Bruce Levenson: Skilled Businessman

The world of business is highly complex and occasionally quite confusing. Those who want to enter it must be fully prepared at all times to be able to confront the demands of the marketplace as effectively and thoughtfully as possible. Many people who are able to navigate this confusing world find that they are pleased with the results. Someone may choose to help their success in the world of business by specializing in a specific field where they have a lot of experience. Doing so allow them to fully focus all of their attention on this particular area of marketplace in order to develop a specific specialty that can enable them to enjoy great success as a result.

One such businessman is Bruce Levenson. Levenson has been able to harness his understanding of important areas of business in order to succeed here. His leadership skills have allowed him to develop a highly successful business that has served the needs of the his customers and his employees at the same time. Mr. Levenson has generally focused his attention on two specific areas of the market in order to help develop a thorough understanding of each one and how they can be used to provide for the needs of all concerned.

Levenson is a native of the Washington, D.C. area. He grew up in one of the outer ring suburbs that are an essential part of the region and provide the region with a steady and reliable workforce. After graduating from college in St. Louis, Levenson went to law school. His grounding in the field of law and publishing allowed to start a company that has since gone on to help provide all kinds of necessary information for various industries. The company helps provide clients around the world with the kind of access to information that allows them to be able to make important decisions in a timely manner.

Another highly successful commitment that Levenson has been able to work with is ownership of a basketball team. His partnership with the Atlanta Hawks has allowed the team to expand into new viewership and brought in new fans to one of the nation’s most successful basketball teams. Working with the team has allowed all of those who are involved to be able to create a more enjoyable experience for all who are involved as well as help improve access to the team.

BRL Trust Investments: An Industry Leader

BRL Trust Investments is an innovative financial company working across a span of verticals to provide clients the very best care and resources for their funds. BRL Trust Investments acts in the best interest of the management of investment funds with the goal of creating investment solutions that meet and exceed the needs of investors.

The company was founding in 2005 and began in the sector of providing trust services in private loans. Growth was on their side. After just their first year, BRL Trust Investment had more than 100 loans where the Trust was responsible for acting as an Intervening Trust. This type of quick growth put consumer confidence on their side and the company continued on a fast-growth trajectory within the next several years.

This growth led BRL trust to realize that its client base had a very vast and diversified need for services. This realization brought about new business focuses such as the administration and management of investment funds, capital markets, and mergers and acquisitions. BRL Trust Investment abides by total segregation of activities.

Flash-forward to today, BRL Trust Investments is currently the largest independent administrator of investment funds in Brazil. The company has further expanded its offering into several other key areas and now is a reliable source for the five key business areas: fiduciary services, funds administration, funds custody, asset management and asset underwriting, among other verticals.

BRL Trust Investments sets itself apart from the competition by not only valuing ethics in all situations, but by bringing ethical values to the table in all situations, no matter how large or small. They are a company that puts their client first. They also value client interest and the national legal system above the interest of the company, which is a rare find in the investment world.

Among BRL Trust Investments’ customer base are institutional investors and individuals, both in local and global markets. The company has a solid mission to meet the financial demands of their clients in an efficient and transparent manner. Transparency has been key for consumers in the past several years and BRL Trust Investments incorporates that facet into all of its workings.

All About Skout

For anyone who is stuck traveling, having a connection with locals in the area can be helpful. This makes it possible to talk with people who live in the area and, possibly, set up a way to meet one another. It can become a bit lonely for anyone who is constantly on the road, so this really makes it a great opportunity for someone who wants to at least spend some time with another individual. All of this is possible with the help of the Skout application. The app, which is available on both iOS and Android is easy to use, free to install and run and instantly connects people with thousands of other locals, all in one place.

The creation of a Skout account is easy and straight forward. All someone needs to do is download the application and choose to “Sign Up”. From there, they have the option of adding an image or not, although it is heavily recommended to add an image as it does increase the chances of someone actually deciding to communicate with someone. After this, a person can then fill in a short profile, so other users of the service can easily decide if the other individual is someone they might want to communicate with.

With the application account all set up, a user of Skout is going to connect with locals in the area based on their GPS. This way, whenever someone goes to a new location, they are going to come in contact with other users of the application in the area they are now in. When someone logs onto the application they have a few different ways of finding someone. First, they can simply look through and scroll through all of the different profiles of men or women or both that they might be interested in talking with. Now, for some locations, it can be difficult to find some people as there are so many users of the app. For a funner way of reaching and connecting, it is possible to use the “Shake to Meet” option. By shaking the smart phone, the Skout app shuffles through the available individuals and, eventually, lands on someone who might be interesting. It opens up their profile and makes it easier to start up a conversation. Regardless of if someone wants to meet or not, this really is a fun way to at least spend some time.

Igor Cornelsen: Investment Professional

Investing is a highly important task in life. People need to be able to save money in order to help fund their retirement and enjoy a better life as they age. They will also need to save money in many cases in order to have a fiscal cushion in the event of an emergency such as unexpected medical problems or a car that needs new parts. This kind of cushion allows people to feel more relaxed knowing that they need not worry in the event of an emergency. Many people also want to save money in order to accomplish goals such as buying a house.

Those who save money will need to place the funds they have saved in an investment vehicle that at least allows them to beat inflation. Many people also look for investments that allow them to earn interest in such funds. After saving money, many people are delighted to discover that the funds they have saved can earn an independent income. The right investment is essential. While people often chose to invest on their own, many people find that it helps to turn to an investment professional for advice and a greater rate of return on their available funds.

One such professional is Igor Cornelsen. Cornelsen is a Brazilian native and investment professional. Under his skilled leadership, investors have been able to follow in his footsteps and explore the South American banking market. His understanding of this area of the world has provided him with insights that have enabled him to earn pleasing investment results and amass a great fortune. Those investors who have followed him have often achieved equally pleasing results in the capital markets. His results have been quite impressive. Investors looking for the best possible results will be able to work with him in order to learn as much as possible about this region of the world.

South American experienced a great deal of growth in regional area capital markets. This kind of rapid growth has led many people across the globe to consider investing here. They have turned to skilled professional such as Cornelsen in order to gain a fuller understanding of the market here. The rapid increase in access to such capital has allowed investors to do well and allowed them to be able to help countries in the area such as Brazil develop essential services for their residents.

Los Angeles Based Startup FreedomPop is David to Comcast’s Goliath

In a time when Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T seem like an unassailable monopoly, it’s refreshing to see innovators like FreedomPop rise up to topple the status quo. Founded in 2012, FreedomPop is a small startup which offers a unique alternative to traditional wireless telecommunications plans. They began innovating when they offered a free wireless plan, which included 200 talking minutes, 500 texts, and 500mb of data for users who were light on phone usage. They aren’t stopping there.

Now FreedomPop is expanding it’s domain with an aggressive new phone plan. This new plan offers customers access to millions of wifi hotspots across the country for a mere $5 a month. The core idea of the plan is to massively reduce costs by relying on the wifi infrastructure laid out by giants like Google. The plan still allows connections to normal cell phone towers as a fallback when no wifi is within range, so users won’t be left high and dry if there are no wifi hotspots nearby.

While details of the partnerships involved in the wifi plan are still being kept on the down low, there is word that internet giant Google is getting involved, and roping in fast food giants like McDonald’s and Burger King who offer wifi hotspots out of many locations. While FreedomPop’s story feels like a modern David and Goliath, it may be more a case of speaking softly while carrying an enormous stick.

Even if they do fail, FreedomPop’s efforts could shift the course of telecommunication development. In the race to bring speedy internet access and voice communication to millions of Americans across the country, the success of any upstart is sure to be noticed. If FreedomPop’s new scheme works, it will show a different way of doing business, and hopefully drive down the cost of phone plans from all the major carriers.

Only time will tell if this David can topple Goliath.

North Americal Spine Doctors Treat Football Athletes

Because football is a high-impact sport, many athletes injury their spines every year. However, the overall number of injuries that occur annually is dropping thanks to new blocking and tackling techniques. Improved rules and enhanced medical care are other reasons why there are less injuries on the field. Although better training and practices are helpful, injuries can still happen. Since North American Spine clinics have knowledgeable doctors, many athletes contact them when they need spinal treatments.

Understanding the Causes

When playing football, frequent twisting and bending usually leads to spinal injuries. Most athletes hurt their backs during extended training days because their fatigued muscles cannot provide full protection for their spines. The muscles and ligaments that offer support to the spine do not grow as quickly as bone grows. As a result, they put stress on the spine when they become tight.

Understanding the Injuries

Spondylolisthesis and spondylolyis are common spinal injuries that put pressure on the vertebrae. Both medical conditions can fracture a tiny portion of the spine. An athlete who has spondylolysis has one fracture on the pars interarticularis. When a patient has spondyoloisthesis, there is a fracture on two sides on the bone. Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis usually occur when the lower back is bent continuously during athletic activities.

Herniated Disks

There are disks in the back that consist of firm fibers, which have a gentle core. In some cases, the disk material can move to the spine region. When this happens, the spinal cord will push onto a nerve.


Fractures occur after an athlete experiences many impacts to the back along specific areas of the vertebrae. Usually, the tail bone and the physes can also fractured.

The surgeons at North American Spine can treat each of these injuries. They help hundreds of athletes continue their careers following minor and major spinal injuries.