Adam Sender is a Jewish-American entrepreneur, business person and an artist too. Mr Sender was born in the year 1969. He resides in New York City in the United States of America. Due to his love of artwork, Mr Sender attended art class in his late 20s to gain experience and more knowledgeable about the artwork. Mr Sender is also a hedge fund manager and he has regularly showcased his art collection on the contemporary art circuit. Mr Adam Sender being an entrepreneur founded his fund firm known as Axis Capital Management.

Entrepreneurs are risk takers because they venture in certain business without predicting the outcome but with determination the outcome is always positive. Mr Sender followed suit by investing in art collection that by then was a very challenging industry to venture in. But with determination and making smart choices he grew up and even opened doors to many other artists in the industry. Mr Sender began by purchasing some excellent artworks from artists around and kept them in his stores. Having knowledge of art, he used his intelligence to recognise good artwork that he felt was awesome to purchase and to promote the artists to reach greater heights with their skills. Mr Sender always made good choices whenever out in the market to purchase the artworks and it paid because he got the right quality of work. The outcome from the risk that he took has been positive hence resulting Mr Sender to rule the business of art collection for over twenty years. Even after selling hundreds of pieces, Sender still maintains a robust collection.

He has been such phenomenon and a real entrepreneur who has promoted artists under his art collection through ensuring that the artists are recognised worldwide and earn heavily for their skills. For example in the year 2006 he released some artworks totalling to 40 Works that earned a total income of around $20 million. He has continued to mentor and build a platform for artists to develop their talents and get right value for their products.
Under his collection wing known as Sender’s collection, he collected works by artists around in the country. Mr Sender was very versatile in his art collection meaning he did not just work with one artist or a certain group of artists but instead he worked with some artists who had excellent works. For example, he promoted artwork from women artists by purchasing their work and continued to support upcoming artists.
Exhibiting and enjoying his myriad art pieces continues to be exciting and fun for Adam Sender.

Mr Sender is philanthropic because he lends out his collections to be showcased in important exhibitions. He has also donated some works to museums.

The Vijay Eswaran Continues to Lead with Vigor

As someone that has received the CEO of the Year award in 2013 it is evident that Vijay Eswaran knows how to lead. I have seen him speak before and I believe that he just has a natural talent for motivating people. That is why his company does well. There are companies that have good products that may be on top for a while, but the company may fail because the employees may not like the work environment. Vijay Eswaran, however, has won Malaysian Business Award for CEO of the year before. He has inked deals with companies like Manchester City, and he has made the list for Malaysia’s richest men according to Forbes magazine.

Vijay Eswaran could rest easily after all of this, but he keeps his mind sharp and his feet planted in the world of business affairs. Vijay Eswaran says that his father always taught him to put service above self. It is the principles like this that have shaped him and made him incredibly aware of the goals that he has for his business. With QNet there has been some controversy and a hearsay, but Vijay Eswaran has not let this stifle his growth one bit. He believes that people can learn and growth just as much from failure as they can from success. He has made it his duty to stay connected to a higher power and spread his spirituality on through quotes and written manifestations. Anyone that has even seen his Twitter pages knows that he is one of the most positive people that anyone will encounter. He has a zest for life, and this is the thing that essentially took him to the top.
Vijay Eswaran has become a pillar of many communities because he is also a giver.

While there were people that were not believing in him he was constantly trying to better himself. While the naysayers will giving him a hard time Vijay Eswaran was rising to the top in the direct selling and retailing field. He didn’t stop, and that is the difference between him and those that he left behind. Even when he had reached the top he has not settled and become stagnant. Malaysia awarded him with the CEO of the Year Award in 2013. He could have seen this as the ultimate sign of making it. He could have said that he didn’t have a reason to do anything with any greater conviction because he had already reached the top. That isn’t Vijay Eswaran though. He doesn’t believe that one should settle for less. All this his has allowed Vijay Eswaran to thrive and remain one of Malaysia’s richest business men.

Newlin has managed to stay abreast of all the trends in technology. He has built a legacy that continues to prove his desire to succeed in business. This all equates to higher streams of revenue for QNet.

Qnet the Leading E-Commerce Website.

Qnet is a leading E-commerce website is providing important commodities in a diverse market. They use the E-commerce platform, an opportunity without border to offer products to people all over the world in over hundred countries. The Qnet business model offers the average people an opportunity to begin businesses of their own with little expenses. They use distributors referred to as Independent Representatives (IRs). Through hard-word, these distributors become economically stable thereby raising the living standard for the community around them.

Qnet offices are based in various Asian countries. Unlike other E-commerce companies, Qnet’s does not sell its products through individual sellers, rather sells the products itself. All products sold by Qnet are available internationally. Their products range from dietary components to accessories. As opposed to many organizations, Qnet has embraced the rising changes on regulation by the Indian government. These changes aim at regulating operations of businesses performing direct selling such as Qnet. Instead of protesting against oversight, Qnet has instead embraced it. They want to work together with the regulator to ensure they put up with the laid protocol. It is an indication of honest that many organization are lacking. They also want to make their practices open and do not intend to brush out anything.

Qnet is guided by RYTHM and In-Service philosophies. The founder of Qnet was encouraged by the life and the achievements of Gandhi a humanitarian and a great leader whose teachings laid the basis for RYTHM, which stands for – Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. It is intended to encourage people empower others and help them succeed. Qnet also recommends the In-Service concept as an important leadership trait. The founder built a firm culture that exalts service to other over personal gain, both to the employees and the whole network at large. They recognize that the greatest asset they have been the people. Their distribution team is very determined to become financially independent. Qnet is committed to provide the necessary tools and knowledge to their IRs, as a way to strengthen and empower them on their products. Seeing shifting consumer trends worldwide, Qnet implemented a strategic move that concentrated on niche markets, focusing on a product mix that provided consumers added value and made a significant impact on their day to day lives.

With a team of leaders and employees coming from over 30 different countries and their customers in over 100 countries, Qnet celebrates the diversity of such a culture not present in many organizations. They are proud of being an unquestionable marketing network in United Nations. With a Qnet Tools App, it is possible to get an online access of the various publications that may include Company Profile, Business Planner, Product Portfolio and the likes. What sets QNet apart from other fast growing companies is the depth and range of the sold products.

Notre Dame Lacrosse Adds to its Legacy

matt landis grand woodward

The Fighting Irish Lacrosse men’s and women’s teams have a history of success. Currently belonging to the Atlantic Coast Conference, men’s lacrosse at Notre Dame began in 1981 as part of the Midwest Lacrosse Association before joining the Great Western Lacrosse League in 1994. It was during their tenure with the Great Western Lacrosse League that the men’s team made history with an historic win over Duke University in 1996 to become the first West team to win a first-round game in an NCAA tournament. This extraordinary upset set the bar for future seasons. Kevin Corrigan , head coach since 1988, has proudly led this team to an impressive 253-120 overall record.

matt landis grand woodward

More recently, Corrigan has driven his team to success within the NCAA tournament. This year, they once again made it to the final four of the 2015 NCAA Lacrosse tournament. One standout star this past year was defensive player Matt Landis. As for the bragging rights they have gained with their season’s stats, there are many. In the ACC conference they were second to none, going undefeated both in home games and in their conference for the 2015 season. Matt Landis took home the ACC Defensive Player of the Year. Whether on or off the field, these lacrosse athletes showed prowess. Even a cursory glance of their Facebook page reveals a strong sense of academic investment and pride, with 17 of their players highlighted for their successes in coveted internships this past summer. Matt Landis interned at The Riverside Company in 2014, but this year he took a position at Jefferies in New York City.

matt landis grand woodward

The games are open to the public for $5 per game, and special promotions are available as well. Follow the Notre Dame promotions on twitter to get access to all the latest ticketing and game information. Fan Packs start at $75 and will get you four season passes, which are good for both the men’s and the women’s seasons. It is safe to say that Notre Dame men’s Lacrosse is building a dynasty, and everyone is invited to be a part of the action.

matt landis grand woodward

Sergio Cortés Perfectly Emulates Michael Jackson In Stage Shows

In today’s society, everyone is striving for recognition and greatness at something. It may be something very simple and inconsequential, or it may be a huge dream with a wide ranging, definitive purpose. In any case, people that do become the best at what they do are highly rewarded, in more ways than one.

The building blocks of Sergio Cortés’ career began with his love for all things Michael Jackson. He constantly watch videos of the King of Pop perform in became enamored with his showmanship and his singing ability. Cortez would imitate his hero and pretend to be him, but only did the imitations of his hero for his close friends and relatives.

Little did he know that his hobby was about to turn into a major career for him. While on a walk one day, he was spotted by a local photographer for a newspaper. Floored by Cortés is remarkable resemblance to the pop singer, the photographer asked him if he could take a photo of him for the local newspaper. Cortés happily agreed, and the next day the photograph was published. The photograph elicited an immediate and positive reaction from the general public.

The photograph immediately thrust Cortés into the spotlight. Before long he was receiving offers to do impersonation work, and dozens of notes and recognitions from loving fans. After considering all the attention the picture garnered, he finally decided to embrace the possibility of becoming a celebrity impersonator, and joined a management agency to perform as Michael Jackson in various impersonator shows. He has performed shows all over the world, delighting fans with his spot on imitation of his childhood idol.

When Cortés goes out in public, people are always amazed and amused at his remarkable resemblance to the world-famous pop singer. Of course, Cortés considers it an honor to be considered one of the best imitators of Michael Jackson in the world. His recognition has led him to be featured on many different television programs, including “Laura,” a very popular show in parts of South America, as well as tours in Italy and parts of Brazil.

Through his childhood fascination, continued dedication and hard work, Cortés is now one of the most popular artists to imitate the King of Pop. He continues to perform at concerts and television shows throughout the world, and is becoming more and more popular in other parts of the world on a daily basis.

Bruce Levenson: A visionary Business Leader

Early last year, Bruce Levenson announced that he wanted to sell the NBA team, Atlanta Hawks. He had acquired this team back in 2011, together with the NFL team, Atlanta Thrashers. Sports enthusiasts and the business community at large were very interested to see how the sale would go. Well, the team has been sold for a whopping 730 million dollars. While it is true that the experts at Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports had estimated the sale of the team at a billion dollars, the amount at which the team has been sold is not shabby at all; in fact it is a huge profit for Bruce. In case this is the first time you are hearing about Levenson, here are a few things you need to know about him.

Early life

Bruce is an American Businessman and philanthropist. He is well known for being the founder and president of the UGC Corporation. He was born and raised in Washington DC. He comes from a Jewish family. When he was a young boy, his family moved to Maryland. This is where he started his elementary and High School education. Bruce always had a keen interest in law. This is why he attended Washington College and later the Law School at the American University. While he was in college, he became to editor of the Washington Star. This experience led to his keen interest in the world of press.

When he graduated, he and his long-time friend, Ed Peskowitz, came up with the idea of setting up a communications company. They started UCG in their apartment. After operating for a few years, they decided to acquire a few other publications in the energy and oil sector. This led to the expansion and the increased readership to their publications. UCG has grown over a span of 30 years into one of the most profitable communications companies in the entire nation.

About Basketball teams

In 2011, Forbes’ Bruce Levenson got the idea of investing in sports. He hired a company of experts to help him with the purchase of two teams, the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers. However, after about a year of being at the helm of the thrashers, he decided to sell. The NBA team, Hawks seemed to hold more promise, which is why he retained it. By 2014 however, he was ready to sell. The comparison between the cost at which Bruce had acquired the company and how he sold it is a clear indicator that he is a smart investor. He has made a massive profit out of it. Regardless, there are people that feel that the team could have sold for more if the asking price had been estimated right. But that is the nature of business, sometimes the estimations are spot on, other times they aren’t.

The life and experiences of Bruce are a clear indication that he is a very determined and practical business leader. He understands the value of bidding his time and selling just when the price is right. For this reason, he will be smiling all the way to the bank.

Sergio Cortes – The Best MJ Impersonator

In the world of music, there’s many performers and singers who can make a song and turn it into a megabit. There are also people who can make a specific set of dance moves change the world. It’s amazing how all the amazing performers can make an impact with a single song. For Michael Jackson, he has changed the world of music with not just one hit song or one fun dance, but music that has changed the world and dance moves that everybody will be doing even hundreds of years from now. When he passed on, it became a tough thing for many people to deal with considering the impact that he has made on the world. He changed music and pop. This is why people like Sergio Cortes does what he does for a living.

Cortes is a professional performer. He can sing, dance, and like MJ, but the only thing that sets him apart from other people just like that is the fact that he looks exactly like Michael Jackson as well. He has used his looks and his dancing skills to perform on stage for thousands to see all throughout the world. He performs in shows in Italy, South America, among many other places, and he hopes to start his own world tour bringing the musical styling a of Michael to people around the world.

What’s most unique about this guy is the fact that he has been doing this for years and has been named one of the best impersonators of all time. He has the voice down, dance moves down, and he can look like Michael on any given day. His natural look and face shape is what makes him so amazingly like the real MJ. He also has some amazing costumes and clothes that match all of Michael’s most famous costumes in his music videos. This alone is what sets him apart. The exact replica of costumes is what helps complete the effect that he is Michael Jackson.

Sergio Cortes continues to be mesmerizing people by simply posting more videos on YouTube of his performances. Whether it’s his huge fan base on Twitter or people watching his amazing videos on YouTube, he has already made an impact on the world and have shown people that Michael is still here in some way. He also has the same type of charisma and performing skills as the late MJ.

Impersonating Michael Jackson

One of the greatest legends in the entertainment industry and in music specifically is the hit maker, Michael Jackson. Due to his skills in both singing an entertaining people with his unbeatable dance moves, he earned himself a great following in global scale. Today, it has been almost three years since his untimely death that caused great disappointment in the entertainment industry. However, his memories have been preserved by the upcoming impersonators who have kept his fans entertained since his death. Cone of the greatest of them all is Sergio Cortes whose popularity has been on the rise in the recent past.

Sergio Cortes was born on the 30th of July, 1971 and he has been working in the entertainment industry impersonating Michael Jackson since 1993. As teenager, he was a great fan of Michael Jackson and as result he was nicknamed MJ by his teenage peers. He lost his father in a car crash at around this time but it is not clear whether the teenager was with him in that fateful day or not. He is a fluent speaker of the English language having been to the United States countless times. In his social media pages especially in Facebook, he responds in English but sometime you may find some of his posts written in Spanish.

He is quite a private person with very little information about him being in the public domain. People who have interacted with him closely say that he has an edge of shyness but he is a very prudent individual. Nobody has disclosed any information about his job, whether or not he has a wife or kids or what kind of a car he owns. However, it is alleged that he has a home in Barcelona and he is said to love performing gin his home town.

When performing, Sergio Cortes is always in the company of his own brother and other family members including cousins as well as his high school fiends. According to those close to him, he is a great fan of Chinese and Italian delicacies. Among his other skills include graphic designs and he is known to draw very well. If the things found in his house are anything to go by, Sergio Cortes seems to be a Buddhist adherent. H like many other people loves keeping pets and he has a small dog whom he named Zaffie. He has risen to stardom for his skill that resembles the exact talents of the late Michael Jackson.

Gold Still Has It

Change has never been more predominant and marked like it has been noticed in today’s financial systems. The prices of stocks and bonds as well as the currency and commodity exchanges have been inconsistent. Fickle and irregular market conditions have seen the financial markets go through the most of dramatic changes. In such situations, a branched out investment portfolio can come to the aid of an investor and protect them from the full effect of an out of the blue and potentially calamitous consequences such as a stock market crash. One of the diversified portfolio investment for an investor wishing to protect themselves against the risk of the financial markets is gold. However, this has always been a hot topic. This commodity possesses an aesthetic desire as well as monetary value. But the question remains: does gold make a magnificent investment? I say yes because of the following reasons:

1. The current prices will increase production

Over the years, gold mining companies have ensured expanded production by increasing production cost. This strategy, however, worked in 2002 when the prices rose from $300 an ounce to over $1800 in 2011. But the costs have reduced to $1200 an ounce today, so this strategy would not make sense today. Most gold mining companies today have a production cost of $1000 an ounce, and hence they cannot allow for the prices of the commodity to fall below this. Therefore, in the eventuality of a drop in the prices of gold, the companies will have to reduce the commodity’s supply, and this will force a price ceiling for the product.

2. Viability of the European Monetary Union is questionable

As a result of the financial crisis in 2008 that saw European investors buy little to no gold, the demand for Gold peaked in 2009 at an annual rate of 400 tons in the second quarter. This formed 11% of the world gold demand. Since the European sovereign debt crisis in early 2012, the demand for gold has remained above 350 tons.

3. India’s demand for gold is increasing

From the 2015 economic growth forecast that was released by the International Monetary Fund, India’s economic growth has grown by 0.4% to 6.4% up from 6%. The Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD) noted that India was the only major economy that experienced a growth momentum in 2015. This is good news since the country’s demand for gold is tied to its economic growth. The demand for gold was up by 39% during the third quarter of the 2014 financial forecast. This created a demand for gold that was larger than the Chinese demand.

Therefore, gold is a good investment. It is judicial for one to invest in this commodity through one of the greatest distributors of gold and silver in the United States, that is, the U.S Money Reserve. The company’s partnership has seen it work with thousands of clients who have taken advantage of the benefits drawn from owning precious metals.

Getting Helpful Investment Advice

Investing in new business ideas is not always easy. If you are trying to find a place for you to put your money, the most important thing to remember is to always be wise with where you put your money. It’s so important to be very careful with where you invest your cash. It is so important to be easily prepared for the world of money. Take a little bit of this advice to help you invest your money in the right place and also make great money.

– Research Your Business Ventures

Always be very careful with the business venture and to always watch out for anything you need to know about beforehand. It is wise to research the business venture online. If that is not possible, building as much trust is so important. There are many different ways to find out if the person you are working with is trustworthy. Plenty of phone calls, conference calls, and also plenty of meetings can help you ease your fest before putting out that money. Research about anything before putting in the money can go a long way.

– Be Wise Before Shelling Out Any Money

Always remember to simply look out for what can happen. Always invest money if you have the extra cash to back you up. Don’t invest more than you can handle. Just being wise and carful can go a long way and making better investment choices.

Sometimes, it’s a wise choice to work a reliable team of workers because it’ll pay off to have people backing you up. Investing in the right place pays off. Researching can go a long way.

The Madison Street Capital Choice for example is a great company because of the great service they can provide you. They are an investment banking firm that helps provide quality services. They give great opportunities to those looking for advice in the world of investments. They can provide you with great knowledge, information, and personal advice to help you make a worthwhile choice. It’ll save you from plenty of stress when you get a big company helping you out on all of this advice.

Some people wonder about their choices and the things that they do. It’s important to work with a company to help you make wiser choices with your investments. It’ll help protect you from plenty of stress down the road by making the wrong choice.