The Importance of Online Reputation Management

In the era of the internet it doesn’t take much to sink a persons reputation or a companies business. Literally one public relations snafu could lead to a storm of negative comments on social media, bad press, and a loss of business. This is largely the reason why online reputation management firms like Status Labs exist. However, the question begs to be asked: what happens when a reputation management firm has a crisis of their own. President and Co-Founder of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, decided to talk details on how his company overcame a potentially staggering PR disaster.

With the office being bombarded by the press and social media taking up arms, Fisher had to do what he could to bring a calm energy back to the office. He started by penning an open letter to his team detailing how he was going to get things right. Then he began to focus on an inner-office culture change. This started with getting the office more involved with local charities before moving into employee to employee changers. Status Labs began organizing team building activities as well as providing perks such as catered lunches and a ‘pets allowed’ policy.

Next up Fisher had to show that Status Labs was truly a changed company. This meant that business had to go on and Status Labs had to show where they were at. Since the incident, a few years ago, Status Labs has worked with over 1,000 different businesses and individuals around the world. Fisher’s move toward becoming more incorporated into the community paid big dividends as now the public and his own employees are much happier as a result.

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Your Online Reputation Has Been Attacked, But Don’t Panic

As an entrepreneur, you dream of the day when your business begins to take off. However, success is not always a great thing. As your business grows and becomes successful, there will be people who will try to destroy all the hard work that you have accomplished. Thanks to the present day technology many of the attacks will come from online sources. So what do you do when your online reputation is attacked?

One of the first things to do is not to panic. Reach out to professional online reputation management companies like Reputation Management Fixers for help and guidance. Also keep your reaction to these attacks to yourself. The worse thing that you can do is conduct a counterattack against those who attacked. It is that old adage that two wrongs do not make a right.

Next, some reassurance will go a long way. Your clients will need to know that you will be conducting business as usual. If you have some sort of promotional campaign in the works, now would be the time to release it. Let your clients known that you will continue to serve them in the best possible away.

Even though at this time it may be tough to stay focused on why you even went into business in the first place, that is exactly what you need to do. Do not let these attacks stop you from achieving your goals. Take into confidence some close allies to talk to. Let online reputation management companies (our favorite is Reputation Mangement Fixers) do the work of repairing your online reputation. This will allow your clients to read the truth about your company.

Here Are The Reasons Why Fabletics Is So Popular

While subscriptions can easily be found anywhere online, finding subscriptions to a clothing website is not very easy to do because not a lot of them exist. The reason why having a membership to a clothing website is a good idea is because it can end up saving you a lot of money in the end. Buyers who are looking for good deals on workout clothing or activewear should shop at Fabletics, who have established themselves as a premier company for workout clothing. The head of the company and the face of the company is Kate Hudson, who is somewhat of a workout guru herself.

A lot of the times that Kate is seen out in public, she is either wearing workout clothing or is working out, so it made all the sense of the world to make her the head of the company, especially since she is a co-owner. Kate Hudson has also been featured in several ads as well as commercials for the brand, which has helped to garner additional attention for Fabletics. Fabletics doesn’t just sell activewear for women, but men are included in the mix as well. Anyone who joins Fabletics can find low priced clothing for all kinds of activities.

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While men like to wear tops and shorts, they may have a harder time finding it elsewhere, especially at a decent price. Many activewear stores will charge double or even triple the prices charged on the Fabletics website, but Fabletics has their own way of keeping their prices low. The reason why Fabletics on is able to lower their prices so much is because they have a lot of members. With over 800,000 different pieces of clothing being shipped out on a monthly basis, Fabletics has become very successful and has gained many customers over the years.

Another thing that Fabletics has done to help make themselves more successful is opening several stores, which they hope to open up to 100 of them within five years. If all 100 stores end up being opened underneath the Fabletics name, then Fabletics will be an extremely valuable company, even more valuable than they are now. Anyone who has a membership for Fabletics can use it at any time, whether they want to shop in the Fabletics stores or on the Fabletics website. Membership fees are only $49.95 monthly, and it’s possible to skip a month or cancel the membership altogether whenever the user wants to.

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Talk Fusion For Chats


You may not know why video chats are a good idea, but they can help you to feel more connected to each other. This is an important part of connecting with your family when they are far away.

Video Chats for Family
Bob Reina says when you have a family that is spread throughout the states or even the world, you may not be able to see each other that often. That is when a video chat can come in and make a family feel more connected. The great thing about the video chat is that it can feel as though you are right there with them without being there.

Video Chat for Employees
If you run a business then you probably want to communicate with your employees. Creating a video chat can help with that because you can make an interactive video chat with your employees as a weekly or daily thing. This way you can communicate any issues that may be happening as well as any new policies that you may have to tell them about. The idea of a video chat is a great thing also to use in emails as a communication system. This way you will be able to tell your employees anything you need to.

There are a lot of ways video chats can work great for your needs. Even if you only use it a few times, you still can get a lot out of having a great chat with a family member or with an employee using Talk Fusion and their system.

The Business Undertakings of Danilo Diaz Granados

Danilo Diaz Granados is an expert in economics and entrepreneurship. He got his bachelor’s degree from the Babson College, which is located in Massachusetts, and he has worked as a businessperson and business advisor. Most of his ventures are run from Miami, Florida. Mr. Granados is a former employee of the Equity Investment Program, where he served as its FCP Associate of the connection branch. Besides his undertakings in entrepreneurship, he has a management role in his businesses, which include Toys for Boys Boutique and Glory Films.

Mr. Granados currently works for the Fireman Capital Partners as an Associate. He took on the role at the firm in 2015, and his primary duties include exploration of international aspects that influence investment equity, which include the creation of innovative startups, energy effectiveness, and hedge funds. Danilo is also in charge of conducting ecological examinations to gather sufficient data on creative, social, and population matters that can potentially affect the enterprise, and also offering guidance to private investors. Due to the nature of research that he conducts, he has acquired ample knowledge that assists him in making the correct decisions on investment opportunities and providing advice to the clients.

Toys for Boys, which is a business that is owned and managed by Danilo, and that has multiple locations, hosted a prestigious gig in Miami. The event was held in July, and it featured several fun activities, which include excellent cuisine, exclusive previews, helicopter riding, dom perigon bottles, sunset boat rides, and racetrack moments. The company has hosted several events for wealthy individuals since 2013, when it began its operations, and its aim is to offer its clients an experience that they have never had before. The company’s administration handpicked a few guest during the past event, and they were offered and an opportunity to have breakfast at the One Thousand Museum Sales Center.

Toys for Boys is focused on using events to provide its client with a foundation through which, they can be involved with art, cuisine, fun, and entertainment that is up to the luxurious standards of Miami. Mr. Granados also participated in some of the fun activities such as riding a helicopter for about half an hour, to the Palm Beach Race Track.  Follow Danilo personally via his Instagram account.

The Benefits of EOS

When it comes to keeping your lips moisturized in the summer sunlight, it’s important to find a product that provides instant moisturization and relief to your chapped, dry lips. Dry lips can be so uncomfortable and worsen over time if not provided that extra moisture. There are many brands of lip balms on the market- some that have been trusted for many years. But a newer product that has become a phenomenon is called EOS, or Evolution of Smooth. This brand is sweeping the nation for its vibrant colors and fantastic flavors. Not to mention, they have good Facebook marketing strategy and are inexpensive in comparison to other lip treatments.

EOS has gained its popularity in the past year. This all natural line also features other beauty products like wonderfully scented hand creams. Proven effective, EOS really can provide that moisturization and will soothe chapped lips. It’s important to protect lips from the sun in the summer, and prevent dry, cracked lips in the winter. EOS is gluten-free, hypoallergenic and has never been tested on animals. Evolution of Smooth prides itself on being a natural, environmentally friendly product. EOS products are packed with nutritious beneficial vitamins as well.

It is easy to get your hands on an EOS lip balm. Check your nearest Target [see,] or Walmart to find these fun lip balms. You can even order online at Amazon, or check your local pharmacy. You won’t find fun flavors and bold colored lip balms from any other brand at these prices, so pick one up today and discover the moisturization that is EOS. For more info visit

Securus Technologies High Point GTL (Global Tel link) Wrongdoings and Integrity Breaches

This is the very first report that Securus Technologies has released concerning Global Tel Link Company about their wrongdoings as well as integrity violations. Secures Technologies is the leading provider of criminal and civil justice solutions for investigations, public safety as well as monitoring and corrections. Securus has also announced that they are going to release various facts and reports as well as findings that are associated with the integrity breaches as well as the wrongdoings of GTL Company.

This press release is the very first release of the many articles that are yet to come concerning the integrity breaches and wrong doings that are made by GTL Company. I love this industry; it serves as the inmates, correction, law enforcements as well as the family and friends in the entire society. This is the words that the CEO of Securus Company Richard A. Smith said. He also said that the whole industry where his company belongs offends him when a carrier stoops directly below the bar of integrity that all the other carriers are all above the integrity line. This is however not the case with the Global Tel link company. He also says that is company does not only want ti make money but also intends to make every one of their esteemed customers to have their needs and individual interests at heart which is the only right way to do things.

To this very end, Securus technologies will have multiple press releases reviewed that concern the integrity breaches of the GTL Company as well as the potential and imminent wrongdoings of the company. This is specifically aimed at making the company correct and act for the better or higher integrity. This releases will continue to the end of six months to come.

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Fabletics Are Online and Brick and Mortar Located Now

Every woman has a certain item she has to wear at the gym or when working out. For the yoga enthusiasts, comfortable pants and flowy shirts are a must. The jogging ladies love fabrics that breathe so they can sweat without feeling too constricted while running. For gym rats, a nice muscle tank or a colorful sports bra are a great fit while they work on their muscles on weight machines. Then there are some ladies who just have very specific things they have to wear to feel comfortable while working out. Fabletics is one company that really challenges themselves to create work out gear for every woman. They keep the range of sizes wide. The company tries to keep prices at a great deal for nearly every woman to be able to get at least one Fabletics outfit once in a while for herself.

Based on an article from Racked, Fabletics is also challenging themselves on how they get their products to consumers. Fabletics started out as a company that dreamed about giving women the opportunity to buy athletic wear without having to pay the additional fees that physical location stores tag onto their products so they can pay sales associates, managers and for building or space rent and utilities. By creating an online shopping experience, they could offer clothing at a discount with their membership. Based on sales through the roof though, Fabletics was able to start opening brick and mortar stores. In a few years there will be a hundred more Fabletics stores then the few they have already opened up.

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The Fabletics company co-CEO Adam Goldenberg said that he felt things were looking up from a business point of view and based on far fewer complaints. The complaints that he had been receiving were due to angry customers saying they did no understand the VIP Fabletics membership. Adam insists that the website has always been informative when it came to information about the VIP membership of Fabletics. The active wear company’s website has had some changes done to hopefully make it even more clear what the terms are of the VIP membership. The membership is $49.95 each month. For that monthly fee, customers are allowed discounts on all outfits. The fee can be skipped if a person doesn’t want to shop one month or for a few months. The membership can be stopped at any time by calling the Fabletics customer help line. See:

Bob Reina: Inspirational CEO and Tech Leader of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina’s profile does not read like your average tech CEO. When people talk about the likes of Steve Jobs, you often hear about how mean and aggressive he was. But that’s not the case with Bob Reina. His staff and his customers, as well as his peers, have a highly positive view of this visionary leader.

His associates at Talk Fusion, which he founded in 2007, say he is the most caring person in the office. He will regularly ask even low-level employees how their day is going. He is “accessible” according to staff. It’s an impressive set of features for a man who was also able to spot an emerging market problem and solve it in a big way with Talk Fusion.

Before he was a businessmen full time, he was a police officer. His commitment to the community has always been strong. And he has always kept busy with business opportunities, starting with direct sales while he was still on the force. One day, he came across a very large problem. He wanted to send an easy little video clip to his buddy over his AOL email account. The customer support informed him that it simply would not be possible. Reina is not one to give up on anything, so he enlisted his IT friend and expert to help him build the prototype for what would later become Talk Fusion.

Now Talk Fusion has changed the game of Video Marketing. It allows business owners, sales professionals, and individuals everywhere to communicate live with video chat, send emails in videos, select from email templates, and conduct live conferences easily. It also boasts a low cost thanks to the direct sales model, which cuts out the middle man and allows the company to focus on customer service and improving the product.

Getting A Great Phone And A Low Cost Plan Is Easy With FreedomPop

There are few things worse than going to make a phone call and getting no service, but many people experience this, even with some of the bigger phone companies. Although no cell phone company can cover every single area in the United States, it’s good to know that coverage is available when it’s necessary, even if it’s in an obscure place that is not populated by too many people. Great phone service is necessary these days, and FreedomPop is a company that can provide it. Not only does FreedomPop have good phone service but they also sell great phones as well.

Those who want a new cell phone can get several of them from FreedomPop, and the smartphones are ones that have name brands that people want. A Samsung Galaxy is an extremely popular phone, and with all the different models, it’s possible to get one of the latest smartphones from FreedomPop. An iPhone is also well regarded among the population of cell phone users, and FreedomPop has iPhones available for sale as well. Even if a person needs to use a tablet to get on the Internet, they can still be accommodated because FreedomPop sells tablets as well.

FreedomPop not only offers great smartphones but the smartphone plans are great as well. FreedomPop has an unlimited plan priced at only $20 a month, which is impossible to find with any other company. No other phone company is willing to sell unlimited cell phone service for so little, and there is absolutely no contract required to get the service. The $20 unlimited service plan from FreedomPop is an excellent choice for anyone, whether they want to save money or simply because they want a quality plan. Many have chosen to use this plan, but unfortunately, many have not heard about this plan.

Why would anyone pay up to $100 a month to get an unlimited cell phone plan when one exists for as little as $20? Choose to purchase the FreedomPop unlimited cell phone plan because it’s a great deal and can assist anyone who wants to pay less for their cell phone service. Those who have been looking to make a change and to switch to another phone company can choose FreedomPop, and they’ll not only be happy with the service they get but also with the cell phone they choose to purchase.

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