Autism Rocks Provides A Muscial Outlet For Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah

A familiar story for millionaire philanthropists is for them to look to become involved with a charity providing assistance for a cause close to their heart, which is true of Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah. Life for the investment expert changed forever when his young son was diagnosed with autism and prompted him to look for the best ways of funding research into the condition that now touched his own life. The response from Shah was to establish the Autism Rocks charity that looks to provide funds for autism research by staging concerts by major international stars.

Sanjay Shah has never traveled on what would be seen as the traditional path to find success; as far back as the start of his investing career Shah had begun an education to become a doctor before deciding to change his focus completely and enter city trading. Born in Kenya and educated in London, Shah created a successful career at some of the best known trading companies in the world.

The career of Sanjay Shah looked to have been brought to an end with the 2008 economic slowdown that saw the investment company he worked with shed the majority of its traders in a cost cutting exercise. For Shah this became a chance to form his successful Solo Capital company that is now worth more than $200 million, and allowed Sanjay Shah to retire from his daily career as a trader.

Autism Rocks was born from the need by Sanjay Shah to help his son and other children affected by autism, but he also wanted to form a charity that would reflect his own passions; for Shah this meant looking to the music industry that had interested him in his youth. A move to Dubai allowed Shah the opportunity to work with local concert promoters to begin his career as a philanthropist, which was followed by a chance meeting with rapper Snoop Dogg to add to the inspiration for the establishment of Autism Rocks.

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Truths About Zika Virus


Zika virus has been much in the news lately and with good reason.

According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, Zika virus is transmitted by the Aedes species of mosquito which is also responsible for transmitting the dreaded dengue fever. Zika virus infections are limited to South and Central America for the time being. There is no evidence as of yet that it has traveled out of those endemic areas.

Zika infections cause some general fatigue, fever, rash and eye infections in most people who are bitten by the mosquito transmitting the virus. Most people completely recover in less than 7 days but it is of concern to pregnant women.

Zika infection in pregnancy can lead to microencephaly, or unusually small heads in infants born of infected mothers. It is also linked to poor feeding and inability to thrive well in these children. Most children who have been studied as yet with this disease obtained during pregnancy have a shorter than normal life span.

It is best avoided by using insect repellents, avoiding areas where mosquitoes breed, such as pools of standing water and staying inside in the heat of the day.

Educating the people of these countries about mosquito safety is the best defense to date. Pregnant women and women of childbearing age are in the greatest danger of Zika virus infection.

To read more about Zika virus, go to this link:

Solo Capital Founder Starts Autism Rocks

Solo Capital’s founder Sanjay Shah has filled a major need in the autism research field with his Autism Rocks charity. The charity operates under the same platform as Solo Capital, and Sanjay Shah is using his considerable experience in the business world to raise needed funds for autism research. This article explains how Sanjay’s companies and Autism Rocks are work together to help kids who are living with autism.

#1: Autism Rocks Is A Unique Charity

Autism Rocks is a unique charity that has been putting on concerts to aid autism research. The charity uses the biggest musical acts in the world to put on its concerts, and the proceeds from every concert goes directly to autism research. The concerts have featured people like Lenny Kravitz and Joss Stone, and Sanjay Shah spends quite a bit of his free time engaging new acts for further concerts. The Autism Rocks empire is slowly growing into one of the most effective charities in the world.

#2: Solo Capital Exists Under Sanjay’s Umbrella

Sanjay set up a large corporation to manage all his businesses. The corporation helps manage Autism Rocks by sending its proceeds to a trust that distributes the money to a research foundation. Sanjay has set up a bulletproof system that consistently funnels money to the right places. Anyone who is raising money for their own cause must have a look at the way Sanjay raises and manages the money from Autism Rocks.

#3: How Does Solo Capital Figure Into This?

Solo Capital is an amazing company that Sanjay founded when he had no work. He did most of the work himself in the early days, and he chose to build the company quickly with purchases that have no taken hold in Malta, Luxembourg and Dubai. Sanjay recently purchased Old Park Lane of London, and he plans to continue to expand his empire as much as possible.

Autism Rocks is one of many projects for Sanjay Shah, but it is the one he approaches with the most passion. He has created a charity that helps raise money for research faster than any other.

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Kyle Bass Sees The Future, Ostensibly

Kyle Bass likened emerging financial markets to a baseball game on a Wall Street Walk clip released January 31st. Bass founded a hedge-fund organization entitled Hayman Capital Management that is currently based in Dallas, Texas. Though Bass is from Argentina by descent, his most well-known endeavors have taken place in America. A great example is the 2008 financial crisis which made history, and his equally historical prediction of its occurrence.

For these reasons, financially awake people usually pay attention when Bass gives one of his economic predictions. On the baseball front, Bass said that emerging financial markets were about “mid-fifth inning” and there were “three tough innings to go”. He went into detail about several countries’ situations, and what they were going to look like in the near future. Starting with Brazil, Bass pointed out that a scandal which stretched all the way to the country’s president had funneled two billion dollars to politicians, and corruption on this level would be bad for the country until it were entirely rooted out. Turning to Russia, Bass pointed out that Putin’s dealings with the world as some kind of political chessman were in many ways difficult to predict, but that India appeared to be a “bright spot” for the first time in a while. Bass wrapped the analysis up by noting China’s own banking implosion, patterned after America’s 2008 crisis, would end up devaluing the currency. As a result, his firm had some very high interest in their currency.

Bass regularly profits from the decline of large systems. It’s hard to tell if his success is something entirely intentional, or something that is situational. Take, for example, the organization he started entitled “The Coalition For Affordable Drugs”, or “CAD”. CAD successfully devalued the cost on a number of big-ticket pharmaceutical organizations’ drugs, facilitating a stock decrease. Bass short-sold the stock he had in those companies and made a pretty penny from it.

Bass also successfully predicted economic decline in both Japan and Europe recently, again based on cogent examination of political and banking trends.

UsefulStooges reports that Kyle Bass is very controversial not only because of his propensity to profit from the loss of large global systems, but because of his ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the presidential power behind his home country of Argentina. Cristina has strong socialist ideals, and it is possible that Bass may be working in capacity as a sort of economic assassin. That is entirely conjectural, however, and so there’s no real way to tell concretely.

What is sure is that whatever acumen/information Bass has, he’s been turning it to substantial profit for years, and is poised to continue doing so, making his economic interpretation worth close and careful consideration.


Everyone goes through a bad review at one time or another. Life here for us at White Shark is no different. What sets us a part from the other companies is who we deal with the bad reviews or complaints.

We choose to see it as a chance to turn a negative into a positive. If we get the root of the issue right away, we can save lots of time. We can also cut down on the amount of dissatisfaction we get from clients.

How do we deal with it?


We feel that the lines of communication need to be drastically updated. It’s not enough to just reach out once and be done. This really does nothing to keep the customers happy and still part of the family.

We keep an active log of all the customer contacts. About once a month we look through each of them. We see where the bad reviews are coming from and where the good ones are. We hold meetings about this time. During these meetings we look to see a pattern, especially with the bad reviews. Once we zero on where the major bones of contention are coming from, we have the resources to move forward.

We do the same thing with the good reviews too. This way we can see where we need to improve. We also look to see what additional strengths we can add in. These communication meetings have been very resourceful.


Our ads are a big part of who we are. How we project ourselves in our ads says a lot. It will also tell us which customers are paying attention, versus the ones who are not.

As we look through our ads, we have a team that sees what is working and what is not. Some of our customers like the old ads. It’s something of a fond memory for them. These ads take some of our customers back to when they first became customers. It’s nostalgia for some people.

There are those that need to have things updated every so often. The feedback we get from them is that it’s the only way they will remain interested. We like to take both into consideration.

Our team looks to see how our ads can be improved, embracing both new and old. This way we can keep our loyal customers, while attracting some of the newer ones.


As you can see, these are just two of the ways we are looking to improve how we relate to our customers. We are like any other company, we stumble and fall on the occasion. We always look for a way to improve our brand.

Visit us online to take a look at some of our products and services. All feedback is greatly appreciated. We do our best to maintain that communication with everyone. You can click on our link here.

The Importance of Helane Morrison’s Work

Helane L. Morrison is the reason we have the quote “Metropolitan essentially bought real estate from itself, creating fictitious profits”. Not only that, but she is one of a handful of women to have been in a leadership position at the SEC – or the Securities and Exchange Commission.

She is also about to crack down on the compliance officers in various investment companies. The SEC has been looking at when the officers overstep their boundaries, or don’t do enough to make sure they’re doing their job. Two cases that have been prosecuted by the CES recently include a chief compliance officer stealing client money and one that includes a compliance officer failing to take steps to ensure a violation was prevented.

Furthermore, as Morrison stepped into her new position as managing director and general counsel, she has affirmed this herself. The agenda is fairly aggressive concerning the need to make sure compliance officers do their job correctly. However, some are criticizing this as going too far. There is a point in which the enforcement of these laws causes potential candidates for compliance officer positions to lose their gumption and wish to take the position up.

Despite the bad press, Mrs. Morrison is going to continue what the company has been doing so far. She also has plans to make online brokerage more popular, but is uncertain of how to do so. Nonetheless, she is giving everyone information on how the changes will affect how they work, how they’re paid, and what kind of surprises could be in store if they do not know what’s going on.

Charity Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah is a British millionaire who hopes to raise funds for Autism research through Charity Autism Rocks through staging concerts around the world after his youngest son was diagnosed with Autism. The wealthy philanthropist is 43 years old living in London after his parents immigrated from Kenya to London in the 1960s. After studying medicine at King’s College and decided he didn’t want to be a doctor anymore and became an account instead before moving on to start his own brokerage business. At the height of financial crisis in 2009 when his job at investment bank Merrill Lynch, and unfortunately, had to end.
“The only way for me to earn a living without limiting my income prospects was to become a broker but I thought rather than me doing that job for a big organisation, I’d rather start up my own business,” He said. He started small by hiring several graduates, traders and small office. Mr. Sanjay Shah was built for the tough since this is how Solo Capital was born.
After a period of 5 years, he is worth $280 million and the company, Solo Capital operates in both Dubai and London. Since the company is now stable and doing well, Mr. Sanjay Shah is concentrating on his philanthropist projects through Done events in Dubai. In 2011, Shah and his wife took their youngest son, by then two years to the Doctors in Dubai after he threw up on any foods he took. Their son was confirmed by four doctors from the UK to be autistic.
Mr. Shah decided to act immediately on his son’s recommended therapy by the doctors to curb his son’s autism. Back in Dubai trying to seek treatment for his son, the waiting list was too long, and he had to make private arrangements. He donated two Hyundai minibuses to help the hospital’s efficiency.
Shah is now raising funds through events and concerts in Dubai and London to raise money and awareness about this disease. Mr. Shah has a board of another four people in London to make decisions on how the increased funds from the events will be directed. Mr. Shah hopes to create smaller events in contrary to the big ones with little charges. The small events will be priced between £500 to £1000. His target is to create an Autism Rocks compilation album by next year from various pop artist’s tracks.
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George Soros: Philanthropy with Street Credit

George Soros is an American billionaire and philanthropist whose work speaks for itself. Many billionaires are not mentioned in the same breath as philanthropy. However, George Soros is not like them. I don’t know how he turned up like this, but I predict it could be due to his unique upbringing. Having fled his native Hungary as a result of anarchism brought about by the Nazis in Hungary, he fled to England as a teenager where he enrolled in the London school of economics. One year after graduation he left for the USA and took a job as a banker. His banking background played an immense role in the financial analysis and reasonable investment in hedge funds.

George Soros had been all over the news when he said on that the world is on the verge of experiencing a new financial recession like the one experienced in 2008. The news caused a stir as this is not the first time he had a made a similar prediction. In 2011, he predicted the decline of the European economy as a result of Greece debt. As usual, no one cared to heed the advice of a financial genius. However, this time, around many people has started listening. Speaking while addressing a conference in Sri Lanka, he said that the investors should be very careful when investing as there is a looming economic recession as a result of a decline in the Chinese economy.

Currently, the Chinese economy has been on the decline. The Chinese economy predominantly consists of manufacturing and investment. However, there is a shift in the movement of the economy and the industry is moving to consumption and services. As a result, the economy is on the decline and it is affecting all the countries. China is the second largest economy in the world which means many countries are depended on it economy wise. Decline in the Chinese economy would consequently spell doom to the economies of the countries involved as it’s directly participating in the growing of the countries’ economies through trade.

In conclusion, George Soros is one person who is always willing to help out. His comments are as a result of a thorough analysis and research which is a well thought out process. He had given similar advice in 2011, but no one was interested. Hopeful this time investors will heed his advice and act wisely when it comes to investments. For more information on this issue see

Farm-To-Table Pet Food Results in Paleo Pups

Pet owners strive to give their pets a high quality of life on, so it makes sense that they would want to give their pets the freshest food possible. As awareness has increased over recent years for the importance of eating fresh and healthy food, so has the concern for the quality and freshness of pet food. According to Daily Herald article, “Premium Dog Food Sales Surge With New Innovations in Healthy Food” (, premium dog food sales now account for over half the market as sales surge.

This gain in popularity puts pressure on all dog food brands to offer premium choices for pet owners. Beneful, a brand of Purina, offers 20 varieties of dog food, and boasts “wholesome ingredients you can see.” In July, Purina acquired Merrick Pet Care in a strategic move to offer both wet and dry organic dog food. The Beneful – Purina slogan, which can be found at the top of their brand’s web page, reads “At Beneful, we believe in filling bowls with the goodness of healthy & the joy of happy.”

In fact, Nestle’s Purina has a website that allows pet owners to customize their own special dog food blends on, stating that the “best nutrition is personalized.” The Beneful – Purina website also lists ingredients and nutrients for the health conscious pet owner, including antioxidants and omega-rich ingredients. Beneful on has managed to stay on top of the ever-increasing demand for high quality dog food without the premium prices.

Innovative brand, Freshpet, offers high-end lines of food that appeal to the trendy Paleo Diet, which stresses eating how your ancestors would have eaten. Their Vital Raw line offers grain-free food featuring blends of raw meat with natural probiotics, such as kale, spinach and sweet potatoes. While this may better mimic the eating habits of a dog’s ancestral wolves, the cost to make dog food using fresh chicken and beef more than doubles that of the competition.

According to researcher IRI, Freshpet’s gourmet dog food sales have climbed 37% in the last year alone, but has lost more than 50% of its value. While WallStreet remains skeptical of the company turning a profit this year, Freshpet CEO, Richard Thompson, is confident that they will. His reason being that “if your family is into health and wellness, and you treat your pet like family: bingo.”

Dr. Sergio Cortes Explains about Dengue Virus, Chikungunya and Zika Symptoms

Recently, it was brought to light that Aedes aegypti has also been responsible for the transmission of zika, dengue and chikungunya virus. Dr Sergio Cortes explains that the symptoms of the three diseases all include high fever, body aches, muscle, eyes and red spots on the skin. This information was originally reported on Noticias R7.
Dr. Cortes saw the need to differentiate the symptoms due to the emergence of the new virus, which can even be caused by a mosquito. In dengue, the notable symptom is pain in the muscles and behind the eyes. Bruno Del Guerra, a representative of Epidemiological Surveillance Itapetininga, clarifies that despite the similarities of symptoms, some signs are predominant in each disease. Although zika is associated with microcephaly in newborns, it is difficult to establish its level of severity since the study is ongoing.
Under chikungunya, joint pains are very pronounced while in zika itchiness in the cup and red eyes are prevalent. Bruno Del Guerra emphasized the importance of seeking medical attention in case of an occurrence of these symptoms. Dr. Cortes indicated that studies are underway to check the possibilities of an individual to host more than one virus at a time. There is no antiviral or any type of medication to solve, cure or prevent this disease but Sergio indicates that experts are undertaking research on the viable treatments.
Dr. Sergio explains that treatment should be done with hydration by mouth or intravenously in hospitals if necessary. A complete rest of at least 5 days should accompany hydration to restore physical vigor. The Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo has attempted to create an effective antidote to combat the disease for the past four years. Being in the second stage, the institute hopes that the drug passes to the next stage to be manufactured on industrial scale. Dr. Sergio said that the developed vaccine was 80% effective and could fight the four types of dengue although there is no deadline for the start of the last stage. Although there is no solution to this problem, good news is that it can be prevented.
Dr. Sergio Cortes
Dr. Sergio is a health secretary of Rio de Janeiro’s Health Sergio Cortes. He is an accomplished orthopedic surgeon who has headed departments in this field at various hospitals. Dr. Sergio was also in an Olympic committee for the upcoming summer games and the Atlantic Olympic committee in 1996. He set up the Dengue Hydration Center at Xerem, Duque de Caxias in 2013 when he was surveying the regions that were most affected by floods. One can follow him through LinkedIn, and Twitter.