they prepare outcomes using tables as well as charts that evidently establish a statistical theory. They normally specialize in certain areas of economics like microeconomics that will study about supply plus demand in small businesses and general public.

Administrative economists are mandated to study market forces of businesses in competitive industries to enable them compete, while macroeconomists focuses on historical tendencies and use them to influence the whole economy. Globally, they will look at the international financial behaviors so that they can determine the impacts of exchange rates as well as tariffs on society, whilst labor economists concentrate on comparing the demand for human resource and its supply.

Public financial economists study about tax and budget plus how these two influence the economy’s wellbeing, while econometricians are responsible for studying mathematical methods like ‘game theory’ and its application in life.

Majority of these experts normally work for 40 hours every week inside an office carrying out statistical study as well as utilizing computer technology. Economists’ work might involve deadlines that will lead to overtime, plus they could require travelling in order to attend some meetings. Those people with undergraduate degree in Economics have higher chances of landing good jobs provided they possess excellent analytical skills.

In 2006, these specialists had approximately 15,000 jobs in USA, with Federal government hiring more than 50% of these people. The private division took the remaining number of economists, with people often working as consultants for companies to forecast forthcoming business trends. Employment level in this sector is anticipated to expand steadily to maintain the pace at which population is increasing at.

In 2008, the median number of economists earned within $55,740 and $103,500, and Federal administration announced in 2007 that individuals with master degree earned a yearly salary of $43,731.

Christian Broda
Christian Broda is the Managing Director for Duquesne Capital Management. He worked as Professor at University of Chicago, Booth School of Business between 2005 and 2010, and the leader of International Research at Lehman/Barclays Capital (2008/2010). He has a Ph.D. from MIT and B.A.., summa cum laude, from Universidad de San Andres.

What to Expect From a Good Economist

For any business, the ultimate goal is maximizing its profits while minimizing the cost of input. However, to achieve the target, every business ought to use the available resources appropriately to minimize wastage. It is for this reasons that every investment should seek the help of an economist. For excellent end results, it is important to hire an economist who has relevant skills, experienced and excellent past work records.

Qualities of a good Economist

Finding a profession and well-experienced economist is what one ought to do. A good economist should.

  • Form an excellent team of investors

An economist should come up with a team of investors who can boost the business financially through their teamwork. The investors can be traders, a financial advisors, and junior analysts. A financial advisor gives advice on matters relating to finances while the junior analyst analyses the progress of financial processes.

  • Create a friendly relationship with a law firm

Creating a friendly relationship with a law firm is crucial for any business, and it is the role of the economist. By creating a friendly relationship with a law firm, the economist is able to register the business legally hence provide the business with a legal entity.

  • Searching for good prime broker

Search and get a good prime broker. A prime broker is a real stock agency where individual have to go through for them to make actual trades.

  • Invent capital contribution methods

Come up with efficient strategies of maximizing the capital contribution that the business requires. The economist can do so by finding investors who will play a role in capital acquisition.

About Christian Broda an Economist and Financial Professional

  1. Broda is a professional economist and financial personnel. His career has enabled him to serve as the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management. Before becoming the manager of Duquesne Capital Management, he played the role of a professor at Chicago University in the field of economics. Through his research on economics, he has written various books and articles relating to international finance and trade.

A professional and experienced economist will play a great role for any business towards its success. He should serve as a resource in maximizing its profits and minimizing the cost of input and production. Mr. Broda is an exemplary character.

A Single Point to Capital Management and Investment Accounting

The concept of Capital Management and Investment Accounting can be succinctly defined by building a pyramid of understanding like a convergence of single ideas into one apex of insight. Using block-size definitions and ideas as brickwork the individual can cement the ambiguities of Capital Management and Investment Accounting and extracted its pinnacle meaning: topmost performance.

The ease of understanding begins with the words themselves: capital, management, investment, and accounting, they lay the foundation. The word capital in a financial sense means money or wealth of a company in terms of goods or other valuables. Management is synonym with supervision and administration. When grafting the meaning of investment to the other words the individual needs only grab the fundamental gist of the word: to spend. The final word of our platform is accounting. Accounting means to record transactions. Hence, the foothold of Capital Management and Investment Accounting is: money administration plus spending and recording transactions. Next the utility of assets and liabilities are introduced to heighten specificity of understanding. Assets are another name for positive money value, plus other descriptive names like deposits, securities, bonds, and notes. Liabilities are debt. In essences the operation of business concerning positive money value in opposition to debt is capital management. Ultimately the objective is to plan a financial empire of sound strategies over assets and reduce liabilities to a minimum. The controlling interaction between the two is what establishes the success or failure of an organization. It is critical in today’s world markets to have a Capital Management and Investment Accounting firm at the zenith of one’s business and money venture.

The highpoint of accomplishment of one successful firm is Heads Propaganda; an advertisement firm established in 1989. At the top is one entrepreneur: Cláudio Loureiro; he is a corporate leader in all sense of the word. He banters that at the start when creating the company the economy was gloomy; however with drive and ambition he chose to be optimistic. He says he was forever seeking positive results for his clients, and in the process discovered perfection and became accomplished. Rapidly, Cláudio Loureiro and Heads got recognized by advertising giants in the world markets. Today Heads is one of the prevailing firms in Brazil. The concept of good money management and investing is a single point of interest in Heads peak performance.

The OrganoGold Rush!

Organo Gold is a premium brand of coffee. Starting with just three employees in 2008 in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, has grown to be one of the fastest growing Network Marketing companies around the world.

Now operating in over 35 countries, the line of products is overwhelming. This company has a solid foundation being employee oriented with a goal of being one of the most well-run, employee loyal companies in the world.

Their product is simple, COFFEE, but their message is HEALTH. Knowing that the first cup of coffee you have in the morning is not only gourmet but enhanced with ancient Chinese herbal remedies. The combination of the special beans and hundreds of years of proven herbal remedies blended together enriches the lives of everyone who sits down to a cup of OrganoGold Coffee.

Some of the coffee flavors offered by OrganoGold are Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, and Cafe Supreme. Other beverages include Hot Chocolate, Green Tea, Red Tea and Black Ice. All beverages having the added enhancements of the benefits of Chinese herbal remedies. This adds a whole new meaning to the benefits of coffee we have been hearing about in the news of late.

Who’s the face behind the cup of coffee each morning? It is CEO Bernardo Chua, one of the most successful businessmen. He is the CEO of Organo Gold and awarded 5 prestigious People’s Choice and Dangal ng Bayan Awards. Bernardo Chua was announced an “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur” for his leadership as CEO and Founder of Organo Gold. Bernardo is a very active CEO, participating in company functions and ensuring product compliance and employee satisfaction. This is what makes him a leader in the industry as CEO achieving awards for entrepreneurship on a global level.

Bernardo is fulfilling his vision of introducing ancient Chinese herbs to the rest of the world by infusing the special herbs with the special blend of coffee bean, adding health value to every cup of coffee, cocoa, and tea. This product popularity is growing in leaps and bounds in the Western world. It has already grown popular in over 35 countries throughout the world and continues to receive crowning reviews in popularity and sales. Americans are Latte Lovers, gourmet coffee elitists, and spend a considerable amount of time sipping a cup in coffee houses and coffee shops.

Since conception, Organo Gold has grown so quickly they recently cut the ribbon to one of their newest facilities in Turkey. Opening a branch in Turkey is a monumental achievement. The taste for coffee in Turkey continues to welcome Organo Gold as a coffee enjoyed with the added benefits of healthy products.

The health benefits Organo Gold are derived from using the highest-ranked herbs, accounting for the term Organo GOLD.

Ski CEO Wirth: Truly Worth Knowing Even Beyond Squaw Valley


Most folks know that Andy Wirth is the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski USA; many also know that the smart businessman has recently been named as chairman of the 9-member Reno-Tahoe Aiport Authority Board. Few, however, are aware of the courage and strength this affable leader has shown during really difficult times, namely on October 13, 2013.

The athletic Wirth was out doing what he loves to do in his free time, and that is skydiving. It was a rough day; Wirth became disoriented during windy conditions, missed his mark and landed in a California vineyard where his right arm became mangled along some steel posts and wires that give structure to the grapevines. Wirth almost bled to death; but after some 23 surgeries and a total of just 50 days in a hospital recovering, the hardy businessman got back to business running California’s Squaw Valley Ski area.

That is the kind of fortitude, spirit and mettle Andy Wirth is made of, and maybe that is why he is such a success at allowing companies he runs to exceed expectations. One can look at the recent merging of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts; this great union became a reality under Wirth’s leadership and vision. Visitors are now welcomed to 6,000 acres, 44 lifts and more than 270 trails in beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Wirth has always been a CEO who rolls up his sleeves and gets to know his many employees. It isn’t unusual to see Wirth teaching snowboarding lessons to children or getting deep into all that white gold, assisting the terrain park crew with some heavy lifting. He is down to earth, hard-working and hands-on and is very generous to the community, engaged in a number of charities.

Andy Wirth continues to grow stronger following his horrific accident; he loves a challenge and trains hard for ironman triathlons. He loves to compete, to win. That’s pretty impressive for a man who once cheated death; Andy Wirth has never looked back.

Sunny Days Ahead in the Garden State?


While other parts of the US were beginning to recover from the Great Recession New Jersey was complimenting an economic downturn with a two consecutive years of being pounded by a pair of exceptionally destructive and expensive hurricanes. Spring 2015 may prove to be the light at the end of the tunnel for the state’s real estate industry, thanks in part to the efforts of Boraie Development. The company in question has spent decades acquiring formerly dilapidated building properties and turning them into high-rise residential housing. After playing a major part in the renaissance of cities such as New Brunswick the company has set its sights on a new business venture: luxury housing aimed at drawing high income professionals and their employers to the settle in the city and spur the development of its economy to further heights. Boraie Development has also begun construction on a new apartment complex in Atlantic City aimed at attracting university students in hopes of building the city’s intellectual capital.

An article on HousingWire gives the background for this rebirth of the state’s real estate industry. Federal cooperation with banking and mortgage association titans like Fannie Mae has provided low interest rates and down payments for home buyers just as the state economy has experienced a local micro boom thanks to a conveniently timed drop in gas prices. New Jersey residents are suddenly finding themselves in a financial position to act on home ownership dreams that many have had building without an outlet for years. Large chunks of that demand is coming from demographics not typically high on real estate brokers’ collective radar. The real estate industry has become aware that a substantial segment of the millennial generation has no immediate plans to marry and start a family and that this frees up an awful lot of money to finance purchasing a house. To facilitate millennials spending that money real estate brokers have turned to social media and other internet based tools to find, network and communicate with prospective buyers, including the use of various instant messaging and video conferencing tools to make house viewings more convenient for today’s young tech savvy professional.

Madison Street Capital: Integrity, Excellence, And Savvy Investment Banking Services

Investment Banking is a division of banking which focuses on the recruitment and creation of capital which is used to invest in companies with good growth potential. Banks involved in this type of investing underwrite equity securities and new debt for a wide variety of companies. The investment banks also work with companies to help them decide on areas including stock issue and placement. In some cases the banks also facilitate broker trades, company reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, and the sale of securities. From time to time the investment banks trade securities affiliated with their own accounts.

When properly managed, both buyers and sellers benefit from the work of investment bankers. The banks can help with the sale of assets which can give growing companies the revenue they need to create new products, invest in the research and development of products, and market existing brands. By finding investors for companies with a high probability of success, investment banks help both the companies and the investors make a lot of money in the long run. Many companies and investors owe their success to the investment banks that connected them in the first place.

Investment banking is dramatically different than the commercial banking services with which most people are familiar. While commercial banks do extend loans, their stock in trade is basic account management. The investment products most commercial banks offer tend to be certificates of deposit and not corporate investment activities. It was not until 1999 and the passage of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act that banks in the United States were legally able to offer both commercial and investment banking options. Many banks still use an entirely different staff to handle their commercial and investment services.

Becoming an investment banker requires an undergraduate degree in either accounting or finance coupled with a graduate degree in financial management, corporate finance, or business. Candidates then go through extensive training to be able to handle the great responsibilities that come with a job in investment banking. But many people willingly put in the time needed to get the necessary skills because jobs in investment banking are lucrative, offer great job security, excellent potential for growth, and a great deal of prestige. Investment bankers are often the superstars of the financial services industry.

One of the top investment banking firms in the country today is Madison Street Capital. From its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, the company offers savvy investors the opportunity to put their money behind privately and publicly held companies throughout Africa, Asia, North America and many other markets. Madison Street Capital has distinguished itself in the international investment banking arena because of its commitment to integrity and its excellent leadership and financial advisory services.

Ricardo Tosto, A Lawyer For All Causes

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a prominent lawyer in Brazil, specializing in Brazilian Law. Tosto has combined his experience in corporate law with his skill as a superior strategist in the knowledge of Brazilian Law.

Starting his law practice in a small office, he has grown his law practice to be one of the largest litigation law firms in Brazil.

Tosto specializing in litigation, his prominence as a lawyer has grown over the years, his clientele in the litigation has exceeded expectations. His leadership far exceeds that of his competition. He has personally mentored his partners and staff in the field of Brazilian Law, setting standards for others to follow. In Brazil, it is extremely difficult to find quality legal representation that meets Tosto’s standards.

Tosto pioneered many legal mechanisms which have now become standard tools used throughout the Brazilian legal field. He works very closely with the staff managing high profile legal cases, also defending corporations and multinationals who have opposing ideological views. He is known for his unique ability to not allow his personal feelings and beliefs to interfere with business and provides his clients with 100% focus on their case. He is not easily deterred from his tenacious ability to defend and his neverending search for providing the best representation possible for his clientele.

With the firm’s standards having such strength in Brazil, they are also recognized for their litigious strength in criminal litigation. The services of this large legal firm are the most sought after representation in Brazil. Let’s not skip over the firm’s environmental representation contributions. Paulo Guilherme de Mendonca Lopes and James Mackey are kept extremely busy representing the firm in environmentally related cases.

Probably one of the areas in litigation that requires the strength and background of Tosto and partners is the excellent results they have achieved in the labor arena.

Not to be overlooked are the Pro Bono services provided, thirty-five lawyers to be exact. The firm provides pro bono services offering opportunities for guidance and friendship for people who are intellectually and developmentally challenged. The firm considers this work vitally important necessary.

Together with Ricardo Tosto’s skills and experience, dedication and efficiency are what the law firm sells. They just happen to be excellent at what they do and are recognized for their focus in the business world. Brazil expects to see Ricardo Tosto gain even more recognition in the years to come.

Purina PetCare Promoting Responsible Pet Care

In an effort to promote more responsible care between pet owners and their pets, Purina celebrated their Take Your Dog to Work Day event. The event was designed to show how better people interact when pets and their owners exist on the job together. The efforts were a result of surveys conducted that showed that more than 50% of employees who are interested in having their pets at work will work hard towards making the workplace pet-friendly.

It has been 17 years since Purina first began encouraging their own associates to bring their pets to the job. That program has yielded several benefits for the company employees over the years. Now what started as just an effort to make the Purina environment a more friendly workplace has exploded nationwide where other employers are following suit and inviting their employees to do the same on Take Your Dog to Work Day!

All the Purina news showcases that the company firmly believes that pets and people work better together, whether at home or on the job. Purina is passionate about this subject because the employers are also passionate pet owners who understand the benefits of interacting with your pet during the day. Taking the dog for a walk during a lunch break to keeping them calm and stress free throughout the day are just some of the advantages that benefit both pet and owner.

In studies conducted on employees who were allowed to take their pet to work, they experienced fewer signs of stress than those who did not. The study went on to show that 2 of 3 employees believe that bringing their pet to the job would be beneficial if all employees were in agreement with such programs. An amazing 85% of employees who are bringing their pets to work say the program is extremely beneficial. That dynamic relationship between pet and owner can benefit both if allowed to interact more through the day.

Purina is raising awareness to the subject by advertising the Take Your Dog to Work Campaign and encouraging employers to try the process one time to see what a difference it can make. Purina has developed resources to help these companies to incorporate such programs into their unique business practices. By helping the work environment become more pet-friendly, the employer will have an easier time trying to implement such a program in their own business. Each toolkit contains a checklist, etiquette guides, and release forms, all designed to make the process much more easier.

Is Apple Watch a Success?

The Apple Watch was seen as the revolution that Apple would start earlier this year, now that it is out, investors are wondering if the product will be a success. In an article posted by The New York Times, polls show that people are 97 percent happy with their purchase of the Apple Watch, but the adoption rate for this new Apple product has seen less of an adoption rate than other products, such as the iPhone. Investors fear that the Apple Watch will only be adopted by people who love technology, and not being adopted by the average consumer.

Recently, Apple has seen its sales of the iPhone soar last quarter, but it is not proving Apple’s security investment wise, because Apple relies so much on the sales of the iPhone for its revenue. This has investment guru Shaygan Kheradpir thinking about the value of Apple. Apple has yet to release a number of how many Apple Watches they have sold.

Highland Capital Management is one such investment firm that has investors that are interested in Apple. The co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management is James Dondero. He started the investment group with Mark Okada in 1993. Since then, Highland Capital has been known for its Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). He started out as a financial analyst in 1984 after he graduated from the University of Virginia with a dual major in finance and business.