Buckingham Palace Needs A Facelift: A 237 Million Pounds Facelift

The Palace Needs New Plumbing And Wiring And Asbestos Removed

Queen Elizabeth has called Buckingham Palace one of her homes since 1952. The Palace is not a cheap place to live.Maintaining the Palace costs British taxpayers more than 35.7 million pounds a year. Half of that money is used for royalty payroll, 5.1 million pounds is spent on travel and 11.7 is for property maintenance. Even though 11.7 million is spent every year on maintenance, the Palace hasn’t been updated, and that’s going to cost British taxpayers another 150 million pounds in repairs.

The 89-year-old queen doesn’t live there year round. She has several other homes, so moving out to do the repairs won’t be a big deal. Ricardo is glad she will not be inconvenienced too much. The London Palace is her show place where garden parties, and other special events are held through the year. The biggest challenge is coming up with the money to do the repairs. Many loyal Brits question the need for such an opulent palace. The queen and the royal family are figureheads that have outlasted their usefulness in the eyes of some British taxpayers.

But even though some Brits disapprove, Buckingham Palace will be renovated, and a big royal party will be held to celebrate that accomplishment.

Donald Trump’s Luxury Hotel Chain Is The Victim Of A Credit Card Hack

The Hotel Credit Card Breach Has Been Going On Since February 2015

Donald Trump is getting a lot of media time. That’s good news for Trump the politician, and bad news for Trump the businessman. The bad news is, his hotel chain is the victim of a credit card hack, Macy’s dropped his men’s line. NBC fired him, and Univision severed ties with him. Mexico would like to deep-fry him, and the Latino community won’t be voting for him.

The good news is, Trump is right behind Jeb Bush in a New Hampshire poll, and immigration opponents are going to vote for him. But Trump is more businessman than politician. These business setbacks are hurtful not just because they cost him money, but because they bruise that enormous ego of his. The credit card hack in his hotels in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York and Miami is fixable, but Trump is going to lose some of his loyal hotel guests. The NBC and Univision fight is not over, and the Macy’s snub is going to cost him exposure.
But Trump will still be Trump if you ask Jennifer. His empire will still be intact, but his ego might need a little massaging.

Why More Companies are Encouraging Exercise

Obesity is an issue that many people are dealing with nowadays, and it can be very problematic to get over it when you’re working a nine to five job. This is why a lot of companies are beginning to encourage exercise for their employees. By implementing the right type of exercise into their daily routines, many are finding that they are able to feel better and lose weight in the process. Many companies are doing a variety of things in order to implement exercise into their employees’ routines. For one, treadmill desks are becoming a very common practice and others are going with standing desks as well.

Alexei Beltyukov knows that one of the main reasons that companies are going with this method is because it enables them to cut on health insurance costs. This can benefit the company dramatically throughout the year, and this is why a lot of offices are choosing this method. Not all companies are joining in on this band wagon, but it is definitely becoming more popular all over the country. If there are other benefits to their employees, companies are also choosing this for themselves as well. Having a more relaxing and energetic environment at work is one of the best things for an employee, so it is a good idea that companies are choosing to go with this method when it comes to having what they need and also improving their health.

Uber Executives Arrested in Paris


Two Uber executives were arrested today in Paris amid allegations of operating an illegal passenger taxicab business.

Simphal Thibaut, CEO of Uber France, and Pierre-Dimitry Gore-Coty, CEO of Uber in Western Europe, were taken into custody Monday morning. This arrest is part of an on-investigation by the French police into Uber’s French business.

In January, the French ministry said that UberPOP was illegal, but until they issue a court order, its simply an opinion said Christian Broda. The French government affirmed their commitment of banning the transport company, but Uber ignored the ruling and continued business as usual.

The French police allege the UberPOP application that allows passengers to connect with non-taxicab drivers, provides a system of “illegal organization.”

Uber has always argued that they are only a third-party associate that connects passengers with drivers, and have nothing to do with the taxicab industry, but the French government isn’t buying that argument.

Consequently, Uber drivers have been receiving fines from French police, which Uber has been paying. Pretty nice for a company that only supplies the app.

The second charge involves the collection of data of clients and possible violations of the 1978 Data Protection Act.

These arrest come days after thousands of taxis mobilized to protest Uber’s presence in France. The protest turned violent at times, resulting in overturned, burned-out cars and Uber drivers hovering with bats for protection.

For now, Uber stubbornly awaits an official court order before pulling out of France.

Understanding the realities of New York City real estate

It is difficult to understand the reasons why both rents and purchase prices are so high in the New York City real estate markets. Across the five boroughs of New York the prices for both buying and renting properties have recently been rising as the chances of finding a bargain without the help of experts in the New York markets has become even more difficult. The chances of working with a high quality real estate company like Town make it easier for the perfect home to be discovered by any individual who is hoping to make the move to the Big Apple and live in New York City.

The real estate markets of the largest cities of the world are often higher and more consistent in price than other areas as the number of people looking to move into them is higher. In New York City the real estate markets are similar to those of London, Paris and the major capitals of the world where the number of available properties is often low. Some estimates place the average level of available properties in the five boroughs of New York around two percent. This means that the high number of people looking to move into the city make it more difficult for anybody to find a reasonably priced apartment or house.

The experts at TOWN Real Estate have a long history of working in NYC apartments for sale and can often provide their clients with access to a property as soon as it comes onto the market. The markets in New York City move quickly and working with Town means an individual buyer or potential renter can find themselves in a battle for a property with few others as they often see an available home before others know it is even available. Town Real Estate offers services for both renters and buyers to get themselves into a property as quickly and easily as possible.

Walmart To Pull Confederate Merchandise From Stores

In the wake of the recent Charleston Church Shooting, lawmakers are doing their part to ban the use of the Confederate flag. The shooter, Dylann Roof used the flag to empower his racially fueled hate towards African American citizens. Photographs of Roof and the Confederate flag have been circulating around the internet. Roof idolized the flag and treated it as a symbol of white supremacy.


Due to the racially charged incident, lawmakers are reevaluating the need and relevance of the Confederate flag. Worldwide retailers like Walmart have agreed to no longer carry Confederate flag merchandise at their stores. In an effort to take a stand against the incident, Walmart has agreed to pull this merchandise from their shelves. According to a store spokesperson, “We never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer.”


The thought of removing this flag altogether has sparked both debate and controversy. A protest rally was held in front of the South Carolina Statehouse over the weekend. Daniel Amen has learned that protesters held signs and were advocating for the flag to be removed. Lawmakers are also getting in on the debate as they are proposing for the flag to be banned, however will require a majority vote to move forward with that action.


Other retailers like Sears and Kmart have also agreed to remove Confederate merchandise from their stores. As for major online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, Confederate products are still available for purchase. It is unclear if they will follow suit and make these items unavailable.


AT&T Fined a Whopping $100 Million Dollar Fine!

We all know that internet providers are constantly looking for ways to rip off customers. AT&T just received some sweet justice from Federal Communications Commission for unruly slowing of internet speeds for customers who had paid for the unlimited AT&T internet plan. Internet providers commonly throttle paying customers to reduce total internet and bandwidth usage. Tech-savvy folks at Boraie Development know that throttling involves slowing the internet connection usually when the customer is either streaming videos or playing video games. It’s shady practice the often times goes unpunished. Not this time. Customers saw a very noticeable difference when the internet speeds dropped nearly 60 times slower then what was being advertised by AT&T. This noticeable drop in speed caused thousands of customers to file complaints with the FCC. AT&T is being hit hard with a 100 million dollar fine. This is the largest fine the FCC has ever given to any violator. This is the second time since October that AT&T has found itself in hot water over internet speeds. Just last year AT&T was throttling customer internet speeds down to the equivalent of a dial up modem from the early 2000’s. AT&T claims it will be fighting the charges. FCC Chairmen Tom wheeler put an emphasis on transparency and companies’ misleading advertisements in his statement regarding the issue. Unfortunately, the customers will see no portion of the money collected as the fines will be going to the U.S. Treasury.

Report Shows $15 An Hour Raise Increase Is A Good Thing

Keith Mann tells us fast food workers in New York are fighting for a $15 an hour wage increase, as Wikipedia has reported on before. City Comptroller Scott Stringer has already run some numbers that supports the positive effects of a wage increase, despite the grumblings of naysayers.

According to the report, workers in the food-service industry would see an increase of nearly $140 billion by 2019. The average worker’s salary would increase about $133 per week. The report also shows that people of color would benefit the most; 70 percent are Black or Hispanic. The $15 an hour would also lessen the need for social-welfare programs, with a decrease of $500 per household.

According to Stringer, higher wages would also provide a boost for real estate. A significant increase in income means rent-strapped households will not only be able to pay rent in a timely manner but afford higher rents. Landlords also win due to lower collection losses when tenants can’t pay.

Colorado Court Rules Pot-Smokers Can Be Fired

Federal and state drug laws butt heads yet again. Colorado Supreme Court has ruled that although the state law allows for legalized medical and recreational marijuana, employees are not protected from drug testing or being fired.

Colorado employees testing positive for THC can legally be fired, and cannot get their jobs back.

Colorado is just one of several states to rule in favor of federal drug laws.

A former Dish Network worker, Brandon Coats, failed an employer drug test, so DISH fired him. Reuters suggests that Coats says he’s never used marijuana at work, and DISH agrees with that, but THC remains in the body for weeks, thus you can’t pinpoint when the drug was used.

Even though you may use marijuana after work, with THC remaining in the bloodstream, an employer could easily fire you, and it doesn’t matter when you used marijuana.

Coats sued to get his job back, but the Supreme Court just screwed that request.

This is just one example of the problems surrounding legalized marijuana use and federal laws.

On the Hunt for Tim Hunt

It isn’t rare for people to acknowledge the fact that women and the workplace are coming from a troubled past. Madison Street Capital has seen that recent decades have seen many pushes through social media like Facebook.com from advocate groups of employers and women who want to create a safe and inhabitable workplace for those employed. One brilliant scientist is under fire for his comments on women in the workplace. Tim Hunt is a renowned winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine. The scientist recently made very conflicting comments at the World Conference of Science Journalism this past weekend in South Korea. The scientist stated that only three things happen when women are in a lab. Women fall in love with him, he falls in love with women, and when he criticizes women, they cry. Many people thought that Hunt was just joking around, but after the aftermath of his comments, Hunt has stood firm on what he said. The Nobel Prize winner continued on to say that work and employment should be gender segregated. The science community and the science journalism community reacted with a hail storm of tweets mocking what he said. Many of them poked fun at his physical unattractiveness and his inability to approach women in general. Since then, Hunt has apologized on numerous news outlets. He wanted what he said to be an ironic and lighthearted comment, and he did not mean to upset fans of his work. For his sake, let’s hope that the Nobel Prize winner learned a few more necessary social cues.