Why Invest With The Help Of The US Money Reserve

Investing your hard-earned money is not something that should be taken lightly. In fact, you can lose a ton of money if you are not careful with your investments. The best way to consider investing is to look into both gold and silver. Gold and silver is ideal for investors because of the fact that they do not lose their value like stocks and bonds tend to do over the course of time. You will notice that your gold and silver retains its value and makes a great investment option for just about anyone who might be involved.

The first step that you will want to take is to consider investing with the US Money Reserve. The US Money Reserve is the top gold and silver distributor in the country and they have worked with millions of people to get them the precious metals that they so desperately need. They are a trusted firm, ensuring that you are going to get only the best quality metals that are at all available to you. This is why so many people have been making use of the US Money Reserve for the many decades that it has been in business.

One of the best things about the US Money Reserve when compared to other suppliers is that they put a guarantee on anything and everything that they sell to the public. Because of this, you can be sure that you are getting genuine items that are definitely going to increase in value over time. Knowing that you are making a wise investment choice with the help of the US Money Reserve is why so many people make good use of this company each and every day. They are a reliable supplier and have helped thousands to make wiser financial investment decisions.

Now that you know how popular the US Money Reserve is and why you should choose them, it is important for you to know just how great gold and silver investing can be. The price of gold and silver does not waiver the way that other investments do, so this is a reliable source of investing that you know you are going to be able to count on for many years to come. You will also find that it is easy for you to get the help and assistance that you need when you work with the professionals of the US Money Reserve.

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Holistic Dog Food Varieties for Your Unique Dog

Unique dogs need custom-tailored dog food that fits their unique needs. Purina understands this and has created a myriad of different quality dog food options to choose from for your special dog. Beneful dog foods is one of these options, and within this type of Purina dog food there are even options within the options. To find which food is best for your dog, let’s explore some of these proven varieties of the Beneful brand. Most importantly, our dog needs a main dish to be the foundation for meal time, which means the tasty dry food Beneful offers (including 8 varieties). Dry doesn’t have to mean stale and hard, but with Beneful it means fresh and chewy.

For instance lets check out Youtube for a couple of Beneful’s dry foods to get an idea: – Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals with real chicken: this is a dog-approved, yummy staple foundation for meal time for dogs. This dry food is made from real chicken flavored in with carrots, avocados, tomatoes, and contains antioxidant-rich nutrition – made to give your dog all the nutrients they need to be healthy. Specifically, this brand of Beneful dog food contains partly 25% crude protein, 4% crude fiber, 1% calcium, 10,000 IU/kg vitamin A, and has 14% moisture.

This brand is dog and owner approved with high feedback ratings. – Beneful Dry Dog Food Playful Life with real beef and egg: this dry food is another great option for dogs of all types. Included in the beef and egg is the added blueberries and spinach, making this a unique blend for that unique dog. This brand is protein-rich with 27.5% crude protein and with 100% of the vitamins your dog needs to be a healthy balanced dog. Dog and owner approved as well with great feedback ratings. Now let’s highlight a couple of the quality wet foods Beneful offers (20 different varieties) in this next section. Wet foods can be served alone or mixed in with the dry foods. The main difference is wet foods have around 75% moisture and dry foods have around 14%.

Here are some examples: – Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends with salmon, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice: this is a wet food your dog is sure to love. Good tasting and with wholesome well-balanced nutrients to keep your dog healthy. This variety of wet food contains 10% crude protein, 1.5% crude fiber, and 78% moisture. Formulated to meet the nutritional levels of AAFCO for growth of puppies and adult dog maintenance. Sounds good and taste good too, according to positive feedback from dog owners.

This variety comes in 3 ounce cans for easy serving. – Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends with turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach: this variety is available in 10 ounce tubs for super easy serving. Contains 10% crude protein, 1.5% crude fiber, 76% moisture, and a long list of vitamins and other nutrients that’ll give your dog a complete well-balanced diet to stay healthy.

With real meats, tasty vitamin-rich vegetables, and a well-balanced variety of nutrients tested and proven to give your dog the healthy diet they need – Beneful dog food has become the right choice for millions of dog owners. In addition to their proven success in creating nutritious foods for the dog you love, they also have many great varieties to choose from. This article has highlighted only a few of the many quality choices Beneful has to offer. Customers are sure to find the right dog food for their unique dog when choosing from Beneful’s many quality dog food varieties.

What the 2015 Press Release concerning Highland Capital Management was all about

While the stock of the company has gone down by 20.72%, James Dondero has bought increasing amounts in shares, by 653.43% in the K2M Group Holdings Inc company, and the Highland Capital Management company itself has bought 596,684 in shares. Toward the end of the Q3, Dondero started a hedge fund, and had put 688,000 shares into the health company, the health company had been examined and was expected to be worth $12.8 million dollars, making them up from the past quarter. The market cap company, estimated to be around $807.77 million, is obviously worth something to Highland Capital management.

The stock in the company i down by about 1.08% from its previous amount. 52,947 shares are guessed to have switched hands. During the month April, of 2015, people were talking about how K2M Group Holdings Inc went down by 19.27%. Around 669,739 shares have been yanked out of the Bank Amer Corp company by Highland Capital Management, leaving only a small portion of shares from that company, 6,061 shares, in Highland Capital Managements assets. For the Q3 files, it supposedly talked about how these were estimated to be worth $94,000. Highland Capital Management Lp is currently put in charge of 15.4 and 3.42 billion dollars according to the US Long portfolio. In concerns with the American Airls Group company, Highland Capital Management has taken around 1.84m shares away, leaving Highland Capital Management with close to 1.44 shares in it. Nxp Semiconductors N.V. shares have all been dropped by Highland Capitalt Management.

James Dondero and who he is to Highland Capital Management.

Jim, aka James, was in the 1980s a credit investor for American Express. Jim was in-trusted with the job of looking after $1 billion in American Express’s money. When the year 1993 came into play, James co-founded Highland Capital. During this time, Highland Capital’s main target audience was credit investments. At the moment, Mr. Dondero is currently working as the president of the firm, and he is doing a great job at it. A hedge fund named Highland Capital Management based in Texas, was created by James.

James also, being the charismatic and intelligent individual that he is, has been placed on the board of directors for alot of different companies. Some of those companies names are, MGM Studios, American Banknote Corporation and Cornerstone Healthcare. Recently, Mr. Dondero has been put on the board of directors overseeing NexPoint Residential Trust. Being Certified as a Management Accountant, James is often known by his Chartered Financial Analyst experience. He helped with the organization of the Collateralized Loan Obligation, which is no surprise, with his 30 years of experience in investments geared toward credit and equity. Follow him on Facebook for daily updates on the financial world and Highland Capital.

Highland Capital Management Lp increased its stake for K2m despite declining share performance

James Dondero served as a credit investor employee in the 1980s. His duties included managing $1billion investment funds American Express. Jim later co-founded Highland Capital in 1993, still working as a credit investor for company. Currently, Jim is the president of the firm. James Dondero is also the founder of Highland Capital Management Lp which is a Texas-based hedge fund. The company had $15.04 billion valuation of its assets under management by October of 2014. The hedge fund only targets small percentage of its assets in equities and options. Highland Capital Management has about 105 part and full-time employees. Among these employees, they include 35 research and investment advisory functions. By 2014, hedge fund had between 26-100 clients.

Recently, K2m Group Inc. benefited from an increased stake by Highland Capital Management Lp by 653.43% based as indicated in its regulatory filing with SEC. James Dondero facilitated the deal which saw Highland Capital Management buy an extra 596,684 shares as the company declined 20.72%. Dondero will now be managing 688,000 shares at K2m Group Inc. valued at $12.80M at the end of the third quarter up from 91,316 shares from the previous quarter. However, the investment appears to be troubling for James Dondero since K2m Group Inc.’s stock has decreased by 1.08% despite the positive news and about 52,947 shares traded hands.

K2m performance has been on the decline since April 14, 2015 by 19.27% and still down-trending. In overall, the company has underperformed by 15.80%. Highland Capital Management Lp, however, decreased its stake in Bank Amer Corp by 669,739 shares in the third quarter. The company has also reduced its stake in American Airls Group by 1.84M and now it has 1.44M shares under its management.

K2m Group Holdings, Inc. is a global medical firm that deals with developing, designing and commercializing spine techniques and technologies. The market capitalization of the company is $807.77 million. The spine product made by company are used by surgeons to treat spinal pathologies such as trauma, deformity and tumor. Currently, the company is recording negative earnings despite being involved in products for patients suffering from degenerative spinal conditions and minimally invasive spine (MIS) products.

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Overview of Eric Pullier, CEO of Computer Sciences Corporation

Eric Pulier is a well-known entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He is recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in government and enterprise technology. Mr. Pulier is from America and his business is based in Los Angeles. Pulier was raised in the state of New Jersey. He developed an interest in computers when he was in the fourth grade and it was during this time that he began programming computers. He also began a database computer company during his high school years. Mr. Pulier graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984 and began college immediately after graduating high school. He attended college at Harvard University where he majored in English and American literature and ultimately graduated from the university in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, receiving magna cum laude honors for his academic achievements. As a founder of technology companies, he has contributed to developing a variety of companies that put an emphasis on issues regarding technology.

In 1991, Pulier moved to Los Angeles, CA. His specialty is in computer software. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Computer Sciences Corporation. He founded a company that emphasized health care and education. The name of the company was People Doing Things. Digital Evolution, an interactive agency, is also a company that Pulier founded in 1994. Starbright World was a social network for chronically children to chat, post blogs and interact with other children who share similar experiences.The companies Mr. Pulier has founded have great significance because the most well-known venture capital groups have ultimately financed companies that were founded by him.

Aside from being a highly successful entrepreneur, Mr. Pulier is also a popular public speaker at technology conferences all over the world.Another top achievement in relation to Eric Pulier is that he is a member of Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative, and is also the Executive Director of the Enterprise Leadership Council.

Handy Will Be Going Above And Beyond

Depending on where you live in the world, you may have heard of Handy. Handy is a home cleaning service that is readily available right through an app on a cell phone. All a person simply has to do is log in, specify when, where, and how many rooms need cleaning. They are directly given a price quote and on the needed date, a person will come out to clean. It’s simple and easy. Many users have been utilizing this service for quite some time now with no complaints.

Since the startup, Handy has been getting many great reviews. People have noted just how great the cleaners are. That’s because everyone that works for Handy undergoes a reference and a background check. These people are deemed to be safe, reliable, and trustworthy. People have also noted how easy it is to use Handy. That’s because everything is done right through their fingertips.

Soon, Handy’s reviews will get even better. That’s because more people will learn about this app. Handy was able to raise $50 million in funding which will truly help out their company. They will now be able to reach more people. The company will be able to expand into even more markets, eventually. Before they work on the expansion, they’re going to make some improvements in the areas that they are already in. Handy has been doing great at sweeping the competition under the rug. They are slowly becoming a household name, but they want to do more. This funding will help them. It will help them to become the only name that people think of when it comes to home cleaning. Handy will soon be able to think even more outside of the box then they have been doing.

Overall, Handy is steadily seeing growth in their users and their revenue. They had a very successful startup and will continue to see success. Funding is always needed in companies that are relatively new. That’s why the $50 million for Handy will surely come in handy.


BMG bank is a financial institution headquartered Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais in Brazil. The bank’s parent company is the BMG group. Banco BMG is the primary business of the BMG group. The bank chief focus is the local consignment loan sector. BMG is the pioneer of the industry. It still maintains the lead in the market with over 80% control of the total market. The bank has also invested in asset financings like vehicle purchasing and personal loans for its customers. The bank started operations when the economy of Brazil was growing, and the banking industry was very favorable.

The bank has expanded to increase its customer base to over 60% of the overall banking sector. Its primary customers are the large companies and individuals in consignment loan industry. The consignment loan services are for retirees, pensioners and local state officers. The bank has over 3000 points of sales and 60000 agent’s country wide. The bank is the leading consignment loans provider in the country. The company has restructured its business model giving it a lead in the industry. The consignment loan services offered by the bank have since spread over to other banks.

The company’s founder is Mr. Richardo Giurmaraes. He is a Brazilian citizen with demonstrated entrepreneur skills. He began his career back in 1980with the group BMG SA. Mr. Giurmaraes started as the finance manager of the team. From 1989, he was appointed the company’s CEO. He later rose to be the vice president of the group in 1996. Mr. Giurmaraes is a graduate of the University of Faculdade Ciencias Gerencias. He is a specialist in business administration. He is a board member of the group’s council.

Mr. Guirmaraes is an active philanthropic member. Under his leadership, BMG has become the biggest supporter of Brazil soccer. The Brazil team jerseys are donated by the bank in national and international matches. The bank has ranked top in the ranking for soccer supporters in Brazil. Mr. Guirmaraes is a hard soccer fan and very proud of his country’s talents. BMG has risen under Guimaraes leadership to beat the traditional sponsors of Brazil soccer like Adidas and Coca-cola. Mr. Guirmaraes believes that soccer is also a very active form of advertisement. Through his support for Brazil soccer, the banks services and products heave been known widely. The bank has partnered with the National Brazil soccer board to push the sport further. The bank sponsors most of the player for Brazil.


Chicago is one of the largest cities in the world. It’s also one the financial capitals of the world. It has a big number of financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies that call it home. It’s also home to 13 Forbes 400 billionaires. One of the financial institutions that call this windy city home is Citadel. A billionaire calling it home is a bright man called Ken Griffin. Citadel investment group is an alternative investment fund based in Chicago. It was launched on November 1st, 1990 with $ 4 million in assets under its management. It has today grown into a behemoth with $ 26 billion of assets in management. It has a public equity of nearly $ 120 billion. It also has a quarterly turnover rate of 23% and one of the most diversified portfolios around.

Citadel LLC got to grow this big and fast by leveraging technology when people didn’t have cell phones. This quantitative and qualitative approach can be seen in the founder. When Griffin joined Harvard, Ken Griffin installed a satellite dish in his dorm room. It allowed him to get real-time data on the trading floor. This simple strategy made him a millionaire during the 1987 crisis. The company has since developed very advanced computer models that allow it to trade fast and accurately. But even Ken Griffin didn’t anticipate the 2007/2008 crisis. They badly hit citadel. At that time, the company was losing hundreds of millions of dollars per week. By the time the crisis ended, Citadel had lost $ 9 billion in value.

To recover, Kenneth had to make decisive unpopular decisions. He banned the withdrawal of money and downsized. By 2012, the company on insidermonkey.com had already recovered. It has been on a roll since. In the last one year alone, it has gained $ 10 billion in value. It’s currently giving returns of up to 20% per annum.Mr Kenneth plans on going public next year.

Kenneth has proved his mettle over time. He has sunk his teeth in the hedge fund world and created an empire. He is privately a big-hearted philanthropic. He has given $ 500 million of his wealth to charities to various causes. He broke records by giving $ 150 million to Harvard University in 2014. In 2006, he funded and opened a school called Woodlawn High school in Chicago. He has also contributed to Chicago Heights early childhood center.He has also made contributions to cultural institutions like Chicago Library, Symphony Orchestra, contemporary art and Museum of contemporary art.

Griffin has severally spoken out against bailing out hedge funds like Leeman brothers. He has also stated that industry regulations in the equity market and computer trading must catch up with market structure. It will increase fairness. In politics, he is a Reagan Republican. He has severally contributed to various Republican candidates like Mitt Romney. He recently donated $ 2.5 million to Bruce Rauner. He is a fourth Presbyterian Christian. He recently provided $ 11.2 million for the construction of a chapel in his church. He is a father of 3 children who he says are his biggest blessing.

Anthony Marsala Shares His Success With Madison Street Capital.

The Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts in the US annually publishes a list of the young industry game changers in investment banking and related fields. This body in conjunction with the Consultant’s Training Institute nominates 125 top managers for the award. A competitive process under the guidance of an experienced panel of judges decides the final list of forty.
This year the competition is said to have been very stiff. Nevertheless, the eventual winners have been announced through publication in the Chicago Tribune Magazine. Anthony Marsala is among the prominent professionals to appear on the list.
The award winners share a lot in common. They have all achieved great success and contributed to the development of the profession as well as the society. The best in the industry then represent the future stewards and opinion shapers in matters of investment banking. The organizers cite the need to recognize and reward talent among the upcoming generation of invested bankers, accountants and professionals within the sector.
Anthony Marsala has gained popularity for his prudent management and strategic thinking. He studied Finance and Information at the undergraduate level before getting a Master’s Diploma in Strategy. The rich academic credentials compound with his one and a half decade experience in the investment banking industry to make him a top management brain.
Specializing in the valuation of businesses, financing and exchange of ownership, he made headways traversing various economic sectors such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, energy, and technology. Anthony Marsala worked with public and private sector players of different sizes and capacities. Throughout his young career, he has always made great business deals in the emerging market economies.
Today, Mr. Marsala’s influence is felt at Madison Street Capital, an international investment bank he helped set up. He serves as the bank’s Senior Operations Officer. The expansion drive of the firm falls on his desk. His main job, therefore, is to launch and position Madison Street Capital into the profitable emerging economies of Asia and Africa.
Madison Street Capital dedicates an enormous amount of resources towards staff training, technology, and client education. They have succeeded in establishing strong client relationships by sharing knowledge and providing excellent service.
The 40 under forty accolades come as a win for both Mr. Marsala and his firm. They have opened the floodgates of profitable business by exploiting the potential of emerging markets. Mr. Marsala has indeed become an authority in investment banking.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Good News for Real Estate Jobs in LA

From the depths of having watched the real estate market collapse in 2007-08 to what now is continued growth, real estate brokers in the Los Angeles metropolitan area are now enjoying a resurgence that is expected to continue in the years ahead.

In the latter case, that prediction comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which cites the dual components of a rise in spending by consumers with a job market that has shown solid improvement.

A good deal of that increase in job opportunities has come from the emergence of a technology sector that’s resulted in more than 500 startup companies being developed. This industry, focused in an area that’s become known as Silicon Beach, offers good paying jobs and is quickly becoming the Southern California version of the legendary Silicon Valley in the northern part of the state.

Those individuals and their families need a place to live, and given the inviting atmosphere of living close to the massive Pacific Ocean, they want a real estate broker who’s in tune with what they’re seeking.

That broker likely has a background in either finance, law, business administration or economics, while their networking skills within their given community help set them apart. While these brokers need to pass a test to first be licensed, the job of learning never stops for this group that makes, on average, $110,000 per year.

Of course, given the often-pricey Los Angeles market, that salary can merely scratch the surface of what’s possible for a broker. That’s because through consistent real estate coaching from companies like Real Estate Mavericks, these brokers are able to take the lessons they’ve learned and quickly adapt them to their everyday job.

For example, Real Estate Mavericks offers much more than a textbook way of selling the product. It focuses on innovative strategies that get results, including ones that take into account tactics by competitors that attempt to undercut other brokers.

Knowing that the contemporary role of a real estate broker is an ever-evolving concept in this fluid industry, Real Estate Mavericks makes a concerted effort to emphasize that not everything old should be discarded. This is especially true with the ease of technology that can make things simple, but then relegates such important components as a personal connection with a client to an afterthought.

That emotional bond helps build a brand, since brokers that can do this exhibit their honesty and support to the client, while also putting their educational background to good use.

Still, to get to such a point where business is flourishing, the growing trend is to work with a real estate team like Real Estate Mavericks. That’s because they infuse brokers with a thirst for knowledge about their surrounding market and how to exploit it to their advantage. At the same time, they balance that hard-driving approach with a focus on making sure that the client feels that they’re an integral part of the process.